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Mitrabha Guha wins 27th The Telegraph Schools' Chess 2018

by Shahid Ahmed - 20/12/2018

Mitrabha Guha won his maiden title in 27th The Telegraph Schools' Chess 2018 in his final appearance at the longest running school level chess tournament of the country. Mitrabha scored 8.5/9 and finished half-a-point ahead of the runner-up Koustav Chatterjee. Rajdeep Sarkar scored 7.5/9 and finished at 3rd position. Mitrabha also won the Parimal Mukherjee Trophy for the Best Game prize against Rajdeep Sarkar from their round 8 encounter. He was the spearhead for his school team, South Point's another championship run at the Best School prize. We bring you photos, interviews, games and an annotated game by the champion himself. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Mitrabha's all round triumph at The Telegraph Schools' Chess

Mitrabha's Trifecta: Mitrabha receives Champion's Trophy, Best Game Trophy and Best School Prize | Photo: Shahid Ahmed
Interview with Mitrabha and his parents after he won the championship | Video: Shahid Ahmed

True Grit shown by Mitrabha

What makes Mitrabha apart from others? He does not like to settle for a draw and leave things up for chance. In a position where it was equal and draw was the only predictable outcome, Mitrabha waited over 41 moves for his opponent to mistake and his opponent eventually did break.

After 51.bxc3, Mitrabha began waiting for his opponent to make a mistake and after 41 moves, he did

Parimal Mukherjee Trophy winning Best Game of the tournament annotated by the Champ himself:

Koustav Chatterjee won his final round with a Bishop sacrifice on g7 | Photo: Shahid Ahmed
Koustav Chatterjee speaks after winning the last round | Video: Shahid Ahmed

Rajdeep Sarkar en route his final round victory | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Prize Distribution Ceremony Photo Gallery:

Champion - FM Mitrabha Guha scored 8.5/9, received ₹21000 cash and a beautiful trophy | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Mitrabha Guha receives 'Parimal Mukherjee - Best Game Trophy' from Late Parimal Mukherjee's wife | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Best School team - South Point 28.5/36, comprising of Mitrabha Guha (8.5 points), Rounak Pathak (7.0 points), Rajarshi Mondal (6.5 points) and Soham Bhattacharyya (6.5 points) | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Koustav Chatterjee was placed 2nd. He scored 8.0/9 and bagged home ₹16000 cash and a trophy | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

2nd prize for Best School - Aditya Academy 27.5/36, comprising of Soham Dey (7.5 points), Sambarta Banerjee (7.0 points), Soumyajit Das (6.5 points) and Dhritabrata Kundu (6.5 points) | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

FM Rajdeep Sarkar scored 7.5/9 and secured 3rd position due to a better tie-break score. He received ₹12000 cash and a trophy | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

3rd prize for Best school - Vivekananda Mission School 26.5/36 - Sanket Chakravarty (7.5 points), Anushka Gupta (7.0 points), Eshan Bhattacharjee (6.0 points) and Projoy Jana (6.0 points) | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

4th - Sanket Chakravarty. He scored 7.5/9, bagged home ₹10000 cash and a memento | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

5th - Soham Dey with a score of 7.5/9, took home a memento and ₹9000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Ayan Pal scored 7.0/9. Due to a better tie-break score, he was placed 6th. He got ₹7000 cash and a memento | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

7th - Rupam Mukherjee. He scored 7.0/9 and received ₹5000 cash and a memento | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

8th - Soyamsree Mohanty of Odisha, scored 7.0/9. He was awarded a memento and ₹4000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

9th - Praloy Sahoo. His father received the prize worth ₹3000 cash and a memento on his son's behalf | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

10th - Samriddhaa Ghosh secured 10th position. She received a memento and ₹3000 cash | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Group photo of all 65 prize winners in various categories | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

For more Prize Distribution Ceremony photos, visit here

The Arbiters team: Standing (L to R) - Swapan Adhikary, Shukla Chakraborty, FA Mrinal Ghosh, Tapas Chakraborty, Darunath Chatterjee, Suravi Dutta, FA Santanu Lahiri and Goutam Bhattacharya, Deputy Chief Arbiter IA Asit Baran Choudhury (Sitting left) and Chief Arbiter IA Paul Arokia Raj S | Photo: Pintu Chatterjee

It was absolutely shocking and saddening to the entire chess fraternity when we all learnt that Tapas Chakraborty (standing between Deputy and Chief Arbiter) passed away due to massive heart attack while returning from the his tournament duties.

