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10-year-old Niladri Banerjee becomes the youngest ever West Bengal State Rapid Rating 2023 champion

by Shahid Ahmed - 09/02/2023

The reigning West Bengal State Under-11 Open champion, Niladri Banerjee created a record on 29th January 2023. At the age of 10 years 5 months and 4 days, the little kid from Howrah District became the youngest West Bengal State Rapid Rating 2023 champion. He won the tournament with a perfect score 8/8 and finished a full point ahead of the competition. Defending champion Subhayan Kundu and Bishal Basak scored 7/8 each. They were placed second and third according to tie-breaks. The total prize fund of the tournament was ₹58400 + trophies. The top three prizes were ₹10000 + trophy, ₹7000 and ₹5000 each respectively. Photo: Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha

Record with a perfect score

This was the first time when seeded players - GMs, IMs and WGMs were not eligible to play West Bengal State Rapid championship. Nevertheless, the tournament was still strong despite the absence of titled players. Scoring 8/8 at the age of 10 years, defeating five players who were rated a minimum of 545 Elo points higher, earned him 206 Elo rating points. It goes without saying that it might take some to tie or break this record.

Champion - Niladri Banerjee 8/8 | Photo: Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha

Runner-up - Subhayan Kundu 7/8 | Photo: Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha

Second Runner-up - Bishal Basak 7/8 | Photo: Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha

Niladri Banerjee scored a perfect 8/8 to gain a whopping 206 Elo rating points

Niladri Banerjee received the prize from the youngest West Bengal State Champion and the state's first GM Dibyendu Barua | Photo: Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha

Round 7: Kaustuv Kundu - Niladri Banerjee | Photo: Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha

Players in action | Photo: Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha

The tournament hall at Dinen Smriti Bhavan, Hooghly, West Bengal | Photo: Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha

A total of 206 players took part from various districts of West Bengal. The eight-round Swiss league Rapid Rating tournament took place on 28th and 29th January 2023 at Dinen Smriti Bhavan, Hooghly, West Bengal. The event was organized by Sara Bangla Daba Sangstha. The time control was 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment.

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
127Niladri BanerjeeU12IND1450Howrah838,54141,0008
22Subhayan KunduIND2205North 24 Parganas73842,536,5007
314Basak BishalIND1685Hooghly7384135,0007
43Kaustuv KunduIND2199Kolkata6,541,54634,2506
54FMSourath BiswasIND2164North 24 Parganas6,541,545,534,2506
65Anustoop BiswasIND2156Kolkata6,539,54333,5006
711Arpan Das (Jr)IND1991North 24 Parganas6,539,542,533,2505
820AIMSubhabrata RoyIND1545Kolkata6,537,541,532,2506
98Arya BhaktaIND2009Hooghly6,53235,528,2506
109Arindam MukherjeeIND2004North 24 Parganas643,54732,5006
1118Rajanya DattawIND1579North 24 Parganas638,541,528,7505
1213Rupam MukherjeeIND1699Hooghly6384228,0006
1321Subhrajit DeyIND1535South 24 Parganas6373925,5006
1433Aniket Narayan BiswasIND1400North 24 Parganas636,53925,5006
1525Snehil Raj SinghIND1464North 24 Parganas635,53929,0006
1636Manna ChiranjitIND1389North 24 Parganas63537,526,2505
17208Yuvraj MukimU12IND0Kolkata63437,525,5006
1817Ayush DasIND1584Hooghly633,537,527,5006
1940Anshuman GangulyIND1334North 24 Parganas63336,527,5005
2042Angshu GhoshU12IND1310North 24 Parganas632,53424,0006