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Winners of the Vishy's December contest

by Sagar Shah - 12/02/2020

On 11th of December, Vishy Anand's 50th birthday we kept a special contest - the one who sends the best wish to Anand will get an autographed ChessBase 15 by Vishy Anand himself! As the day passed by we received huge number of comments on our website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. At the end of the day the total count went as high as 673 wishes! And these were not just plain "Happy Birthday" messages. People had spent their time, put in thought and energy to send love to their favourite chess player! Seeing such a wonderful response, we have increased the prizes from just one to 55! Check the article to find all the 55 winners of the Vishy's December contest! 

As I carefully sifted through all the 673 wishes sent to Vishy Anand, only one thought crossed my mind every now and then - "If Anand ever thinks about retiring from chess, he should read this article! He will give up the decision instantaneously!" So much love, so much admiration, so much respect for Vishy. And the wishes flowed not just from India but across the world. Keeping just one prize for so many people sending their wishes was not fair! And hence we decided increase the the prizes by a "bit"!

What are the prizes

December 2019 was celebrated as Vishy's December on ChessBase India. On our website we had a series of articles written on Vishy Anand by some of the personalities who knew him closely. We also had the "Wish Vishy" contest on our different platforms - Website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. In all we received 673 wishes:

300 comments on YouTube

185 comments on Facebook

148 comments on Instagram

40 comments on Twitter

The prize that was promised to the winner was a ChessBase 15 DVD signed by Vishy Anand

However it would be unfair if only 1 prize is given out of the 673 wishes that we received. Hence, we have decided to increase the number of prizes to 55:

1. Two signed DVDs by Vishy Anand

2. Eight T-shirts of Vishy Anand

3. Fifteen three-month ChessBase Premium Accounts

4. Thirty one-month ChessBase Premium Accounts

ChessBase 14 signed DVD of Vishy Anand

Eight winners would get the "Madras Tiger" T-shirt of Vishy Anand

15 wishes get three month accounts and 30 get one month accounts


The winner of the signed ChessBase 15 DVD is Upendra Rawat, for writing one of the finest poems for Vishy Anand. You can read the entire article dedicated to it on our newspage. Over here we reproduce just the poem. Even though it was not specifically written for Vishy's 50th birthday, Upendra shared this poem with us during Vishy's December and we believe it is the worthy winner of Vishy's autographed ChessBase 15 DVD.


By Upendra Rawat


This poem was penned when Vishy won the Candidates at Khanty Mansyisk in March’14 and qualified for the World Championship rematch with Carlsen. Although he lost the match, I still feel his best shall manifest soon and he is destined to regain HIS TOP SPOT in the World Chess again.

As from its ashes rises the Phoenix,

Ah, so we saw at Khanty-Mansiysk!

The Know-alls said the Indian Whiz,

Is a Has-been who has lost his fizz.

Oh, he is past his prime they all said.

Anand- they had given up for dead!

A massacre, they all said lay in store,

Rivals will make merry ‘n’ then more.

At his age, Ha! there ain’t any Hope-

So said the Wise- “No, Nay, Nope”.

But we his fans, we stayed adamant-

Form is temporary, Class permanent.

Our Vishy- calm, stoic, smile in place,

Never lost his cool, never his grace.

And sure he came in from the Cold,

With measured gait, in manner bold.

He led from the start ‘n’ how he did!

When rest around him slipped ‘n’ slid.

He stayed ahead and screamed away,

The ‘Law of Averages’ he kept at bay.

He aced the Test with practised ease,

And put the rest to torment ’n’ tease.

In the end, he had left them, how?

Thunder-struck, in Shock and Awe!

Was he out to prove the point clear?

That he’s still quite formidable, Dear.

Was he out to settle some old score-

When Fate fell foul in faraway shore?

He turned rankings on their heads,

And left many reputations in shreds.

He sent all the high ELOs for a toss,

Left them brooding over each loss.

Flaws all ironed, Game so tweaked,

Not once his fortress was breached.

He let his chess-men do the talking,

Left everyone stumped and gawking.

On the outside, so nice and genteel,

Within- fire, brimstone, grit ‘n’ steel.

Oh, can he cut, bite, maim ‘n’ sting!

With such finesse, craft and cunning.

With minimum fuss, maximum effect,

Rivals he sent into submission abject.

