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GM Vidit Gujrathi becomes the Brand Ambassador of Ambit

by Himank Ghosh - 10/12/2023

GM Vidit Gujrathi has been having a string of great results in recent times. He put up a great show in the FIDE World Cup, and came very close to qualifying for the Candidates. He then went on to win the biggest tournament in his career - the FIDE Grand Swiss 2023, and qualified to the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2024! Just a few days before the Grand Swiss, Vidit had started a new partnership - one which has proven to be very lucky for him. GM Vidit Gujrathi had become the Brand Ambassador of Ambit! In this article, we talked with Vidit Gujrathi and the Founder of Ambit, Mr. Ashok Wadhwa. Get to know how this collaboration started, and what is next!

A fantastic 2023 for Vidit Gujrathi 

Vidit Gujrathi played some of the best chess of his career to win one of the strongest chess tournaments in recent times - the FIDE Grand Swiss 2023! This win meant that Vidit, for the first time in his chess career, has qualified for the Candidates Tournament 2024 in Toronto, Canada.

An elated Vidit Gujrathi after winning the Grand Swiss! | Photo: Anna Shtourman

Vidit scored his 2nd consecutive tournament victory, this time by winning the PSPB Individual Rapid Championships in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha! His Team ONGC took the silver medal in the Team Championship.

3 Trophies for Vidit Gujrathi - 2nd place in Team event, Winner of Individual event, and player of the tournament! | Photo: Vidit Gujrathi

A few days before Vidit Gujrathi's travel to the Isle of Man for the FIDE Grand Swiss, Vidit was announced as the Brand Ambassador of Ambit!

We got in touch with the Founder and CEO of Ambit, Mr. Ashok Wadhwa, and asked them a few questions about this partnership with Vidit Gujrathi.

Mr. Ashok Wadhwa, the CEO and Founder of Ambit, one of India's premier providers of financial advice and capital. | Photo: Ambit

How did Ambit decide to have GM Vidit Gujrathi as their brand ambassador?

Ashok Wadhwa (AW): We started this journey back in 2022, where as a brand, we began to think about how we could help build Chess as a sport in India. Our brand line 'Acumen at work' aligns beautifully with the foundation of the game, and as we began to explore various avenues of how we could support the game, we realized that there are so many talented, young Indian GMs. We noticed Vidit's confidence, talent, and constant improvement in his ranks, and saw in him not just a Chess GM, but a personality whose thoughts and values were in line with ours; and in a very short time found a mutual and instant connection with him. 

Vidit Gujrathi at the Ambit Office in Mumbai! | Photo: Vidit Gujrathi

The partnership with Vidit is a significant milestone in Ambit’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to fostering strategic alliances in the world of Chess, to help develop the game. He is a prominent and affable figure in the world of Chess, who brings a wealth of expertise and a sterling reputation to brand Ambit as one of the youngest GMs of India. With an illustrious career marked by numerous titles and accomplishments, Vidit embodies excellence, accountability, and integrity that align perfectly with some of Ambit’s values.

What exactly will the partnership between Vidit Gujrathi and Ambit entail?

AW: The core principle is that Ambit is keen to give Chess in India a boost. While Vidit will wear our logo when he plays tournaments, he is aligned with some of our core values like excellence, accountability, and integrity. We hope to be able to encourage and inspire Chess enthusiasts in India to pick up the game.

Vidit Gujrathi in action at the Grand Swiss. Note the Ambit logo on his coat!

Vidit's dedication to Chess and his ability to think strategically aligns perfectly with our brand values. Having Vidit as a brand ambassador not only adds a new dimension to our marketing efforts but also reflects our dedication to supporting and celebrating achievements in the world of Chess. 


Where does the Chess connection come in? Does Ambit have any plans to support/collaborate with more Indian Chess players?

AW: Our passion for Chess runs deep! Since last year (2022), we have had an active internal 'Ambit Chess Committee' that catches up to discuss ideas (around how to further the game in India), play Chess online & offline, and also runs an annual, in-house Chess tournament -- this committee has enthusiastic Ambitians who are Chess players (who play at various levels of the game, ranging from senior management to our youngest employees), but also has those who admire the game, along with those who are trying to master the Queen's Gambit! 

Vidit having a chat with the Ambit Team at their office. It must have been a treat for all the chess enthusiast Ambitians to meet one of India's biggest chess personalities! | Photo: Vidit Gujrathi

We believe that it is not just a game, but a profound art form that epitomizes intellect, strategy, and acumen. We have a 'never say never' attitude at Ambit, and supporting the game is at the core of this collaboration with Vidit. 


Can you tell us about Ambit and the various functions of the company? 

AW: Born in 1997, Ambit is one of India's premier providers of financial advice and capital, known for its business acumen. Ambit comprises Investment Banking (Corporate Finance and Equity Capital Markets), Asset Management, Institutional Equities (Research, Sales, and sales Trading), and a Non-Banking Finance Company (SME Lending) called Ambit Finvest.

This is the official website of Ambit, where you can find out more about their work.

We are focused on delivering tailor-made financial solutions suitable to our client’s needs. These are based on our deep understanding of the Indian economy and market forces, unmatched research, and client-focused approach. Ambit is headquartered in Mumbai, with offices in key cities in India, Singapore, and New York. 


We also asked GM Vidit Gujrathi a few questions to GM Vidit Gujrathi about his partnership with Ambit. Check it out below:

How did your partnership with Ambit come about?

Vidit Gujrathi (VG): Ambit reached out to me a couple of months ago. They were interested in supporting the game of chess! Karan Wadhwa, the VP of Ambit, is a keen chess enthusiast. He wanted to support and grow the game. We spoke with each other, and our goals aligned. Then we decided to work together!

All smiles! | Photo: Vidit Gujrathi

What will be your role as the brand ambassador of Ambit?

VG: One of the key values of ambit is “acumen at work”. I fully endorse and believe in hard work and getting skilled at one's craft. One of my roles as an ambassador is to represent the company’s brand values. Another key idea is to work together and contribute to the overall growth of chess. We have a couple of ideas, and we will be doing that. From the point of view of Ambit, they liked my ambition and wanted to support my goals of being the best at my craft.

Why did you choose to partner with Ambit?

VG: I really liked the fact that they had a love for the game of Chess! For example, Karan told me that every day he starts his day by playing a couple of blitz games. Also, when I was playing tournaments, he was following it quite closely. That's when I felt that our goals were aligned, and it made perfect sense to partner with Ambit.

Vidit Gujrathi is right now in action at the Gashimov Memorial in Azerbaijan. After 6 rounds of Rapid, he's at the middle of the leaderboard with 3/6 points. Best wishes to him at this event! | Photo: Shahid Ahmed


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