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Lakecity GM R06+07: Deepan, Mitrabha, and Sayantan in joint lead

by Satanick Mukhuty - 18/09/2019

Deepan Chakkravarthy, Sayantan Das, and Mitrabha Guha lead the ongoing Lakecity Grandmaster Open along with three others after the completion of seven rounds here in Udaipur. The trio has remained unbeaten so far with an impressive score of 6.0/7 points each. Yesterday the event had double rounds, round six from 9:30 a.m in the morning and round seven from 3:30 p.m in the afternoon. The sixth round was particularly eventful as all encounters in the top boards reached decisive results. Deepan and Sayantan beat compatriots Neelotpal Das and Saptarshi Roy respectively, while Mitrabha Guha got the better of Bangladeshi GM Ziaur Rahman. In round seven however the games in the top three boards ended in draws but Hesham Abdelrahman of Egypt defeated Bharat Kumar Reddy Poluri to join the lead!

Steady Deepan Chakkravarthy topples Neelotpal Das in round six!

Deepan Chakravarthy, who is the second seed of the event, is showing steady form. In round six he beat Neelotpal Das playing the Caro-Kann with black pieces, while in the seventh round held the in-form Mitrabha Guha to a draw, thus maintaining lead | Photo: Niklesh Jain

In the game against Neelotpal, Deepan equalized without much difficulty out of the Two Knights variation of Caro-Kann and soon after some liquidations a position was reached where even though White had the bishop pair but Black's bishop and knight felt much superior.


Neelotpal Das - Deepan Chakkravarthy, Round 6

The position is open and White has the bishop pair but who do you think has better chances?

The above position is after 36...Nd7. Notice, White can't really exploit the strength of his bishop pair in this position. The reason is simple, Black has no discernible weaknesses. On the other hand, White's isolated pawn on c3 is a clear soft spot that Black can easily go after. All in all, this position, even though objectively equal, is much pleasant for the black side to play.

Black targeted the c3 pawn in the next few moves. Suddenly, the white king on g2 also started to look a bit vulnerable, whereas Black's king on g8 was absolutely safe.

White pushed 40.c4 - Can you guess Black's move here?

Yes, 40...Nf4+ was played. After 41.gxf4 Bxb2 White's kingside pawns were wrecked.

Now the kingside pawns on dark squares f4 and h4 were serious liabilities and the king on g2 all the more exposed. Neelotpal decided to give up his f-pawn and pushed 42.f5 but this didn't alleviate his situation.

Deepan finished off things neatly, can you guess what he played here after 45.c5 (check out the game below for answer)

International Masters Sayantan Das and Mitrabha Guha in great form!

Sayantan Das defeated GM Saptarshi Roy with the black pieces in round six and in the seventh round held India's Blitz king Laxman Rajaram to a draw | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Against Grandmaster Saptarshi, Sayantan found a tangible advantage out of the opening itself. However, at one point, he ended up squandering his decisive edge but came out strong in the end to clinch the victory. The full game is presented below:

Mitrabha Guha beat GM Ziaur Rahman in round six and held compatriot Deepan Chakkravarthy to a draw in the next round | Photo: Niklesh Jain

His win against the Bangladeshi Grandmaster in round six is given below:

Results of round six

Bo.No. NameTypRtgClub/CityPts. ResultPts. NameTypRtgClub/City No.
11GMRozum Ivan 2596RUS 1 - 0 IMEraschenkov Denis 2390RUS14
29GMNeelotpal Das 2433WB 0 - 1 GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J. 2539RLYS2
311FMMitrabha Guha 2414WB 1 - 0 GMRahman Ziaur 2492BAN4
45GMSaptarshi Roy 2480WB 0 - 1 IMDas Sayantan 2434WB8
510GMLugovskoy Maxim 2422RUS 0 - 1 GMVasquez Schroeder Rodrigo 2476CHI6
67GMLaxman R.R. 2437ICF4 1 - 04 FMShailesh Dravid 2299MAH22
712GMHimanshu Sharma 2408HAR4 0 - 14 Nayak Rajesh 2227ODI25
813GMHesham Abdelrahman 2396EGY4 1 - 04 FMMehdi Hasan Parag 2183BAN28
934WGMKiran Manisha Mohanty 2102LIC4 ½ - ½4 GMManik Mikulas 2375SVK16
1019IMSidhant Mohapatra 2357ODI4 1 - 04 Dahale Atul 2097MAH36


Results of round seven

Bo.No. NameTypRtgClub/CityPts. ResultPts. NameTypRtgClub/City No.
GMVasquez Schroeder Rodrigo 2476CHI ½ - ½ GMRozum Ivan 2596RUS
GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J. 2539RLYS ½ - ½ FMMitrabha Guha 2414WB
IMDas Sayantan 2434WB ½ - ½5 GMLaxman R.R. 2437ICF
Bharat Kumar Reddy Poluri 2304AP5 0 - 15 GMHesham Abdelrahman 2396EGY
Nayak Rajesh 2227ODI5 ½ - ½5 IMSidhant Mohapatra 2357ODI
IMAbu Sufian Shakil 2255BAN ½ - ½ GMSwapnil S. Dhopade 2501RLYS
GMRahman Ziaur 2492BAN ½ - ½ Patil Pratik 2187MAH
IMSarwat Walaa 2236EGY ½ - ½ GMSaptarshi Roy 2480WB
IMSobh Amrou 2172EGY 0 - 1 GMNeelotpal Das 2433WB
Sibi Visal R 2022TN 0 - 1 GMLugovskoy Maxim 2422RUS

Standings after round seven

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.IND2539RLYS6,00,031,034,528,755
GMRozum IvanRUS2596RUS6,00,031,034,028,005
FMMitrabha GuhaIND2414WB6,00,030,534,528,505
GMVasquez Schroeder RodrigoCHI2476CHI6,00,030,533,527,505
IMDas SayantanIND2434WB6,00,030,033,027,255
GMHesham AbdelrahmanEGY2396EGY6,00,027,531,025,006
Nayak RajeshIND2227ODI5,50,029,533,024,255
GMLugovskoy MaximRUS2422RUS5,50,029,032,523,505
IMKonguvel PonnuswamyIND2374TN5,50,029,031,523,255
GMNeelotpal DasIND2433WB5,50,028,532,024,255

Check complete results here.

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