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Decisions made and committees formed at the first AGM of the new AICF administration

by ChessBase India - 17/02/2021

Some very important decisions were made and committees were formed in the first AGM of the newly elected AICF administration. Some of the very positive developments are a league beginning before the end of this year, bidding for the next Olympiad, getting FIDE Women's Grand Prix as well as super tournaments to India. Chess in Schools needs a special boost, a single registration model for AICF will increase transparency and creation of a center of excellence is on the cards. We also have the list of members in different AICF committees and it is heartening to see the huge number of active chess players being a part of it.

The newly elected team of the All-India Chess Federation, unveiled a blueprint to turn the country into a chess superpower here on Sunday, starting with the decision to bid for the next available Chess Olympiad and commencing a high-profile Indian Chess League soon. “We want India to become the chess destination for the world. We have drawn out a detailed plan to achieve this goal,” Dr Kapoor said at a press conference, immediately after a power-packed AGM.

Secretary of AICF Bharat Singh Chauhan with President Dr.Sanjay Kapoor and Treasurer Naresh Sharma

For a long time, there was a need from the Indian chess fraternity to start the Indian Chess league and the Federation is keen on starting the Indian Chess League with an international flavour to popularise the game even more. The first edition, following the franchise-model, will be organised before this year. The AGM had also decided to host the Women’s Grand Prix, which is an important part of the world women’s championship cycle, to give a huge boost to the women's chess in the country.

Humpy and Harika are gems of Indian chess and their participation in the Grand Prix events will surely boost the public interest

Among the other major decisions taken at the AGM are : To initiate an AICF-Chess in Schools program to popularize chess at the school level and all the 33-State affiliates will be implementing this simultaneously. The Federation wants every school-going kid in India to play chess. This will help in developing smarter future generations, thanks to the life-skill benefits that come naturally from the game. It is also decided to have single window National registration for all players instead of multiple registrations at District, State and National level, establishment of a Centre of Excellence with the ultimate vision of infusing at least 10 players from India in the Top 50 rankings of the world and Organisation of a Super GM Tournament to provide the opportunity to our higher-ranked GMs to compete with the best in business at home while also help upcoming youngsters improve by watching them from close quarters.

When the future is bright, you have to invest in it! | Photo: Amruta Mokal

In a landmark decision the disputes in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and West Bengal were resolved by consent of all parties.

Resolving the issues in West Bengal

Things look brighter for Maharashtra chess!

Rajasthan Chess also seems to be back on track

During the AGM, the President of Gujarat State Chess Association Shri Ajay H Patel was unanimously elected as President of Asian Zone 3.7 while the Federation Secretary Shri Bharat Singh Chauhan nominated as FIDE Delegate to represent India before World Chess Federation.

Ajay Patel is the chairman of Gujarat State Co-operative Bank. He is now the President of Asian Zone 3.7 

Bharat Singh Chauhan will be the FIDE delegate from India

The members of the AICF general council

AICF Committees

The Committees of All India Chess Federation has been restructured for smooth handling of the issues. It is heartening to see the growing number of chess players in these committees. They include GMs Pravin Thipsay, Dibyendu Barua, Abhijit Kunte, Tejas Bakre, Srinath, Lalith Babu and also strong women players like Tania Sachdev, Soumya Swaminathan, Kiran Manisha Mohanty and more.

Arbiters Commission

IA Dharmendra Kumar is the Chairman of the Arbiters Commission

1Shri.Dharmendra KumarInternational ArbiterChairman
2Shri.Vipnesh BharadwajInternational ArbiterMember
3Shri.R.SrivatsanInternational ArbiterMember
4Shri. R.S.TiwariInternational ArbiterMember
5Shri.MS Subha RakeshFide ArbiterMember


Trainers Commission

GM Pravin Thipsay is the Chairman of Trainers Commission | Photo: Amit Sharma

1 Shri.PM ThipsayGrandmasterChairman
2Shri. Sekhar SahuInternational MasterMember
3Shri. Neeraj Kumar MishraInternational MasterMember
4 Shri.Vishal SareenInternational MasterMember
5Shri.TJ Suresh kumarFIDE TrainerMember
6Smt.N.SarithaWomen International MasterMember


Selection Committee

GM Abhijit Kunte, India's 4th GM, is the Chief Coach of India and the Chairman of the Selection Committee | Photo: Niklesh Jain
1Shri.Abhijit KunteGrandmasterMemberChief Coach
& Chairman
3Shri.Dinesh Kumar SharmaInternational MasterMember

Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women

An IAS, one doctorate, one advocate and two top female players are part of the Committee for prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women.

