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Dylan Isidro triumphs at 22nd Sant Marti Open, Aronyak Ghosh third

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/07/2022

IM Dylan Isidro Berdayes Ason (CUB), GM Hipolito Asis Gargatagli (ESP) and IM Aronyak Ghosh scored 7/9 each at 22nd Sant Marti International Open. They were placed first, second and third according to tie-breaks. Both Hipolito and Aronyak remained undefeated. Total prize fund of the tournament was €7210. Top three prizes were €1200, €1000 and €700 along with a trophy each. Arpan Das was the highest untitled and second-highest Indian finisher at 11th place, scoring 6/9. Vrushali Umesh Deodhar scored an impressive 5.5/9 and gained a whopping 69.2 Elo rating points. Photo: FI Atul Dahale

Aronyak makes unbeaten debut in Spain

This was Aronyak's first-ever tournament outside of Asia and Russia. The only time he played in Russia was in Aeroflot Open B in 2019 before he became an IM. He expressed gratitude to Sadhana app for sponsoring him which allowed him to debut in Spain and begin his quest for the GM-title. He had already crossed 2500 early this month, now his search for the norms continue.

3rd - IM Aronyak Ghosh | Photo: FI Atul Dahale

Top 3 (L to R): 2nd GM Hipolito Asis Gargatagli (ESP), 1st IM Dylan Isidro Berdayes Ason (CUB) and 3rd IM Aronyak Ghosh | Photo: FI Atul Dahale

1st IM Dylan Isidro Berdayes Ason (CUB) 7/9 | Photo: FI Atul Dahale

2nd GM Hipolito Asis Gargatagli (ESP) 7/9 | Photo: FI Atul Dahale

Aronyak - Macak, Round 9

Position after 13...Qh3

Black's ambitious attack 12...Qh4, 13...Qh3 on the kingside has gone wrong. 14.Nxc6 does not work because of Nxg3 and Black will aim for the perpetual check. Find out what is the correct continuation for White which Aronyak executed in the game.

IM Aronyak Ghosh donning the merchandise at 22nd Sant Marti International Open 2022

Arpan Das was the highest untitled finisher 6/9 at 11th place | Photo: FI Atul Dahale

Vrushali Umesh Deodhar scored 5.5/9 and gained a massive 69.2 Elo rating points | Photo: FI Atul Dahale

The Deputy Chief Arbiter, FA Mireia Ramon (pictured in above photos) earned her maiden IA-norm at the age of 21 years.


A total of 96 including 6 GMs, 7 IMs and 2 WIMs took part in the Group A from 25 countries across the world. The tournament was organized by C E Sant Martí from 13th to 21st July 2022 at Centre Civic Sant Marti, Barcelona, Spain. The time control was 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

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Final standings in Open A

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgIRtgNClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
15IMBerdayes Ason Dylan Isidro0CUB24800CUBA7,052,541,00,02620976,060,94109,4
21GMAsis Gargatagli Hipolito2568ESP25142511Ateneu Colón7,051,541,00,02614976,230,77107,7
34IMAronyak Ghosh0IND24860INDIA7,050,039,00,02566976,090,91109,1
43GMPena Gomez Manuel0ESP24922481GALICIA6,554,543,50,0259385,55,150,35103,5
56GMKovchan Alexander0UKR24680UKRAINE6,552,541,00,0257396,55,850,65106,5
62IMRoshka Yevgeniy0UKR24970UKRAINE6,552,041,00,0253496,56,56-0,0610-0,6
77GMNarciso Dublan Marc2475ESP24612461Ateneu Colón6,549,539,00,0243296,56,88-0,3810-3,8
812IMD`costa LorinA0ENG23720ENGLAND6,549,038,50,0244296,56,190,31103,1
98GMDiermair Andreas0AUT24520AUSTRIA6,052,541,50,02499854,760,24102,4
1011IMValenzuela Gomez FernandoA2478CHI23732367Barcelona6,050,540,00,02453965,930,07100,7
1129Arpan Das (Jr)B-180IND21780INDIA6,048,038,00,02339855,13-0,1340-5,2
1213IMMacak StefanA0SVK23630SLOVAKIA6,047,537,50,02368966,10-0,1010-1,0
1321CMTanaka Taira TylerB-180CAN22420CANADA6,047,036,50,02350965,120,884035,2
1417IMPerpinya Rofes Lluis MariaA2416ESP22972315Colón Sabadell Chessy6,045,036,50,02320965,560,44104,4
1533Dahale AtulB0IND21620INDIA6,045,035,00,02286965,150,852017,0