The Gloom is gone, the Mood upbeat,

Foes vanquished and some in retreat.

Can’t resist a Quote- one could say-

“Who came to scoff, stayed to pray!”

Victor - he led his army into the Dawn,

With Grit ‘n’ Gusto, Brain ‘n’ Brawn.

Finally when it was curtains at FIDE,

His Critics had just nowhere to hide.

Age is just a number- ye all behold!

Worth its weight sometimes in Gold.

And when the dust settled ‘n’ stayed,

He was the master of all he surveyed.

A Chess legend, is our Vishy, for sure,

A timeless icon- one that shall endure.

Lo! the Anand we knew is at last back,

To reign yet again o’er White ‘n’ Black.

In this heavenly play of Dark and Light,

A Sun in Daytime, Moon in the Night.

See how he shines- all so resplendent,

With the Best in the Chess firmament.

See how he makes his fans Ga-Ga go,

And at times they have to Ooh-Ah-O!

Call him if one may- Chennai Express!

He is our own Cindrella Man of Chess!

And, so be the moral of this grand tale,

That you never step on this Tiger’s Tail.

- UPENDRA RAWAT, 30-03-2014


P.S: Again shall the Tiger roar, the day’s not far,

The Battle is only lost, surely not the War.

Kudos and Love to Anand.

ChessBase 14 signed by Vishy Anand

The one who wins Vishy Anand's autographed ChessBase 14 is Deepak Verma for creating a board of 64 squares with Vishy's photos:

Deepak Verma

I made this for Sir 

Reflecting Anand Sir's life in the chess board. He is the best example of "improving one's self and going beyond limits" to be on top and still be so humble.

Anand Sir we all respect and love you.


Vishy Anand special t-shirt

The following eight wishes that get the ChessBase India Vishy Anand special t-shirt:

Rishi Kaushik


1st Grandmaster
1st Junior World Champion
1st World Champion (5 times)
1st World Rapid and Blitz Champion
Chess Oscar (6 times)
1st Khel Ratna
Youngest Padma Shri
Youngest Padma Bhushan
Youngest Padma Vibhushan

In a world where they try to convince you that to be a world beater in sports ,you have to be a braggart, arrogant,macho, abusive, flamboyant, uncouth and rude...

Be the exact opposite.

Be Vishy Anand.

Happy 50th Birthday legend.

Kaushik Raichura

From winning the Chess Oscar to being the World Champion to being a Planet; You've done it all
Even after all these years, you're still in trend like the Berlin Wall..!

Honestly, when you lost to Carlsen in 2013, we did feel a little sad,
But then you went all out & won the candidates after giving it all you had.

And just around when everyone thought that the end is near,
You won the World Rapid yet again subtly depicting - Look, I'm still here.

And while India today celebrates your birthday with ease,
I'm pretty sure, you're there, preparing another timeless masterpiece!

On your 50th Birthday, I, with all seriousness wish that
May you find flaws in your opponent's setup more often than Anish Giri finds draws!

And the next year of course is just going to be another chapter in your mighty reign,
When we all in chorus would yet again say, "Ah look, the Madras Tiger has shown his stripes yet again!"

Bhargava Thakkar

Oppenet ke game may dhire dhire Vish(zaher) bharte gaye aur unko harake uska Anand uthate gaye,Aise Anandit Khel Ratna jinke vajahse Bharat desh may Chess ke khel ko prerna mili,desh ka naam Roshan huva. Ale Rao,Gele Rao,Bhalerao,Kasparao,Karpa rao sab Rao ko harake 5 baar vishwakhitabh jeetne wale,Vishva Vijeeta Khel Ratna puraskar se Samanit Shree VISHWANATHAN ANAND ji ko 50th birthday ki dher Sari shubhkamanaye.🙏 In chess,oppenent can't be retired hurt,but you defeat them so badly oppenent gets hurt and calls for the retirement😂 Chessbase write down my address,send the DVD on tym😜😂