1Smt. Rashmi SinghIASChairperson
2Smt.Soumya SwaminathanInternational MasterMember
3Smt.Kiran Manisha MohantyWomen GrandmasterMember
4Dr.Shaily BhashanjalyDoctorate Holder in Gender issuesMember
5Smt.Arpi ShahAdvocateMember

Players Grievance Committee

GM Tejas Bakre is the Chairman of the Players Grievance Committee
1Shri.Tejas BakreGrandmasterChairman
3Shri.Lalith Babu M RGrandmasterMember
4Smt.Tania SachdevInternational MasterMember
5Smt.Padmini RoutInternational MasterMember

Committee for Chess Development in North East and Andaman & Nicobar

1Shri.KM WarzariMeghalayaChairman
2Shri.Rajib DharAssamMember
3Shri.Prasenjit DuttaTripuraMemberFIDE Master
4Shri.Boney KharbaniMeghalayaMember
5Shri.Atembi LaishramManipurMember
6Shri.Leela Prasad AcharyaSikkimMember
7Shri.JK LalmuanpuiaMizoramMember
8Shri.Tamchi KacheArunachalMember

Events Commission

Hanumantha from Karnataka is the head of the events commission | Photo: Amruta Mokal
1Shri.HanumanthaKarnatakaChairmanFIDE Master and FIDE Instructor
2Shri.Praful ZaveriMaharasthraMemberFIDE Trainer
3Shri.KS PrasadTelenganaMember
4Shri.Muneesh ThapparPunjabMember
5Shri. L ImochaManipurMember

Chess in schools commission

A.K. Verma, as the head of the Chess in Schools Commission, has a huge responsibility on his shoulders.| Photo: Niklesh Jain

1Shri.A K.VermaDelhiChairmanInternational Arbiter
And FIDE Instructor
2Smt.B.ThipsayMaharasthraMemberWomen International Master
And FIDE Instructor
3Shri.Ranjan MohantyOrissaMemberFide Instructor
4Shri. Aravind ShastryKarantakaMember
5Shri.Akshat KhampariaMPMemberInternational Master
6Shri.Boney  KharbaniMeghalayaMember
7Shri.Vikas SahuRajasthanMemberInternational Arbiter
8Shri.Ashish KeniGoaMemberFIDE Arbiter
9Shri.Arun Singh MAssamMemberFide Arbiter
10Shri.Taba AnamArunachalMember
11Shri.Mayur PatelGujaratMember


Titles Commission

One of India's most senior and respected arbiter - R. Ananthraman is the chairman of Titles commission

1Shri.R.AnanthramTNChairmanInternational Arbiter
2Shri.V.KameswaranTNMemberInternational Arbiter
3Shri.Swapnil BansnodMaharasthraMemberInternational Arbiter And
National Instructor
4Shri.Asit Baran ChoudharyWBMemberInternational Arbiter
5Shri.Jitendra ChoudharyDelhiMemberInternational Arbiter And
National Instructor



1Shri. A.K.RaizadaUPChairmanInternational Arbiter
2Shri. Dhiraj Singh RaghuvanshiUttarakhandMember
3Shri.Ashok BhargavRajasthanMember
3Shri.Debabrata BhattaOrissaMember
4Shri.Ravichandran VTamil NaduMemberIA,Fide Trainer,CM
5Shri.Samir ShahGujaratMember


1Shri.Rajat NavetDelhiAdvocate
2Shri.Sanjai Singh JatavUPAdvocate
3Shri.Aditya DewanAdvocate
Bharat Singh Chauhan speaks about his plans for Indian chess

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