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Vishy's December #11 - The co-author

by Sagar Shah - 18/12/2019

It's been around a week since the book authored by Vishy Anand - Mind Master has been released. It has been so popular that it has made it to Amazon's bestseller list. Instead of being a traditional autobiography where the author writes about the events in his life in a chronological order, Vishy Anand decided to focus on the most interesting and compelling stories of his career and the lessons drawn from them. In order to write the book with him he chose Susan Ninan. Susan is a journalist for ESPN and has been a fan of Vishy Anand since many years. She has interviewed Anand on several occasions and the quality of her work convinced Vishy to have Susan as the co-author. In this article we speak to Susan about the book, Anand and more.

They don't make champions like Vishy anymore

By Susan Ninan

Susan Ninan, the co-author of the book Mind Master, unveils the first copy along with the protagonist Vishy Anand in Chennai | Photo: Christin Mathew 

Q: Susan, how did you decide to work on Mind Master along with Vishy?

Susan Ninan (SN): Well, the idea was entirely Vishy's. When I was asked if I'd be willing to co-author it with him, of course I leapt at the opportunity. He wanted to tell his story but not in a typical autobiographical fashion. Instead we picked out key moments from his life and career, the ones that shaped him and gleaned for learnings from each of them. We wanted readers to take away something from his life. Our attempt has been to make the book appealing to chess fans and also engaging for the non-chess reader and hopefully, we've succeeded in straddling both.


Q: What is your contribution to the book?

SN: My attempt has been to bring Vishy's thoughts and experiences along with inputs from people who've been  contributory to his success, whether it's his former or current seconds or Aruna and put together a book that has the flavor of chess while making it engaging for the non chess reader.

Susan, Vishy and the Chairman of Hindu Publishing House N. Ram | Photo: Susan's Facebook

Q: Which is your favourite chapter in the book?

The contents of Mind Master

SN: Quite honestly, it's hard to pick one. I particularly loved talking to him and working on the chapters that revolve around the Bonn and Sofia matches though. Bonn, quite simply for his attitude and tenacity and Sofia for all the circumstantial odds he had to navigate. It may have been easier to sulk, or walk away in any of these scenarios but Vishy was clear about his choices and that made all the difference. 

The Sofia match against Topalov was well known for all the circumstantial odds that Vishy had to navigate | Photo: Lennart Ootes

Q: How has been your experience as the co-author to this book?

SN: It has been the most fulfilling experience to be able to co-author this book with Vishy. It offered me a close peek into the mind and world of a champion. Akhil was interested in the voice recordings and would voluntarily offer French recitals on occasion which was fun.


Q: Is this book limited only to chess players? What would someone get by reading this book apart from knowing more about Vishy Anand?

SN: No, not at all. In fact our primary attempt has been to make the contents and manner of storytelling in the book appealing to a wide readership. Vishy plays the protagonist and chess is the tool here but the plot really reaches out to almost everyone, from a chess player, a young grad student to a guy running his own business. 

Susan and Vishy at a book promotion in Bangalore with SAP Labs' Sumeet Shetty | Photo: Susan Ninan Facebook

Q: What is that one quality of Anand that you find special?

SN: His honesty and pragmatism. It comes through in the book as well. He's forthright about the events in his life so far, doesn't shy away from talking about the failures he's encountered and is realistic about what lies ahead next. It's these very qualities I think that have sustained him in the sport for so long.


Q: Vishy Anand just turned 50 recently. What are your wishes for him? 

SN: They don't make champions like you anymore! Happy birthday Vishy! 

The autograph signing sessions across the country is the culmination of the tremendous hardwork and effort Susan has put into this project! | Photo: Christin Mathew

About Mind Master

Few people know better than Viswanathan Anand how to tackle the gravest obstacles and overcome the toughest odds. From the time he learnt to move pieces on a chess board as a six-year-old, Vishy - as Anand is fondly known - has racked up innumerable accolades. The first World Chess Champion from Asia, he emerged onto the world stage when chess was largely a Soviet preserve, climbed the ranks to become world No. 1, bagged five world championship titles and won tournaments across all formats of the game. An ambassador of the sport like no other, his is one of the most revered names in chess.


In Mind Master, Vishy looks back at a lifetime of games played, opponents tackled and circumstances overcome and draws from its depths significant tools that will help every reader to navigate life's challenges.


What role do tactics and strategy play in the preparation for achieving a goal?

How can emotions be harnessed to be of advantage in tricky situations?

What are the precautions to be taken before you decide to leave your comfort zone and embrace risk?

What do you need to do to stay relevant in the face of rapidly changing realities?

Is unlearning really the only way to learn?


These are just some of the nuggets Anand touches upon with characteristic wit, easy wisdom and disarming candour in Mind Master - a delightful and invaluable exploration into the self that will thrill, inspire and motivate readers as few books have done before.

Have you got your copy of the Mind Master written by Vishy Anand and Susan Ninan? If not, you can get it from here.

About the author

Susan Ninan works at ESPN. She writes on different sports, chess and Vishy Anand being her favourites. Here are some of her excellent articles:

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