Mrinal Shah

Am less than half his age but have more than double the respect for Chess maestro Vishy aka Vishwanathan Anand. And this is not just because of the laurels he has won on the chess battlefield; but more for the qualities he epitomises and the inspiration that he is off the playing field. His grit to fight on for over a decade and fearless spirit to fight for his place with players who are half his age; His selfless zeal to not just add accolades for himself but make India a powerhouse of chess and give us a place of pride on the world-map and his passion to give the game everything he has and in the process be a role model not only for chess players, but for anyone who wants to be something in life. As a zealous chess player, young adult about to enter the world of professional life and as an individual trying to find myself, I salute you. For the things you have ingrained in me and the path you motivate me to take. You are my north star. Wishing the pioneer of Indian Chess ,the Tiger of Madras - the lightening kid a very happy 50th birthday. May you continue to inspire generations after generations. :)

Varun Raste

Back then ,Chess was never a sport for us ; it was just limited to horses ,elephants ,camel and King to end the game. Just a game to show that you're intelligent , just to show that you've brain but from then to now , 65 GM's ,many IM's and countably infinite young talents coming across the country aspiring to pursue chess not just in the form of passion but also as a profession ; but from where did this come from , it was a patient journey of more than 30 years ,from the day you became G.M to this day , it wasnt easy. I cant even imagine through what all you must had gone when even one four by some cricketer gave him so much fame while winning a world championship didnt matter that. Yet ,you didnt leave this country , you played for us and I dont know how fame this game is getting in compared with other sports but yeah you took this to a different level. Success is achievable ; winning 5 times a WC isnt a fluke , its a class ,its dominance. But more than this I admire you for your humbleness ,your attitude. I know currently things are not going by your way but I believe in you , I believe in fighting Anand , I know one day you will win the crown of WC again. Respect for you Anand , loving you , thanks for serving India , thanks for aspiring generations , thanks for everything. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Badrinarayan B

Dear Vishy, History of Mankind shows us how much of bloodshed and warfare was involved in the conquest of land every single time. Lives of Rulers like Genghis Khan, Alexander The Great and others is a testimony to this fact. But just by confining yourself to 64 squares, you captured the hearts on Earth and land on a (minor) planet far away (4538 Vishy Anand)!! Now should I feel happy that you are present now in my time? Or should I feel sad that you were not born centuries ago to show Mankind that not so much of bloodshed and warfare is required to Conquer a piece of land? As the Tamil saying goes, "Vaazhtha vayadhillai. Vanangugiren". (Meaning - I am not old enough to bless you. So I bow down to you.)

Sibobrata Banerjee

Anand Vishwanathan

The name is enough

I've been with him when he won

And when times were rough

'Chess in India'

Ring a bell?

The name is Vishy Anand

The rest you can tell

Yes he means everything to us

His achievements unparalleled

What he has done for the nation

Makes us proud throughout the world

Chess in India is growing today

At a great pace

But if we didn't have Vishy

Would we have been a part of the race?

Thank you Vishy is all I can say

Inspired by you,most of our chess journey starts

Wish you health,wealth and everything there is

For you reside right in our hearts

Shivakumar Sundaram

May God bless you, many many more happy returns of the day! When you became GM, there were around 250 GMs in the world... what a journey! It will be 30 years you are continuously at the top 20 in the world... in July! You first reached top 20 in July 1990:

So many victories, so many pleasurable moments... people forget you were the first FIDE world rapid champion in 2003! First Advanced Chess champion (you always worked great with computers) against Karpov. If not for issues surrounding rematch with Kasparov and reunification, you would have defeated Kasparov in a match. You wrote the book on d4 in the Kramnik match... you definitely have it in you to write many more books...

Also, you never had Soviet-style training, even Carlsen trained with Kasparov to defeat you! I pray you make another comeback and retire on a high. Please also start an “exclusive” coaching company only to produce more 2750+ players in the future for India


Three months ChessBase Premium Account:

The following 15 wishes win three-months ChessBase Premium Account:

Sai Bharadwaj

Happy 50th birthday, Vishy, Madras Ka Sher!
May your wonderful moves on the board make us, in awe, stare!
May your knights make merry with the bishop pair!
May your complex calculations and combinations give your opponents a scare!
May the traps you set rip the enemy bare!
May you set on fire with your brilliancies, every single square!
May you weave a mating net so cunning that your opponent knows not how he ended up there!
I wish to one day see you destroy Carlsen's dominance in his own lair!
May the fire of passion in your eyes always flare!
May your form always be in top gear!
You're one of a kind, a wunderkind, a person utmost rare!
Chess players, young and old, shall forever remember your flair!