A minute of silence was observed before the commencement of final round to pay respects to Late Tapas Chakraborty | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Tournament Director Soumen Mazumder (center) along with the volunteers who are none other than the proud parents of the participants who devoted their valuable time for the Club and for the love of Chess | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Former legendary Indian footballer PK Banerjee and former Bengal Cricket team captain and selector Raju Mukherjee | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

The tournament was organized by Alekhine Chess Club in Gorky Sadan - Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Kolkata from 14th to 19th December 2018. The tournament witnessed over 425 players from Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines and India. Former Bengal Cricket Team Captain and Selector Raju Mukherjee and former Indian Footballer and Coach, Legendary PK Banerjee were the Chief Guests for the Prize Distribution Ceremony along with President of Alekhine Chess Club - Biswarup Dey and Chairman of the Organizing Committee - Navratan Jhawar.

Round 9 results

111Praloy Sahoo179570 - 1FMMitrabha Guha23512
23Koustav Chatterjee234571 - 07Ayan Pal182710
37Rupam Mukherjee1875½ - ½7Sanket Chakravarty19744
41FMRajdeep Sarkar23701 - 0Shuvam Roy168117
56Ghosh Samriddhaa1892½ - ½AIMDebarghya Samanta159525
621Pratyay Chowdhury1645½ - ½Sambarta Banerjee18748
723Alekhya Mukhopadhyay16170 - 1Soham Dey177012
816Mohanty Soyamsree1706½ - ½Sagnik Saha147841
947Anjishnu Mondal144060 - 16Bhattacharyya Soham172713
1015Rounak Pathak171961 - 06Aritrya Pal143948

Complete results

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
12FMMitrabha GuhaIND2351South Point High School8,50,054,560,055,50887,56,501,002020,0
23Koustav ChatterjeeIND2345Garden High School8,00,053,055,047,007876,910,09201,8
31FMRajdeep SarkarIND2370Bhaban's Gangabux K. V. M., Salt La7,50,054,558,546,25786,56,97-0,4710-4,7
44Sanket ChakravartyIND1974Vivekananda Mission School7,50,053,557,045,75686,55,351,154046,0
512Soham DeyIND1770Aditya Academy (Senior Secondary)7,50,052,556,044,50786,55,890,614024,4
610Ayan PalIND1827Don Bosco Park Circus7,00,053,058,043,007865,420,584023,2
77Rupam MukherjeeIND1875Uttarpara Amarendra Vidyapith7,00,052,054,538,756865,750,254010,0
816Mohanty SoyamsreeU12IND1706Delhi Public School Rourkela7,00,050,053,040,506866,89-0,8940-35,6
911Praloy SahooIND1795Santragachi Kedarnath Institution7,00,050,052,037,006866,01-0,0140-0,4
106Ghosh SamriddhaawIND1892Shri Shikshayatan School7,00,049,550,537,505866,84-0,8440-33,6
1121Pratyay ChowdhuryIND1645The Park Institution7,00,049,053,039,256865,200,804032,0
128Sambarta BanerjeeIND1874Aditya Academy (Senior Secondary)7,00,049,052,538,756867,15-1,1540-46,0
1313Bhattacharyya SohamIND1727La Martiniere For Boys7,00,048,553,039,506866,28-0,2840-11,2
1451Debargha BasuIND1428Hare School7,00,048,551,537,756863,372,6340105,2
1525AIMDebarghya SamantaU12IND1595Calcutta Boy's School7,00,047,550,036,755864,991,014040,4
1615Rounak PathakIND1719South Point High School7,00,047,050,537,507866,33-0,3340-13,2
1744Mohammad Shafiqul IslamBAN1458St. Gregorys High School7,00,046,050,037,006865,860,14405,6
1829Arijit MukherjeeIND1566Madarat Popular Academy7,00,046,049,536,255866,73-0,7340-29,2
1937Arijit GhoshIND1509Delhi Public School, Joka7,00,045,550,038,007865,870,13405,2
2041Sagnik SahaIND1478B D M International7,00,045,548,537,506754,680,324012,8
2145Anushka GuptaF12wIND1455Vivekananda Mission School7,00,045,049,037,007864,691,314052,4
2267Arunika GhoshwIND1338Sri Krishna Mission School, Agartal7,00,044,546,533,507863,932,074082,8
2317Shuvam RoyIND1681Sonarpur Shiksha Sadan6,50,051,056,037,50685,54,730,774030,8
2418Sudipa HaldarwIND1675Shri Shikshayatan School6,50,051,055,037,25685,56,98-1,4840-59,2
2526Anish RoojIND1584E.G.E.I6,50,051,054,037,00685,54,880,624024,8

Complete results

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