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Join Vishy Anand for #GadgetFreeHour on Friday 20th November

by Shahid Ahmed - 19/11/2020

Seven-time world champion, the Pride of the Nation - Vishy Anand has been tirelessly working towards the betterment of mankind by spreading various awareness message. We are all aware of the fact that Vishy Anand became the Ambassador for Environment Education of WWF India (World Wide Fund for Nature-India) earlier this year. Tomorrow Friday 20th November on the occasion of World Children's Day from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. IST, Vishy Anand will be joining the #GadgetFreeHour on website. Don't forget to join him. Check out the article to find out his message on the need of a gadget free hour for all of us in our daily life. Photo: ParentCircle

Gadget Free Hour with Vishy Anand

Vishy Anand's message on the importance of a gadget free hour | Video: ParentCircle

Here is what Vishy Anand shared in the above video, "Device use has clearly been one of the big challenges of the year 2020. First of all while earlier it seemed like an indulgence something we allowed ourselves tempted to do, this year you could make a good case that it was actually necessary. We have to do a certain amount of work online which means that we couldn't even feel guilty about using devices but then what happens when you start spending your whole day with it?


I found that it is important to create certain moments in the day when you break away from the devices and technology. For me, one special moment is my time in the gym. Everyday in the morning, I break away for one hour, no devices obviously while I am exercising and that's good, it gives you a chance to reset.


It's been important for my son Akhil as well because so much of school has moved online. It's not only the time you spend with the teacher, the assignment, the work, the study, everything happens afterwards. How do you draw the line between working and pleasure? You may then start using the device to distract yourself and before you know it, you have spend the whole day like that.


So with my son we try to keep the discipline, I take him out once a day for an hour, just walk or cycle around, so that he gets a chance to be away from technology. This detox as it were, is very helpful for me as well. Because my time with him, I don't use a device. So please take the time out with your children. Maybe find some board games, we have found that it's quite enjoyable to play a little bit of scrabble in the evening. Like that, just five moments in the day where whole family makes the effort to be device-free and hopefully when life returns to normal, we are ready to put back the devices to their proper place in time. Thank you."


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