Sanjay Thakur

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday ( Belated), Anand. I was awestruck when you won Reggio Emilia ahead of Kasparov & Karpov. I was simply amazed by your calm composure against the challenges during the World championship match against Topaolov. Your proved age is just a number when you won the World Rapid Championship (2017) at Riyadh. Your are too good and hence you are my Idol.

Gagandeep Bindra

Happy birthday vishy!

Whenever i watch you play it fills my heart with "anand". From seeing your name pop up in my gk books as a kid to see and enjoy the beauty of chess being delivered from you is truly a wonderful experience i've had. I often don't keep up with the ongoing tournaments and matches but whenever i see a that you're playing a particular tournament i usually stay up late and watch the rounds online. Just see you play such fierce fighing chess makes me feel i can do anything. I am not a good player so seldom understand your moves but i throughly enjoy you play. You really are a legend. You really are the madras tiger.

Thank you for empowering me and making me fall in love with chess and most importantly thank you for putting India on the chess map.

Subhashis Nandi

On your 50th birthday, I dedicate to you this song:

I hum it whenever you make a !! move OR your position is +-, OR you win OR you hold with precise defence. 

'Mann Anand Anand Chhayo' from the film 'Vijeta'

Jenil Patel

Happy birthday to a legend. Who dominated all the 64 boxes in his career but the chess around the world.

If you take name of chess in India the name echos in your mind , that is only introduction for him.

The god of chess in India.

Hardworking , Passionate and unpredictable in his game and known for his holy sacrifices.

He leaves a content for learning to those who admires him after his each and every game.

If he opens french, spanish or english, plays scicilian or ruy lopez or defends with the king indian defence or does gambit. In each case he is gonna dominate the game.

Has mastered every thing but learns every day and teaches everyone.

He has seen the filling 64 squares with Indian GMs, in which he was first, and he was the pioneer of this craze of chess in India.





As we explore further and further in life, we begin to realize more and more purpose of what we pursue in the things we love. As for India chess, Vishy has been the primary purpose for all Indian chess lovers, as well as many chess lovers around the world. He has brought so much inspiration in rising Indian talents, making and demonstrating everything impossible become possible. As he celebrates such a significant birthday of his own, we can, in retrospect, notice how many achievements he managed to fulfill throughout his career. While 50 may seem like a great age, it appears his career is far from over and continues on his journey to spread his appreciation and expertise in chess towards his fans. We all wish Vishy a wonderful 50th birthday and the fulfillment of his future endeavours. For every year Vishy remains in the chess scene, it becomes another year of enhancement for Indian chess. After all, no matter the age, Vishy will always play like a World Champion.

Ashwin Subramanian

26 adjectives to describe Vishy - Amazing, Brilliant, Creative, Daring, Excellent, Fantastic, Great, Hardworking, Influential, Jovial, King, Legend, Mastermind, Noble, Organised, Precise, Quick, Razorsharp, Simple, Tiger, Unique, Versatile, Witty, X-factor, Youthful and Zealous!


The man , The Legend, The Lightning Kid, The Last Man standing: Vishwanathan Anand has many names, but somehow they all fall short to summarise his achievements.It's been a past your birthday, but still I roam all the internet to read anything more about you as an Indian i am obsessed with your achievements, i am proud very proud. And perhaps the biggest Skill of Vishy Anand is his Adaptability , his evolving power , he evolved from being from a non computer generation to an era where 30 moves of are engine assisted. He just baffled the world to win candidate 2014 to fight to regain his title against Carlsen, He won world rapid championship , tal memorial, all by battling against peole 20 years younger than him, and surprisingly ( for others not for us, we believe our tiger) he still crushes all of them , all of struggle to defeat him, the wise ones still understand that he is still a force to be reckoned with ann those who underestimate his power gets beaten then and there. He is still top 10 in the world , Carlson , Caruana , Karjakin, Wesley , Nakamura, Mamedyarov , MVL, He crushed them all at this age, my recent favourite game of Vishy is against King Ding in l ( the kryptonite of Superman Carlsen) in lindores abbey 2019 where we see classic Vishy style( he fought and stool against the windmills in worst endgame to achieve a winning position) he took down King Ding, how awesome is that, And the one Against Vallejo Pons, where Vallejo Pons , kept attacking on the Vishy Castled King and he simply underestimated Anand, where Anand ignored Vallejo for most of the game and kept playing on the other side of the board. And Kept precisely calculation if or not there is a need to play a defensive move... Crazy stuff!! And lastly everyone remembers anand brilliancy against fabi in sinquefeild cup 2017 but less people know about the similar and in my opinion the more subtle game is Vishy Vs Fabi in tata steel chess 2018, Vishy "Simply the best" . (P.S the comment has gone a bit longer, but I admit vishy is an emotion for me so i often do not write but when i do it's always longer than this)

