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AICFB National Junior Championships for the visually challenged 2023 kicks off in Bangalore

by Sagar Shah - 14/01/2023

All India Chess Federation for the Blind (AICFB) works for the visually impaired chess players of the country. One of the reasons why we have strong chess players from India who are visually impaired is because of regular tournaments being held. From 13th to 15th of January, the national juniors are being held in Bangalore. The tournament has witnessed the participation of 31 players with Sam Peniel (1341) from Tamil Nadu being the top seed. Two players from the tournament will get a chance to play at the World Junior Championships later this year in Spain. Check out our day 1 report.

AICFB – National Junior (Under 19) Chess Championship for the Visually Challenged, 2023

All India Chess Federation for the Blind (AICFB) has organized the National Junior Chess Championship for the Visually Challenged 2023, jointly with Rotary Club of Bangalore (RCB) and support of Karnataka State Chess Association for Visually Challenged.

31 amazing individuls have gathered together in Bangalore for the National Juniors

Players who are participating here have qualified from State and their respective Zonal regions. 31 qualified players from North, South, East and West Zones are playing here for the championship. The Top two players from this Championship will represent India in the forthcoming IBCA World Junior Chess Championship which will be held in Spain. Two players will also get an entry into National senior championships of the visually impaired.

The three day Championship was inaugurated at Rotary Club of Bangalore by Jija Hari Singh Retd IPS, Ex-DGP of Karnataka and 1st Woman IPS officer from South India, along with dignitaries Rtn. Sanjay Udani - President RCB, Rtn. Hemanth Manay - Director Youth service RCB, Kishan Gangolli - VP AICFB and KSCAVC and Swapnil Shah - Treasurer AICFB. Rtn Sandeep Ohri, Chair Youth Services, RCB welcomed the gathering.

The tournament is opened with teht op seed of the event Sam Peniel making a move with the dignitaries

Three of the players are rated:

Starting Rank

1Sam Peniel P25163990IND1364T N
2John Harris Sujin33352771IND1111Tamil Nadu
3Vruthi Jain33477981IND1044Karnataka
4Alvin J Pradeep48794120IND0Kerala
5Amit KumarIND0Delhi
6Amit Kumar GuptaIND0Delhi
8Avinash P48794325IND0Karnataka
9Ayisha Sainab K A33477930IND0Kerala
10Chintu KumarIND0Haryana
11Deepak KumarIND0Delhi
12Fariz S48794449IND0Kerala
13Gavate AmbikaIND0Maharashtra
14Jirku OraonIND0West Bengal
15Kagda JayrajsinhIND0Gujrat
16Kanhaiya LalIND0Delhi
17Kushal Ramanna Jagali33494380IND0Karnataka
18Lakhi Pada BauriIND0West Bengal
19Lokesh K48794546IND0Tamil Nadu
20Manish VermaIND0Delhi
21Niraj Kumar PandeyIND0Delhi
22Omkar Sameer Talwalkar25961330IND0Maharashtra
24Rahul ModiIND0West Bengal
25Sahani RahulIND0Gujrat
26Sanskruti Vikas More33342466IND0Maharashtra
27Vaghela RahulIND0Gujrat
28Vajresh N48794813IND0Karnataka
29Vijay KumarIND0Delhi
30Vivek Ghuge33477973IND0Maharashtra
31Waghmare Tanish48784460IND0Maharashtra


Lokesh K. holding Vruthi Jain (1044) to a draw was the mini-upset of Round 1.

