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Prantik Roy wins 21st MCA All Bengal Rapid Rating Open

by Shahid Ahmed - 02/01/2020

Starting out as the top seed of the tournament, IM Prantik Roy scored 7.5/8, finished a half point ahead of the competition, remained undefeated to win 21st MCA All Bengal Rapid Rating Open 2019. He is also the reigning State Rapid champion and the runner-up at 1st SAARC Chess 2019. Five players finished at 7.0/8. IM Aronyak Ghosh and Arpan Das Jr. scored 7.0/8 each and they were placed second and third respectively. Total 294 players participated in this two-day All Bengal Open Rapid Rating event. Total Prize fund ₹90000 and 160 trophies were distributed among the prize winners. Read the report for photos from the event and two selected games of the champion. Photo: Pintu Chatterjee

Top seed becomes unbeaten champion

Reigning State Rapid champion and 1st SAARC Chess runner-up IM Prantik Roy scored an unbeaten 7.5/8 and finished a half point ahead of the competition to become 21st MCA All Bengal Rapid Rating champion. Five players finished at 7.0/9. The newly crowned 28th The Telegraph champion IM Aronyak Ghosh and Arpan Das Jr. was placed second and third according to their tie-break score.

Champion Prantik Roy scored 7.5/8, receives ₹8000 cash prize and a glittering trophy | Photo: Pintu Chatterjee

Prantik's only draw was against the eventual runner-up IM Aronyak Ghosh

After the conclusion of the tournament, I caught up with Prantik and this is what he had to say, "I played with an experimental mood. In fact, I registered just a day before the tournament as it was completely unplanned for me. Since it was a Rapid rating event, I was more inclined to play. I wanted to have a full score but my game with Aronyak ended up in a draw. He defended pretty well. Overall quite happy with the fact that I could end 2019 on a good note."

Runner-up IM Prantik Roy at 1st SAARC Chess 2019 | Photo: saarcchess2019

Speaking about his performance in 1st SAARC championship, where he finished second, Prantik shared, "SAARC experience was a memorable event. I think I could play quite a few quality games. Especially against IM Lodhi Mahmood (PAK, 2336) and FM Aminul Islam (BAN, 2229). Both games are quite a contrast. First one was a tense wild battle and second one was a technical game."

Runner-up IM Aronyak Ghosh 7.0/8 | Photo: R C Chatterjee

The 'Chess Chatterjee' family

Modern Chess Academy was established in 1998 and they have consistently organized tournaments over the years.

All events organized by MCA | Photo: Tournament circular

IA Rudrani Charan Chatterjee is the first International Arbiter of West Bengal and one of the oldest IA of the country. He has also been a reporter and wrote several reports on chess tournaments for regional English and Bangla daily newspapers. All his sons are involved in chess in some capacity, Laltu Chatterjee, Srish Chatterjee and Pintu Chatterjee. While the oldest Srish is a coach, Laltu participated in the tournament and the youngest Pintu was an arbiter at the event. Rudrani's grandchildren Srijan and Alaktika, both of them participated in the event.

Laltu Chatterjee in action | Photo: R C Chatterjee

NA Pintu Chatterjee (fourth from left) and Srish Chatterjee (third from right) | Photo: R C Chatterjee

Srijan Chatterjee receives while his grandfather IA R C Chatterjee (sitting with the skull cap) was the Chief Arbiter of the tournament | Photo: R C Chatterjee

Renowed trainer and IM Neeraj Kumar Mishra getting felicitated by Modern Chess Academy | Photo: R C Chatterjee

It is difficult to bring 160 trophies in one frame which were all given away to the prize winners | Photo: R C Chatterjee

Top seed IM Prantik Roy in action | Photo: R C Chatterjee

Total 294 players from all across the state participated in this two-day 21st MCA All Bengal Rapid Rating tournament, organized by Modern Chess Academy at Bidhan Chandra College, Hooghly, West Bengal on 28th and 29th December 2019. The tournament was organized in memory of Late Putul Mallick. Prizes were distributed by Dr. Samir Mallick, President HDCA, Mr. R C Chatterjee, President MCA and Chief Arbiter, Mr. Soumen Majumder, Secretary Alekhine Chess Club and Mr. Asit Baran Choudhury, Secretary HDCA and others.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11IMRoy PrantikIND21657,50,039,543,040,007
23CMAronyak GhoshIND20467,00,040,544,538,006
312Arpan Das (Jr)IND17327,00,040,544,037,506
45Anurag JaiswalIND19627,00,040,543,537,756
524Debargha BasuIND14467,00,039,543,537,756
630Soumyajit Das (Jr)IND13827,00,038,542,035,507
723Sanket ChakravartyIND14496,50,040,543,533,005
84Mallick AnjanIND20216,50,039,042,534,506
97Shaon ChowdhuryIND19096,50,038,542,532,506
1014Subham SahaIND16576,50,037,041,031,756
1117Aryan BandyopadhyayIND15986,50,036,540,532,006
1287Sankalan ShahU12IND11206,00,040,544,531,755
1339Subhabrata RoyIND13346,00,040,542,529,005
1425Subhankar DasIND14396,00,039,544,030,006
1526Pratyay ChowdhuryU14IND14386,00,039,543,029,006
1615Abijit MistryIND16526,00,039,542,029,506
179Sanjit SahaIND18216,00,039,042,030,255
1816Goutam DasIND16216,00,038,542,529,006
1928Alekhya MukhopadhyayU12IND13926,00,038,542,528,506
2011Mukherjee DyutimoyS60IND17356,00,038,541,529,005
2110Shrutarshi RayIND17426,00,038,042,030,505
2241Rishiraj BaulIND13096,00,037,540,028,506
2355Shankhodip DeU10IND12256,00,037,540,027,506
2418Rupam MukherjeeIND15946,00,037,039,027,506
252Chattarjee LaltuIND20686,00,036,040,028,506
26119Tanish DasU10IND10476,00,035,540,029,755
2736Ritam KunduU12IND13446,00,035,539,527,506
2894Priyanshu BaruaU14IND11076,00,035,039,027,506
2922Pal C.N.S60IND14616,00,035,038,527,006
3078Debapriya MannaF10wIND11376,00,034,036,524,506

Complete standings

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