William O Brien

vishwanathan anand Is chess culture. He is the world champion from India, the country of chess’s origin. He is the winner of the 2007 Wcc; reconnecting Fide and the Wcc lineage. But also Anand is a historian of chess. In 1991 he lost a game to Ivanchuck on the white side of a Sicilian in Linares and in 1992 he won on the black side in a match. Both games the trouble can be traced for white to the move Bc4 (In each game played by Vishy). In one game Bc4 shows a respect for the classics and a simple approach to the game, and in the other an infinite depth of strategy and concept, and that is Vishwanathan’s style. To 50 years of celebrating chess, and enriching it with his own.

Grosmoff Tarkin

I think I'll get vishwanothing, but anyway. Vishya the best and happy birthday

Anand S

Not to get that DVD. Its my heartily wishes to the living legend who lives in chennai as I am, whose name is Anand as mine, whose inspiration are mikhail tal and bobby fischer as mine. The only difference was He became the greatest chess player and I became the greatest chess fan( reasons doesn't matter in here)

Suryank Singh

There wouldn't have been ChessBase India without vishwanathan anand.Happy 50th birthday 5 time world champion

Arijit Mitra

Very happy birthday to Anand sir.  Just want to say a few words here as it is all i can do. In a country like India where sports means only cricket , to make a name in chess which is still unknown to large population is unprecedented. Infact he is one of the decorated sports personalities in the world. Just as Sachin means cricket Anand is synonymous to chess in India. The five times world champion is the sole torchbearer of chess in India. He is the reason behind 65 GMs that India is proud of.  Even at this unlikely age when people are speculating retirement, he is standing tall fighting toe to toe with the very best that chess world has is unheard of. He could easily have been  in the GCT final in London. He performed so well in Sinquefield cup , he somehow just could not provide the finishing touches to the position he had. He performed well in GCT Kolkata but pressure of expectation and hope was visible on him. Nonetheless whether he wins or loses it doesn't matter, he does not to prove who is he. It is pure passion that he brings to chess and india. Indian youngsters need him more than even before to make the game great and produce more champion like him. The more said is less for him. What a eminent figure he is .i hope the journey flourish in new ways. Happy Birthday Anand Sir.

Vits K

Happy Birthday Vishy. Childhood icon of every chess player. I first time heard your name when I was 9 year old. I m MBBS doctor, now 32. I  just play Chess on Lichess as hobby. I have 2000 rating on Lichess. 

Like every Indian kid, I started playing Chess because of you. 

Wish you happy birthday sir.

Akash Patel

Instead of "I want to be like my father" you followed your mother Susheela's passion. From becoming the first Indian to become world chess junior champion, to receiving Padmashri,Padma vibhushan and Rajiv Gandhi khel ratna awards, from dethroning karpov , topalov and kramnik and being the five times world chess champion to silently donating medals and money for the underprivileged. Sir, as Sachin is for cricket, And Roger federer is for tennis You are for chess. Your versatility and humility teaches us how to live our life. Thanks for just being yourself, Happy birthday, Play for as long as you want to, With most heartfelt regards.

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P.N. John

Vishy rose out of the blue from a land where chess was languishing to astonishingly reach the pinnacle.That transformed the pygmy that India was in the chess world to a great chess super power in terms of talent now.A very Happy Fiftieth Birthday to the Greatest Indian sportsman.

