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Iniyan's Endgame Challenge

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/03/2023

India's 61st GM Iniyan P loves to calculate. Recently he visited the ChessBase studio in Hamburg to record a DVD. He posed a challenge to those who love to calculate especially in the endgames. It is a complex rook ending which occurred in a tournament game. Try to calculate it deeply and see if you can think like a grandmaster. The thorough analysis will be posted soon. Also, don't try to take help of a computer, it will hamper in improving your analytical skills. Take a guess about the topic of his first ChessBase DVD. Enjoy analyzing this fantastic position till then. Photo: Frederic Friedel

A calculation minefield

India's 61st GM Iniyan P is currently in Hamburg and is recording a Fritztrainer for ChessBase. The topic of the Fritztrainer is 1.d4 d5 2.c4 e6 3.Nc3 - a repertoire for White from this position.

White to play

34.Rxf2+ Kg6 The starting point of the endgame. For people who like complex endings or likes to have a challenge to their calculation this position is a minefield with hidden gems. To start off, what is the evaluation of the position? What are white's breakthrough possibilities and what are black's defensive/counterattacking possibilities? These are the questions to think about now. The complete analysis will be published later.

Iniyan gave this position to Pragg who was also in Hamburg at the ChessBase office. | Photo: Frederic Friedel

It was also not so easy for a player of Pragg's calibre! | Photo: Frederic Friedel

Iniyan will soon show you the answer! Let's see if you are capable of solving Iniyan's challenge! | Photo: Frederic Friedel

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