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Naitik R Mehta clinches 2nd Indore GM Below 2000 Rating Tournament 2024

by Shahid Ahmed - 16/01/2024

Top seed Naitik R Mehta scored an unbeaten 8/9 to win 2nd Indore GM Below 2000 Rating Tournament 2024. He finished a half point ahead of the competition. Anurag Jaiswal, Rishabh Nishad, Bhaavan Kolla and Devansh Singh scored 7.5/9 each. They were placed second to fifth respectively according to tie-breaks. Naitik, Anurag, Bhaavan and Bishal Basak remained undefeated among top ten. The total prize fund of the tournament was ₹1400000. The top three prizes were ₹100000, ₹75000 and ₹60000 along with a trophy each respectively. Naitik started 2024 with a victory in the first tournament he played. He is also the reigning Gujarat State 2023 champion. Photo: Satyam Vishwakarma

Naitik wins the first tournament he plays in 2024

Five players - Selvamurugan B, Arnav Kherdekar, Naitik R Mehta, Bhaavan Kolla and Devansh Singh were the leaders 7/8, heading into the final round. Arnav and Selvamurugan lost to Naitik and Rishabh respectively. Devansh drew against Bhaavan. Thus, Naitik became a clear champion. Anurag Jaiswal won against Prathamesh Sherla to finish second, Rishabh third.  

Champion - Naitik R Mehta 8/9

Runner-up - Anurag Jaiswal 7.5/9

Second Runner-up - Rishabh Nishad 7.5/9

Top three (L to R): 3rd Rishabh Nisha 7.5/9, 1st Naitik R Mehta 8/9 and 2nd Anurag Jaiswal 7.5/9

Naitik R Mehta scored an unbeaten 8/9, finished a half point ahead of the rest and gained 1.6 Elo rating points

Organizing team

Replay live stream

Replay 2nd GM Indore GM Below 2000 Rating 2024 Prize Distribution Ceremony live stream | Video: IPS Academy

A total of 282 players took part from various states across the country and one from Bangladesh and USA each, and two from South Korea. The four-day nine round Below 2000 Rating tournament was organized by Malwanchal Chess Association at IPS Academy in Indore, Madhya Pradesh from 11th to 14th January 2024. The time control of the event was 60 minutes + 30 seconds increment per move.

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Final standings

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
Mehta, Naitik RIND1987GUJ850,555,549,0007
Anurag, JaiswalIND1686WB7,54953,544,2506
Rishabh, NishadIND1920UP7,54953,543,5007
Kolla, BhaavanIND1679AP7,5495342,0006
Devansh, SinghIND1669MP7,54851,540,7507
Kherdekar, ArnavIND1693MAH75457,542,2506
Ashutosh, KumarIND1659BIHAR753,557,542,5006
Basak, BishalIND1797WB7525743,0005
Selvamurugan, BIND1920TN751,555,541,5007
Verma, RahulIND1796MAH749,55438,5007
CMKant, RupeshIND1972MP7465036,2506
Ishan, Ghosh (Siliguri)IND1611WB744,54836,0006
Kasar, GunvantIND1430MAH7434633,0007
Himanshu, RanjanIND1732BIHAR742,543,535,5006
Deepak, BatraIND1669Punjab7414534,0007
Saketh, BIND1675AP6,550,55538,0006
Sherla, PrathameshIND1699MAH6,547,55235,5005
Sudhanshu, RanjanIND1937BIHAR6,5475235,2506
Mraduhas, TripathiIND1616MP6,5475134,0006
Dave, KantilalS60IND1580RAJ6,5465035,2506
Badamundi, TapanIND1779ODISHA6,5455035,0005
Nikhil, MIND1900AP6,544,54933,7506
Akshat, NegiIND1710DELHI6,544,548,531,2506
Nigash, GIND1887TN6,54447,532,7506
Yashpal, AroraIND1752MP6,543,54732,2506



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