Pankaj Patil

Dear vishy happy birthday to the "lightning kid" of india!...Yes.!Age is no barrier for u and still u are playing at speed of light with enthusiasm like Kid !.....You have been Anand -Joy of chess for us and motivation for millions.....I wasn't surprised to see when magnus memorised positions from ur games....U r among those great predecessors for youngsters on whose shoulder they stand and see the chess with bigger perspective.....U are a role model for professional and family life .....May our tiger keep roaring and be the king of the board not only after 50th move /age or ur life but forever like Mikhail tal enjoyed the chess....Happy birthday once again

Tanmay Srinath

Winning once a title of the World Champion once requires an insane amount of effort. However, maintaining your status as the World's top player requires an attitude that unlearns and learns at the same rate! A very Happy Birthday to the man who scaled Olympus 5 times - classically that is! God Bless!

Archana Rinwa

You are the reason why 1.3 billion people play chess and can think of pursuing a career in it. You are the pillar on which the flag of India is still flying high in the top rankings of chess. On this auspicious day I thank you for making all the Indians proud by working hard and still playing at the highest level. Happy “Sorry, you can’t retire yet” day! Enjoy your birthday!🎂❤️🙂

Avijit Faujdar

Vishy - Oh Vishy, the king, our very own pride who is always close to our heart. You have aged gracefully like an old wine. You are a living legend for us, the road that you begin to walk on now has many followers. The game of chess has become rich with your contributions. We wish you a long, cheerful life ahead. We want our hero to play forever. Happy Birthday !! Vishy - the one and only King of the game. 🙏🙏🙏

Parijat Goswami

Vishwanathan Anand. This name means a lot to me.This person is the inspiration of many chess players across the world.A very humble and polite person as I saw him from a few distance in the TATA STEEL CHESS Kolkata.He is my idol and the inspiration of my life.Learnt how to control patience in tough situations from you Sir, not only in Chess but also in daily life. Wishing you a Happy 50th Birthday🎂.All the best for your next games sir.Give your best and make our country proud.

Ananthakrishnan Hariharan

Dear Vishy, You are truly a gift of god to languishing chess players. Had a chance to see you play in Delhi in 1983 (Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial tournament) where you were standing and playing as a young boy (against Bhagyashree Thipsay). Since then it has been an outstanding journey which we have had the privilege of witnessing.May you have many more innings over the chess board. Only someone who loves chess can understand what you have given them. Thanks a lot!

Rohit Sandirane

I just want all of them to imagine that how chess industry in india would have been now without the evolution of anand?..... Did anyone get any thoughts??... yaa i know you can’t... it is a disaster. Everything in chess in india started only with a revolution, with battle leaded by the very first Indian grand master Mr. Vishwanathan Anand commonly called as the “madras tiger”. I do have nickname for him😁- “ Lord shiva of Indian Chess”. I hope you will continue to inspire the millions of children everyday in india to learn and play chess. Happy birthday vishy ( The shiva of Indian Chess ) who is , was , will be inspired by you daily in this beautiful journey.❤️

Aneet_Chess 2000

I love Anand not only because of his genius chess but also for his human side. Among all the World Champions I know, Vishy is the most modest/humble person I know. He’s always respectful towards everyone (chess players and his fans) He encourages the young Indian talented players in Twitter which I find wonderful. Vishy is not only a role model for Indian chess but also for chess in general. He’s a great person. I wish Anand many many years of success !! So Happy Birthday Vishy 🤗🤗🤗🥳

Lokesh Thoughts

If Chess is Religion, Vishy is the God! Happy 50th Birthday who dominataed6 Viswa for 3 decades giving everyone Anand

Monica Chelsie

Happy Birthday living legend GM Anand. I wish you health and happiness. Enjoy playing chess. I remember after opening ceremony of Batumi Olympiad last year, I saw GM Anand then I told my friend so I and my friend ran to him and asked him for taking picture together and he agreed nicely. So 3 of us took selfie ☺ such a humble living legend! Best regards from Indonesia. 🙏

Dr. NightBaron

India got independence in 1947 because they heard roars in Madras but could not find the Tiger. They were relieved that they were not in India when the source of the roar was found. And that tiger is what shows the world even today what Indians are capable of. Happy birthday Vishy #tigersterritory


Happy Birthday Sir, I am from Pakistan and the first person that has inspired me to play chess was you Sir.. I have infact made glasses like yours... May you guide global chess community forever and ever..