Round 1

Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
116Kanhaiya Lal 00 0 - 10 Sam Peniel P13641
22John Harris Sujin11110 1 - 00 Kushal Ramanna Jagali017
319Lokesh K 00 ½ - ½0 Vruthi Jain10443
44Alvin J Pradeep 00 0 - 10 Manish Verma 020
521Niraj Kumar Pandey 00 0 - 10 Amit Kumar 05
66Amit Kumar Gupta 00 1 - 00 Omkar Sameer Talwalkar022
723Pawan 00 0 - 10 Ankit 07
88Avinash P 00 0 - 10 Rahul Modi 024
925Sahani Rahul 00 1 - 00 Ayisha Sainab K A09
1010Chintu Kumar 00 0 - 10 Sanskruti Vikas More026
1127Vaghela Rahul 00 1 - 00 Deepak Kumar 011
1212Fariz S 00 ½ - ½0 Vajresh N 028
1329Vijay Kumar 00 1 - 00 Gavate Ambika 013
1414Jirku Oraon 00 1 - 00 Vivek Ghuge030
1531Waghmare Tanish00 1 - 00 Kagda Jayrajsinh 015
1618Lakhi Pada Bauri 00 1 bye 


Round 2 witnessed all decisive results!

Round 2

Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
11Sam Peniel P13641 1 - 01 Sahani Rahul 025
220Manish Verma 01 0 - 11 John Harris Sujin11112
35Amit Kumar 01 0 - 11 Vaghela Rahul 027
424Rahul Modi 01 1 - 01 Amit Kumar Gupta 06
57Ankit 01 1 - 01 Vijay Kumar 029
626Sanskruti Vikas More01 1 - 01 Jirku Oraon 014
718Lakhi Pada Bauri 01 0 - 11 Waghmare Tanish031
83Vruthi Jain1044½ 1 - 0½ Fariz S 012
928Vajresh N 0½ 0 - 1½ Lokesh K 019
1015Kagda Jayrajsinh 00 0 - 10 Alvin J Pradeep 04
1117Kushal Ramanna Jagali00 0 - 10 Avinash P 08
129Ayisha Sainab K A00 1 - 00 Kanhaiya Lal 016
1322Omkar Sameer Talwalkar00 1 - 00 Chintu Kumar 010
1411Deepak Kumar 00 1 - 00 Niraj Kumar Pandey 021
1513Gavate Ambika 00 0 - 10 Pawan 023
1630Vivek Ghuge00 1 bye 


Currently we have seven players on a complete 2.0/2 score. It is a seven round event.

Standings after round 2

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
24Rahul ModiIND0West Bengal2122,00
27Vaghela RahulIND0Gujrat2122,00
41Sam Peniel PIND1364T N2111,00
2John Harris SujinIND1111Tamil Nadu2111,00
26Sanskruti Vikas MoreIND0Maharashtra2111,00
731Waghmare TanishIND0Maharashtra20,50,50,50
83Vruthi JainIND1044Karnataka1,51,521,25
19Lokesh KIND0Tamil Nadu1,51,521,25
106Amit Kumar GuptaIND0Delhi1231,00
20Manish VermaIND0Delhi1231,00
25Sahani RahulIND0Gujrat1231,00
1314Jirku OraonIND0West Bengal122,50,50
1418Lakhi Pada BauriIND0West Bengal122,50,50
155Amit KumarIND0Delhi1220,00
8Avinash PIND0Karnataka1220,00
11Deepak KumarIND0Delhi1220,00
29Vijay KumarIND0Delhi1220,00
204Alvin J PradeepIND0Kerala1110,00
9Ayisha Sainab K AIND0Kerala1110,00
22Omkar Sameer TalwalkarIND0Maharashtra1110,00
2330Vivek GhugeIND0Maharashtra1110,00
2412Fariz SIND0Kerala0,51,520,25
28Vajresh NIND0Karnataka0,51,520,25
2610Chintu KumarIND0Haryana0230,00
15Kagda JayrajsinhIND0Gujrat0230,00
16Kanhaiya LalIND0Delhi0230,00
17Kushal Ramanna JagaliIND0Karnataka0230,00
3013Gavate AmbikaIND0Maharashtra0120,00
21Niraj Kumar PandeyIND0Delhi0120,00


At the end of the 1st day, two rounds were completed. Sam Peniel (1364) of Tamil Nadu, John Harris Sujjin of Tamil Nadu, Rahul Vaghela from Gujarat, Rahul Modi of West Bengal, Ankit of Delhi, Sanskruti More and Tanish Waghmare of Maharashtra all are on 2.0/2.

The closing ceremony of the event will take place on 15th January at around 3pm.

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