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8 hours of training material to understand Vishy Anand better!

by ChessBase Shop - 29/08/2019

We all know what a great champion Vishy Anand is. Single handedly he propelled the sport of chess in our country. While everyone is aware about Anand being the five-time World Champion, are you aware about his play? Do you know what are the openings he likes, his best strategic games, his best tactics, his best endgames? Vishy the chess player has so much to offer us through his games. It is with this intention that ChessBase has come out with the 12th edition in their Master Class series and this is dedicated to the games of Vishy Anand. By listening to the explanations of Pelletier, Marin, Mueller and Reeh you will get to know about Anand's style of play in greater depth. And the run time is a mammoth 8 hours! Complete value for money!

Learn from a five-time World Champion

When Viswanathan Anand appeared on the European chess stage, he had already achieved a number of successes in India, such as winning the Indian Junior Championships and the National Indian Championship while still being a junior. Anand was only 14 years old when he was invited to play for the Indian National team at the Chess Olympiad 1984. In 1987 he became World Junior Champion and in 1988 the 19-year-old became India’s first grandmaster.


After the reunification of the PCA and the FIDE in 2006 Anand won the World Championship Tournament 2007. In 2008 he successfully defended his title in a World Championship match against Vladimir Kramnik to become the only World Champion who won or defended the title in three different formats: in a knock-out tournament, in a round robin, and in a match. In 2010 (against Topalov) and 2012 (against Gelfand) Anand successfully defended his title but in 2013 he lost his World Championship match against Magnus Carlsen and though Anand won the Candidates Tournament 2014 he lost the World Championship rematch 2014 against Carlsen. Anand is still one of the world’s top players and has caused a real chess boom in India where Anand is nothing short of a national hero. Countless young Indians strive to follow Anand’s example and want to succeed in the international chess arena.

Anand's style of play

Anand’s style is marked by a deep understanding chess but also by quickly grasping tactical patterns and opportunities. As a junior he stunned his opponents with the great speed of his play. He sometimes only used ten or fifteen minutes of his thinking time, and it is no surprise that he later was the world’s best blitz and rapid player for decades.


This DVD allows you to learn from the example of one of the best players in the history of chess and from the explanations of the authors (Yannick Pelletier, Mihail Marin, Karsten Müller and Oliver Reeh) how to successfully organise your games strategically, consequently how to keep your opponent permanently under pressure and how to bring your games to a successful conclusion with accurate technical endgame play. Through Vladimir Kramnik’s games it is possible, moreover, to follow the history and development of numerous popular openings and thus obtain a better understanding of the ideas behind them.

Video Sample


All Games by Anand (many annotated games)

Anand's opening repertoire with white

Anand's opening repertoire with black

Tactics Training (137 Anand games, 457 training questions, max. 930 points)

Openings by Pelletier

Apart from being an excellent presenter, Pelletier is also a very strong player having fought it out against the best players in the past

Video 1: Introduction [04:49]

Video 2: With White against the Sicilian: [15:19]

Video 3: With White against 1…e5 [10:32]

Video 4: With White against the Caro-Kann [07:59]

Video 5: Anand’s WCh matches [21:34]

Video 6: Anand with Black against 1.d4 [20:19]

Video 7: With Black against 1.e4 [05:09]

Video 8: Summary [04:00]

Strategy by Marin

A highly respected author in the chess world - Mihail Marin

Video 1: Introduction and Marin-Anand, Oakham 1986 [17:11]

Video 2: Anand-Kasparov, PCA World Championship 1995 [13:35]

Video 3: Anand-Mamedyarov, Shamkir 2015 [14:21]

Video 4: Anand-Vallejo, Bilbao 2014 [16:08]

Video 5: Anand-L'Ami, Bundesliga 2017 [15:24]

Tactics by Oliver Reeh

Oliver Reeh has been creating tactical content for years now. He was also the co-presenter in Wesley So's DVDs on the 1.b3 and the Italian

Oliver Reeh presents 20 games and at the decisive situations asks you: can you too find Anand’s brilliant moves?

