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Dubai Chess & Culture Club invites 2600+ Male and 2450+ Female in a 24-player Rapid and Blitz OTB

by Shahid Ahmed - 17/09/2021

Dubai Chess & Culture Club invites you to Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Cup at Expo 2020 - Dubai Exhibition Centre from 5th - 10th December 2021. The tournament is open to male players rated 2600+ and female rated 2450. The tournament will have only 24 players. Total prize fund of the tournament is US$ 30000, first prize in Rapid is $6000 and the first prize in Blitz is $2000. The Rapid event will take place between 6th and 9th December with three rounds per day. The entire Blitz event of eleven rounds will be played on 10th December. Players not meeting the rating criteria will be auto rejected. Registration is only accepted through the provided link. Last date of application is 30th September 2021. All photos in this article are from the tournament circular.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Cup 5th - 10th December 2021

Tournament logo

Eligibility and Registration

Eligible players must apply via this link.

Only 2600+ Male and 2450+ Female players are eligible

Tournament Format

There will be two separate events in total - Rapid and Blitz


Dubai Exhibition Center, Expo 2020 is the venue of the tournament

Prize structure

Total prize fund of the tournament is US$30000


Rapid will last three days and Blitz will be over in a day

For more details, please visit here. Check out more tournaments in our Calendar.


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