Sahil Khirwal

The journey never stops nor the power reduces. This is how we acknowledge sir vishy anand. On his journey he made us realise that chess was an indian origin game and because of his divine aura and love for the game we have 65 GMs here. Probably the burning fire was initiated by the lightning kid which burnt the entire thought about evils of chess.... Chess is your passion and you are the inspiration for million👏. From playing an unknown sport of that time to becoming 5 times world champion of the most famous and intellectual sport of the era, this is how you turned 50😍. On this auspicious day of 11 th of December, I wish sir vishwanathan Anand a very happy and prosperous birthday 🎂🎉🎁. Hoping to see the figure of 5 times world champion change to 7 or 8 times.... India is glad to have you as its son and I am glad to have you as my chess idol because of whom millions of people have adopted chess as a professional sport.... Chess in the mortal world is famous by your immortal games.... Love❤️, wishes and prayers for best of your health. Best of luck sir for the ongoing journey.... Best of luck for your health. Saying about your intelligence and passion is nearly like throwing water in the ocean.... And I consider you an ocean of the knowledge and intelligence🔥. Happy birthday sir... A very very very happy 🎂🎉🎁birthday..... May you go on and on and mark India's presence in the global chess map more strong like you always do. May you perform the best of you in all championships like you always do. With love❤️ - A huge fan of India's Lightning kid. 🙏🙏 ❤️❤️ #happybirthday #vishy #vishyturns50 #vishy #worldchampionvishy #chess #chessbase #chessbaseindia #50thbiryhday @vishwanathan_anand

Tina Popli

Happy Birthday Sir!❤️As @sethuramanchess Sir said, His Name means Chess in India! He's everyone's Favourite here.❤️ The most beautiful thing I love about him is his humbleness. He has brought all the motivation to all the young players to grow and work hard in this field. Thank You So Much Sir😄 I wish you a Very Happy Birthday!😄

Krishna Thakur

Its Anand sir who brought back our game in the Indian peoples' mind...its Anand Sir who has showed it through winning the World Chess Championships 5 times...its Anand Sir who has actually created those 65 Indian GMs...its Anand sir who has inspired all the Indians to play Chess...its Anand Sir who has turned 50th and still is young, healthy, cool & calm and always ready to face the youngsters...its Anand sir who has taught us all to have patience, keep coolness, most importantly RESPECT the opponents (which even Fischer, Kasparov or Carlsen has never done/kept) the Indian Champ, I Krishna D Thakur from Glorious Chess Academy Jalna, Maharashtra wish a very Cool, Calm & Respectful Happy Birthday ! Bring back the World Chess Championship Anand Sir!!!😊👍

Kirti Mishra

I like to thanks Vishwanathan anand's parent for this great gift for India . Anand sir know about chess at age of 6 at that time he was a pawn but know he become queen of india's chess ..Happy birthday 5 time world chess championship "The great Vishy Sir" .You win or loss but you always give us lesson and we are with you in joy and sorrow .Happy birthday sir 🇮🇳 .Jai hind

Siddharth B

The tiger of Madras and the King of Chess. India's first GM and a legend in essence. You are more than just a master of the 64 squares. You have taught us the art, the science of Chess. Today is a special day, you are half a century old. But your contribution to Chess shall always be known. I salute you. I admire you. Although we have never met, you have always been my teacher when I try to learn Chess. God bless you. All the best Vishy. And Happy Birthday!

Marklion Janecek

When I think about Vishy Anand, I think of the most beautiful style of playing chess, combination of deadly tactics and brilliant strategy, possibly the biggest opening expert in the world, but most importantly a gentleman and to me the most likeable chess player ever, one of the most likeable sportsmen ever...being his fan is a privilege and no matter how long is he going to continue his chess career, he will always be the King of chess for me. I wish you, Vishy, happy 50th birthday, and a lot's of amazing games to come for you and also the happiness outside the chessboard. Happy birthday Tiger!

