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India will take on USA and ROW on day one of the Online Nations Cup

by Sagar Shah - 05/05/2020

On paper India is the 5th seed at the Online Nations Cup starting from today. But when you have players like Anand, Vidit, Harikrishna, Adhiban, Humpy and Harika, you can be sure that they will create some upsets! Also with just six teams in the fray, there are good chances that team India will qualify for the Superfinal on May 10th where the top four teams will be pitted against each other. On day one (5th of May 2020), the action begins at 18.30 hours IST when team India takes on USA in round 1 and Rest of the World (ROW) in round two at 20.15 hours. Also guess India's final placing in the event and win a special prize!

The FIDE chess. com Online Nations Cup is the most eagerly awaited event that will begin from the 5th of May 2020. It's is a team championship showdown, where six teams of four players each will fight under a rapidplay format, for a prize fund of USD 180,000. The first stage, a double round-robin with the six teams, will take place on May 5-9. The top two teams will then play in a Superfinal on Sunday, May 10, to determine the FIDE Chess. com Online Nations Cup champion. The games will be played in a rapid format, where each player begins the game with 25 minutes on their clock, plus 10 seconds of extra time added after each move.

Team India vs Team USA

India has a clear edge when it comes to the women's board. Humpy is in good form and is stronger than Irina Krush. However, Anand, Vidit and Harikrishna will have the unenviable task of facing three of the strongest grandmasters in the world of chess - Caruana, Nakamura and Dominguez. But if all three Indians can hold their own, then the chances of the team winning are quite high!

Team Europe vs Team Russia

China vs Rest of the World

When it comes to Europe vs Russia encounter, both teams are well balanced. However, when it comes to China vs the ROW, the Chinese team definitely have an edge. But it must be said that the Rest of the World Team is definitely the most unpredictable one with players like Radjabov, Firouzja and Amin.

Round 1 will begin at 6.30 p.m. IST

  Rest of the World

Round 2 will begin at 8.15 p.m. IST

  Rest of the World


12020/05/0518:30 IST
22020/05/0520:15 IST
32020/05/0618:30 IST
42020/05/0620:15 IST
52020/05/0718:30 IST
62020/05/0720:15 IST
72020/05/0818:30 IST
82020/05/0820:15 IST
92020/05/0918:30 IST
102020/05/0920: 15 IST

The tournament can be followed LIVE on ChessBase India and we will be having daily report and video round ups.


Guess India's final position in the tournament and win three-months ChessBase Premium Account. Post your answers in the comments section below.

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