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Chessable Masters Finals: Carlsen wins the first mini-match

by Shahid Ahmed - 04/07/2020

If you have to talk about epic rivalry at the top level of chess then that has to be between Carlsen and Giri. You must be wondering why. They take their frenemy to a whole new level with their continuous jibe and banters over twitter. That definitely makes things interesting when there are no games. Speaking of games, despite losing game two to Carlsen, Giri fought back and equalized the score 2-2 by winning the fourth game. He had a decisive advantage in game five also but unfortunately for him, he missed and settled for a draw. Carlsen penalized Giri for making a mistake early in game six and made sure Giri get no chances in that game. Now Giri must win the second mini-match to be in the title hunt. Do you think Giri will be able to bounce back today?

Giri in a must-win situation

Despite losing the second game, Giri made a comeback and won the fourth game equalizing the score 2-2. He was winning Game 5 in the end but it ended up in a draw. Giri lost the sixth game and Carlsen won the first mini-match in the Finals with 3.5-2.5. Now Giri must win the second mini-match today to make sure that he stays in the championship picture and tournament continues till the third mini-match.

Carlsen won the first mini-match 3.5-2.5

Carlsen scores the first victory

The first game in the first mini-match of the Final ended up in a draw. The second game was also heading for a draw, until Giri blundered.

Carlsen - Giri, Final Game 2

Position after 43.a5

Find out how can black draw this game. Giri misplayed with 43...Rc1 and lost the game.

Giri equalized in Game 4

After having an uneventful draw in Game 3, Giri won the fourth game with the black pieces after Carlsen blundered.

Carlsen - Giri, Final Game 4

Position after 20...Nb4

Find out how should white react to 20...Nb4

Position after 23...Qd4

Things would have ended quickly if white chose the correct continuation. What do you think white should have done after 23...Qd4 ?

A Golden Opportunity

Giri had all the momentum on his side after winning Game 4. He could have made it two in-a-row but much to his chagrin, he had to settle for a draw.

Giri - Carlsen, Final Game 5

Position after 60...Rd7

The position looks winning for white and Giri should have won it but he didn't.

No 'Second chances'

After missing an opportunity in Game 5, Carlsen made sure he did not give any chances to his frenemy Giri in Game 6. Giri misplayed in the opening and Carlsen got into driver's seat and didn't let go of the control.

Carlsen - Giri, Final Game 6

Position after 11...Nb8

Giri made a questionable decision with 11...Nb8. What do you think black should have played instead?

After the end of day 1 of Finals, Giri tweeted about his victory against Carlsen with the black pieces

Carlsen didn't back down from the banter either

Replay all Final games on Day 13


It will be Carlsen vs Giri in the Finals | Photo: Official site

Tournament Rules

Replay the Live Stream

GM Erwin L'Ami, GM Yasser Seirawan and IM Anna Rudolf are the commentators | Video: Chess24


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