Ganesh Mahadevan

I know him personally during Dharwad National junior in 1981. In that, he was not among the first 10. But what a rapid transformation after that. I wish many more happy returns of the day. You made India proud

Andrej Antanasov

Happy Birthday Anand. I'm not Indian nor have I been into chess for years, but I have the utmost respect for you. Your influence on popularizing chess worldwide is near equivalent to that of Bobby Fischer's and I hope you live for many more years to come and continue to use your genius to produce more chess masterpieces. Long live the Tiger of Madras

Shalini Sharma

Happy 50th birthday, my vishy king! I’m so happy for your new phase of life. Don’t worry about the age as it’s just a number. No matter how older you become, you’ll always be the most handsome indian chess player. Have a blast on your day. May your latter half of your life be better than the first half. Love from all the chess world. You have been a source of inspiration for us. May you never see failurr in life. Don't worry its just the start of your chess career. You have a lot of chess left in you. You are the father of chess in india. I have few lines for you...... Happy birthday vishy king. May your life always melody sing. Haters would have to change their gear. As they know vishy is here. You are the one whom i always thougt. Chess is my passion and i your chess tot. Listen world here vishy comes... Beware of all your calcs and sums.... Vishy2. 0 is here... With his all new spear... All you now have to cheer... In front of him all are mere... Don't outlight him as he is in his 50 th gear.... Happy birthday with joy and sheer.... Thanks #vishy king

Noobie Gaming

From going to TV shows and getting banned for winning every chess contest to dismantling the gameplay of your opponent,chess in India is what it is only due to you.although growing old,the Madras tiger continues to fight and surprise us.Happy birthday Anand!let the lightning kid within never die!!!

Nikhil Murarka

Made a poem just now,hope u like;)

Who said that the limit is sky

When we have example of vishy nearby

Passion is what makes him drive

No matter how much age he has revived

Yeah sometimes it hurts when u lose especially on time

But coming stronger and better

is what this great son was teaching us all that while.

May he reach a thousand mile.

That is what i pray for him tonight.

A real warrior keeping our flag high

As he takes on the best talents with all his might.

Happy birthday Vishy Anand!

Joshua Langford

Age is merely a number representing how long the world has been enjoying you, and now that the candles cost more then the cake, you should now realise how influential you have been to aspiring children not just in India but all around the world, proving that you can be great no matter what the circumstances may be. Thank you Vishy, the first ever Indian GM. Happy birthday!

Siddhi Wankhede

 Happy birthday vishy sir I will not be playing this year's IIFL international but miss u because last year in 2018 I participated in IIFL just to see u. my friends and everybody told me not to participate as he will come or not and u don't have that practice to participate but my father told me to participate and on last day I was really surprised to see you I thanked god and I really wanted to participate this year also but its my 10th std and I won't be able to participate unfortunately but that was my story about him and once again happy birthday vishy sir.

Umang Mishra

Happy Birthday Vishy the King sir. Sir you have ushered an era of Chess in India and checkmated our fixation for luck based games like snakes and ladder to a game that develops our mind and logic. You have gifted Indian children logic sir. And for that we would like to thank you more than 50 times sir. You will always be remembered as the man who stood out as the Indian among the list of foreign names in Chess Championship . You brought home the World Championship and made full circle for Shatranj. Happy Birthday King.

NVS Pramod Kumar

A very happy entrance to the sixth decade of your wonderful journey.May this be the decade where the world chess champions throne comes back to India. You have been the fulcrum to Indian chess and may this be the year where kids want to become like Anand. I want my kid to look upto Anand and become like him.Achieve highest possible honors in his profession and be as humble like it's not an achievement like Anand. Show the world how funny and normal top chess players are like Anand. The whole of India and chess world along with your family are happy for you! Have a wonderful 50th birthday!

Gargi DC

All the best wishes of the day to you Anand Sir. The Madras tiger may crossed half century but you are never going to be old for us. Till date you are the King of Chess, India's not only first GM but also a memorable five times world chess champion. You are the one who had inspired not only me but many youngsters all over India to start play chess. Thank you Sir for all your contributions for Indian chess. I really like your playing style and learnt a lot from your games. Therefore it is my request not to stop playing chess. Best wishes for the day to you Sir. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

Avijit Banerjee

Vishy", I wish you very happy birthday,

50th, nobody can say

You messed with life,

However be strife,

The chess goddess Caisa's favourite son,

Any trouble in mind in mind you bourn,

Always very energetic, very enthusiast,

Kind and helpful, not at all biased.

A great mind, intelligence great,

Dethroned world champion. Whatever be fate,

Your love for the game is unstoppable,

In beating greats you're thoroughly able.

Very smart, always challenging,

Tiger of Madras, I hope your well being.

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