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Bangladesh Premier League R10: Bangladesh Police wins with a round to spare

by Shahid Ahmed - 29/03/2021

Bangladesh Police successfully retains their title with a round to spare in Mujib Borso SAIF Powertec Premier Division Chess League. Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society lost to the eventual champions by 0.5-3.5. Sanket Chakravarty avoided a whitewash for his team by making a draw with Bangladesh no.1 GM Abdullah Al Rakib. Among other upsets, IM Minhaz held GM Kovalev, Kaustuv Kundu held GM Narayanan and IM Aronyak held GM Neelotpal to a draw. Final round commences today from 2:30 p.m. IST. Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Bangladesh Police can spoil SAIF Sporting's runner-up finish

Defending champion Bangladesh Police retains their crown as they beat Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society by 0.5-3.5 in the penultimate round. They have taken an unassailable lead now which means even if they lose the final round against SAIF Sporting Club, they will still not lose the tournament. However, SAIF Sporting needs a draw minimum to secure the second place. They have secured a podium finish but if they lose and Shahin Chess Club score a win by bigger margin in the final round, they will take the second place then.

CM Nayem Haque of Sheikh Russel Chess Club made a fantastic combination | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

The tournament logo | Photo: Bangladesh Chess Federation

Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society - Bangladesh Police: 0.5-3.5

IM Mohammad Fahad Rahman scored his sixth consecutive victory of the event against FM Syed Mahfuzur Rahman.

GM Raunak Sadhwani scored a fine victory over Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan who got into trouble out of the opening and couldn't get out of the gate.

Sanket Chakravarty avoided a whitewash for his team as he held GM Abdullah Al Rakib to a draw.

GM Ziaur Rahman scored a comfortable victory against Aminul Islam as the latter made an incorrect sacrifice which cost him material and eventually the game.

Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society lost to Bangladesh Police 0.5-3.5

SAIF Sporting Club - Bangladesh Navy: 2.5-1.5

GM Adhiban scored made a beautiful combination against IM Abu Sufian Shakil.

Adhiban - Shakil

Position after 29...Raa7

White is having a huge advantage in the above diagram. Find out the winning continuation for white after 29...Raa7.

IM Minhaz Uddin held GM Vladislav Kovalev to a draw. Although the former had a better position but he did not capitalize on it and repeated moves.

GM Reefat Bin Sattar defeated FM Khandaker Aminul Islam as the latter misplayed early in the middle game.

FM Subrota Biswas won against FM Mehdi Hasan Parag.

SAIF Sporting Club got back to winning ways by defeating Bangladesh Navy 2.5-1.5

Sheikh Russel Chess Club - Shahin Chess Club: 1.5-2.5

CM Nayem Haque employed the Bird's Opening against CM Sohel Chowdhury. Nayem made a fantastic combination to win the game.

Nayem - Sohel

Position after 28...Kf7

28...Kf7 is a blunder. Find out why.

GM Abhimanyu Puranik completed his double hat-trick victory over Sumit Kumar.

Kaustuv Kundu held GM Narayanan S L to a draw. Narayanan is having a fantastic tournament, he is at 8.0/9.

FM Debaraj Chatterjee scored a comfortable victory against WIM Sharmin Shirin Sultana.

Sheikh Russel Chess Club lost to Shahin Chess Club 1.5-2.5

Replay games from Round 10

There is one round every day starting at 3 p.m. BST (2:30 p.m. IST) from 19th to 28th March 2021. On 29th March the final round starts at 2 p.m. BST (1:30 p.m. IST). A total of 63 players including 13 GMs, 9 IMs, 2 WIMs, 10 FMs and 8 CMs are slated to take part. A staggering 66.67% players are titled, 20.6% are GMs and 14.3% are IMs.

Round 10 results

  Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society
  Bangladesh Police
  SAIF Sporting Club
  Bangladesh Navy
  Sheikh Russel Chess Club
  Shahin Chess Club
  Leonin Chess Club
  Bangladesh Biman
  Uttara Central Chess Club
  Titas Club
  Sonali Bank Sports & Recreation Club


Standings after Round 10

Rk.SNoFED TeamGroupGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4 
Bangladesh Police99001830,00147,0
SAIF Sporting Club96211423,00108,0
Shahin Chess Club94411222,0099,0
Uttara Central Chess Club94321120,5088,3
Bangladesh Biman94231020,5069,5
Titas Club104241018,5075,0
Bangladesh Navy9405815,0055,0
Sheikh Russel Chess Club9135514,0037,8
Leonin Chess Club9054513,5040,3
Janata Bank Officer Welfare Society9126411,5031,8
Sonali Bank Sports & Recreation Club9117311,5027,3



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