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Vidit Gujrathi's simul at Ambit House in Mumbai

by Sagar Shah - 11/01/2024

January 2024 is going to be an important month for Vidit Gujrathi as he gets ready for Tata Steel Masters in Wijk Aan Zee. However, just before he took his flight to Amsterdam, Vidit decided to spend a day at Ambit House in Mumbai. Along with meeting the top management team of Ambit, Vidit played a simultaneous exhibition with 17 opponents. This proved to be an exciting one as some of the players gave quite a tough fight to the India no.3. We bring you some moments from this beautiful evening.

Vidit Gujrathi - The Brand Ambassador of Ambit

Ambit is one of India's premier providers of financial advice and capital. They are focused on delivering tailor-made financial solutions that are suitable to their clients’ needs. In late 2023, they signed a sponsorship deal with GM Vidit Gujrathi. As it turns out, the next tournament that Vidit plays after the deal, he wins it - The FIDE Grand Swiss 2023 and qualifies for the Candidates 2024. The timing could not have been better.

Vaishali and Vidit with the V-sign. They won the title at the FIDE Grand Swiss in the women's and open section respectively. Vidit played the event with the Ambit jacket!

Vidit went on to win the PSPB Individual championships, Gashimov Memorial and also performed incredibly well at the World Rapid Championships 2023, finishing 4th. Meanwhile Ambit showed how proud they were to have Vidit as their brand Ambassador:

If you go to the official website of Ambit, the first image that you will see is of Vidit. You will also see Vidit on their banner on their LinkedIn page

It is quite clear that Ambit loves Vidit as its brand ambassador and it was a wonderful occasion on 8th of January when the India no.3 visited Ambit house in Mumbai for a simultaneous exhibition.

Everyone who entered Ambit House that day knew that this chess spectacle was going to take place in the building!

The setting of the simul. Vidit took on 17 opponents with 40 minutes for himself and 40 minutes for each opponent.

Supporting Vidit from the sidelines was Vedika (Vidit's sister). Taking a keen interest in entire proceedings was Karan Wadhwa (left), one of the Vice Presidents of Ambit

There were also a few youngsters who gave a tough fight to Vidit

Ambit's brand line is "Acumen at work", which fits perfectly for Vidit. Sporting an Ambit Jacket, Vidit looked in great spirits and was in his element both on and off the board

With just 40 minutes on the clock and me disturbing him with my live commentary, Vidit had to move quickly!

The focus shown by the players was quite commendable

Little Neev (right) gave Vidit a very tough fight!

At times Vidit did look a bit worried about some of his positions

The spectators were quite interested to see how a world class mind is seen in action!

Yours Truly commentated on the games for the audience who was present there. This was the final game that ended where Vidit reduced his time to 30 seconds.

We were of course curious to know how much had Vidit walked as he won the simul 17-0. The answer was a good solid 5 kms!

After the game Vidit did spend time discussing with his opponents

As well as taking pictures

And giving autorgraphs!

The player of the evening definitely was Umesh Gupta of Ambit who gave Vidit a very tough time.

Vidit Gujrathi vs Umesh Gupta

Vidit's king does look under some pressure in this position with so many Black pieces swarming around it. But unfazed, Vidit went ahead with b5!? to which Umesh responded with ...d4!? Check out the game below with some analysis:

Vidit's Qh8!! in the above position, does remind us of a famous World Championship game between Spassky and Petrosian

Spassky and Petrosian played the World Championship Match in 1966 and it was won by Petrosian

Petrosian vs Spassky, 1966, Game 10

What is the beautiful move that Petrosian played here as White? Hint: Get inspired by Vidit's move against Umesh!

Sagar, Vedika and Vidit. Vedika, who is well-known in the chess world for Vedika's chocolates, is now completely dedicating herself to her job as a physiotherapist. She has launched an Instagram page and you can keep a track of her work from there.

Vidit making sure that he gets his jacket and suit at the end of the day for the Tata Steel Masters 2024 in Wijk Aan Zee

IA Vivek Sohani, one of India's finest chess arbiters, ensured that the entire proceedings went ahead smoothly!

Special thanks to Naheed Contractor, Corporate Communications and Brand Specialist at Ambit, for the pictures

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