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The Harikrishna Master Class

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/09/2020

It is always a wonderful opportunity to interact and learn from someone like Harikrishna. The World no.20 is doing a webinar with World Chess on Wednesday 30th of September 2020 at 9.30 p.m. IST. The topic of the session is "How to win an equal endgame." You will be able to ask questions to Harikrishna and also get your doubts answered. In this article we tell you how to seize this opportunity, how Harikrishna explains his games, ideas and much more, so that you understand how detailed he is in explanations and get a preview of his Master Class. Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Master of the Endgame - Pentala Harikrishna

World Chess organizes a Master Class every month with a world class player to edify the chess enthusiasts and learners about how to get better at the game. The guest in August was former World Championship Challenger GM Boris Gelfand. In September, it is none other than World no.20 and India no.2 GM Pentala Harikrishna. He played fantastic in Biel Masters and finished second. Then he won FIDE Online Olympiad for Team India and won the Polish Team Championship. He defeated Carlsen at Saint Louis Blitz few days ago.

Harikrishna at Biel Masters 2020 | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Harikrishna beat Carlsen at Saint Louis Blitz 2020 | Photo: Saint Louis Chess Club Live stream

Harikrishna with the winning team VOTUM SA Polonia Wrocław at Polish Team Championship 2020 | Photo: Harikrishna's twitter

Watch Harikrishna's analysis with IM Sagar Shah

The life story of P Harikrishna | Video: Sagar Shah
Harikrishna's Shenzhen Secrets Part I | Win against Rapport | Video: Sagar Shah
Breaking down the Chinese wall | Harikrishna's Shenzhen secrets Part II | Video: Sagar Shah
Key concepts of queen vs pawn endgame | Yu Yangyi vs Hari | Hari's Shenzhen secrets Part III | Video: Sagar Shah

Master Class of Pentala Harikrishna on World Chess

On live Master Class GM Pentala Harikrishna will explain how to push a competitor to do mistakes when endgame seems equal. The topic of the session is Masterclass "How to win an equal endgame". You may ask questions during the class and you will be allowed to chat with Harikrishna on the same topic after the conclusion of the class. World Chess has organized various Master Class by Svidler, Kramnik, Dubov, Gelfand, Radjabov and many more. Masterclasses take place every month and the materials include personal newsletters and advice on chess.


Date: Wednesday September 30th

Time: 16:00 GMT (9:30 p.m. IST)

Language: English

You can subscribe for a month of Master Class here. Please use the coupon code CHESSBASEIND to get 40% discount for first time subscribers.

After payment you'll receive an e-mail with further information, link to the conference will be sent within 24 hours before the Master Class. The Master Class is available online only.

Selected youngsters who got free entry

Western Asian Youth and Junior Under-8 Open Gold medalist in Blitz - Rosh Jain

Asian Youth Under-8 Open Bronze medalist - Jaivardhan Raj

Asian Schools Blitz Silver medalist and Western Asian Youth and Junior Bronze medalist in Rapid - Suguna Kukreja | Photo: Prasenjit Dutta

Reigning Tamil Nadu State Under-9 and former National Under-7, National School and World School Under-7 girls champion - Lakshana Subramanian

Reigning Karnataka State Under-9 and Under-11 girls champion and former Commonwealth Under-8 girls Gold medalist - WCM Shriyana S Mallya


All videos related to Pentala Harikrishna on ChessBase India

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