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Dhruv and Dakshita win ARCA State under-19

by Shahid Ahmed - 29/08/2019

Dhruv Dak and Dakshita Kumawat wins ARCA State under-19 FIDE Rated in boys and girls category respectively. Dhruv scored an unbeaten 7.5/8 and finished a full point ahead to win the tournament, while Dakshita scored 6.0/8 to win the girls section. Arun Kataria and Aditya Kumawat scored 6.5/8 and they were placed second and third according to their tie-break score. Akshita Jain also scored 6.0/8 but due to a lower tie-break score, she had to settle for second place among the girls while Anisha Jain secured third position with a score of 5.5/8. Photo: Vikas Sahu

Top seed Dhruv reigns supreme

Dhruv Dak of Chess in Lakecity (Udaipur) scored an unbeaten 7.5/8 to win ARCA State under-19 FIDE Rated 2019 in memory of Bharat Ratna and Ex-Prime Minister of India, Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

All prize winners in one frame | Photo: Vikas Sahu

Dhruv's unbeaten title run helped him gain 46 Elo rating points

Dakshita lost only one game, scored 6.0/8 and gained 24 Elo rating points

Inaugural move is being made | Photo: Vikas Sahu

The inauguration ceremony was held on 23rd August in presence of Chief Guest Arun Tak, Congress Leader, Special Guest Rajesh Menaria, Shaid Hussain, Dr. Dilip Singh Chouhan, Vice President Chess in Lakecity, IA Vikas Sahu, Secretary CIL & IA Rajendra Teli Chief Arbiter.

Top boards in action | Photo: Vikas Sahu

Tournament Hall | Photo: Vikas Sahu

Total 139 players from eight different districts across the state of Rajasthan participated in this three-day eight-round Swiss League rating tournament where ₹121111 worth of prize fund was distributed among the prize winners. The tournament took place at Maa Karma Sahu Dham in Udaipur, Rajasthan from 23rd - 25th August 2019


Final Ranking after 8 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11Dhruv DakIND1705CHESS IN LAKECITY7,50,042,040,0
22Arun KatariaIND1669CHESS IN LAKECITY6,50,043,041,0
38Aditya KumawatIND1483JAIPUR6,50,041,039,5
46Vrashank ChouhanIND1561CHESS IN LAKECITY6,50,040,536,5
57Ayush LodhaIND1515CHESS IN LAKECITY6,50,039,035,5
64Gautam KatariaIND1623CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,044,543,0
73Babel T DivyanshuIND1668CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,043,039,5
89Naman PorwalIND1443CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,042,539,0
95Bhawesh PandiyarIND1598CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,041,539,0
1013Yajat VyasIND1294CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,041,537,0
1114Dakshita KumawatIND1287CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,038,535,0
1220Akshita JainIND1225CHESS IN LAKECITY6,00,036,034,0
1326Yashika SinghIND1170JAIPUR6,00,036,032,5
1418Prakhar ChaplotIND1245CHESS IN LAKECITY5,50,040,037,0
1535Rudradaman MertiaIND1100JAIPUR5,50,040,036,5
1643Shivika SaraogiIND1046JAIPUR5,50,040,036,0
1740Vaibhav PariharIND1063JODHPUR5,50,038,035,0
1825Anisha JainIND1185CHESS IN LAKECITY5,50,037,534,0
1911Garg ShivamIND1415JAIPUR5,50,037,033,0
2017Elakshi SrivastavaIND1246JAIPUR5,50,034,533,0

Complete standings

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