Video 01: Anand-Sokolov 1989 [07:31]

Video 02: Anand-Benjamin 1989 [06:30]

Video 03: Beliavsky-Anand 1992 [07:01]

Video 04: Anand-Adianto 1992 [11:13]

Video 05: Garcia Palermo-Anand 1992[08:04]

Video 06: Anand-Bareev 1993 [11:04]

Video 07: Anand-Polgar 1994 [10:05]

Video 08: Anand-Gelfand 1996 [12:00]

Video 09: Anand-Topalov 1996 [11:28]

Video 10: Anand-Karpov 1996 [11:05]

Video 11: Anand-Lautier 1997 [07:31]

Video 12: Anand-Nikolic 1997 [11:35]

Video 13: Anand-Bologan 2003 [07:42]

Video 14: Anand-Charbonneau 2004 12:12]

Video 15: Topalov-Anand 2006 [10:16]

Video 16: Anand-Carlsen 2007 [14:03]

Video 17: Kramik-Anand 2008 [04:49]

Video 18: Topalov-Anand 2010 [13:17]

Video 19: Anand-Vachier-Lagrave 2016 [09:44]

Video 20: Anand-Caruana 2017 [09:03]

Endgames by Karsten Mueller

One of the finest endgame experts in the world of chess

Video 01: White knight's (k)nightmare [05:56]

Video 02: The power of the bishops [02:43]

Video 03: The green bishop [07:34]

Video 04: A slight initiative weighs heavily [05:29]

Video 05: Opposite coloured bishops favour the attacker [11:53]

Video 06: The queen wants dynamics, the rooks static play [04:23]

Video 07: The Berlin wall falls [07:50]

Video 08: Anands counter-attack [06:48]

Video 09: The Berlin wall holds [13:56]

Video 10: Double rook ending technique [08:48]

- Video running time: 8 h (English)

- All Anand’s games, and short biography

- Anand Powerbook: The opening repertoire of the 15th world champion as a variation tree

- Tactics training with 121 Anand games: 399 training questions, max. 835 points

- With ChessBase Reader 2017

Buy Vishy Anand's Vol.12 Master Class

More about the Master class series

Learning about the great masters of the past is essential for your chess development. However, what is the right way to begin? In our opinion My Great Predecessors series by Garry Kasparov are simply excellent. However, the content is too vast and sometimes it is quite possible to get lost in Kasparov's dense variations. Hence, we recommend that you start off with ChessBase's Master Class series and know about the player through the videos first and only then go to the other dense materials. For eg. If you would like to learn more about Fischer then first get ChessBase's Master Class Vol.1, and study its content. It will give you a firm grasp of what Fischer was like as a player - his openings, his strategies, his best tactical games, his excellent endgames (Remember the Taimanov endgame!) and more. After this if you would like to know more about Fischer then you can refer to My Great Predecessors Part IV or My 60 Memorable games by Fischer. In this way you will be able to gain a firm knowledge about these great masters of the past.

Who are the players covered in the Master Class series?

Master Class Vol.1 : Bobby Fischer

Master Class Vol.2 : Mikhail Tal

Master Class Vol. 3: Alexander Alekhine

Master Class Vol.4: Jose Raul Capablanca

Master Class Vol.5: Emanuel Lasker

Master Class Vol.6: Anatoly Karpov

Master Class Vol.7 Garry Kasparov

Master Class Vol.8 Magnus Carlsen

Master Class Vol.9 Paul Morphy

Master Class Vol.10 Mikhail Botvinnik

Master Class Vol. 11 Vladimir Kramnik

Master Class Vol. 12 Viswanathan Anand

Each Master Class Volume costs Rs.1178 (Rs.999+GST). Total 12 volumes comes to Rs.14136. But if you buy it as a combo, you get it for Rs.12,000, which is a discount of Rs.2136. This is a discount of over 15%.


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