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1st ever FIDE rated tournament in Silchar begins!

by Nongsha Angom - 27/09/2018

The Cachar District Chess Association (CDCA) is hosting its first international chess tournament in Silchar. The event kicked off on 26th September 2018. GM Dibyendu Barua is the top seed of the tournament followed by IM Sayantan Das of West Bengal and Australian IM Rishi Sardana. The event is a 10 round Swiss League and has attracted the participation of players from four countries. Moreover, the 209-player-field includes one Grandmaster, four International Masters and one Woman International Master. Below is a detailed report of Day 1 and 2 with a game annotated by Ravi Kant Tiwari.

Island of Peace hosted its first open rated chess tournament

Silchar, AKA the "Island of Peace", is the headquarters of Cachar district of the state of Assam in India. It is also the place where the world's first polo club was formed. In recent time, Silchar has conducted a lot of state events successfully and this has encouraged its district association to hold it's first ever open rated event.

GM Dibyendu Barua inaugurating the event along with Deputy Commissioner of Cachar District Dr. S.Lakshamana.

The event is organized by the Cachar District Chess Association (C.D.C.A) in the spacious and beautiful premises of Hotel Ellora, which is in the heart of the city. In total, the tournament has attracted a total of 209 players from 4 different countries with as many as 111 rated players.

Muskan Debnath of Tripura faced her first GM opponent in the first round.

9th Kandy Open Champion IM Suvrajit Shah against Princess of Tripura Arshiya Das.

IM Sayantan Das of West Bengal (left) is in joint lead after round 3 with 3.0/3 points.

IM Rishi Sardana from Australia had a tough time reaching the venue in time as his flight from Guwahati had an unexpected delay of more than 2 hours.

IM Neeraj K. Mishra has also joined the leaders after 3rd round with 3.0/3 points.

Former Asian Champion WIM Saheli Dhar-Barua was last seen in action in the recently concluded Diamond Cement GM Open in Bangladesh.


One of the best thing about the event is that the oldest and youngest player are both ladies.


73 years old Anju Sarkar from Tripura (Left) and 5 years old Niranjana Achyut Borah from Assam (Right) are the oldest and the youngest player of the event!


A major upset of round three was National U-9 runners up Mayank Chakraborty drew against WIM Saheli Dhar-Barua, Ravi Kant Tiwari has annotated the game for us.

Mayank Chakraborty has recently secured the runner up position in the 32nd National U-9 Championship held in Ranchi.

The glittering trophies of the Championship!

CM Aronyak Ghosh of West Bengal (Left) outplayed first rated player of Assam, Chingkhei Singh (Right) to maintain his lead with 3.0/3 points.

At the end of round 3 there as 21 players leading the event with 3.0/3 points.

Starting Ranking:

No. NameFideIDFEDRtgsexTypGr
GMBarua Dibyendu5000025IND2443
IMDas Sayantan5034426IND2425
IMSardana Rishi25004301AUS2407
CMAronyak Ghosh25072846IND2331U15
IMMishra Neeraj-Kumar5000106IND2272
IMSuvrajit Saha5002532IND2224
Singh S. Vikramjit5006090IND2192
Arpan Das5007208IND2164
Singh Y. Dhanabir5009723IND2098
Apollosana Mangang Rajkumar5010349IND2082


Standing list after 3rd round:

Rk.SNo NameTypsexGrFEDRtg TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
Arpan DasIND21643,00,06,04,06,00
Sharma Aribam M.IND19683,00,06,04,06,00
IMSuvrajit SahaIND22243,00,05,54,05,50
IMDas SayantanIND24253,00,05,04,05,00
CMAronyak GhoshU15IND23313,00,05,04,05,00
Apollosana Mangang RajkumarIND20823,00,05,04,05,00
Singh Bhogen R KIND20333,00,05,04,05,00
CMThapa KrishnaNEP20263,00,05,04,05,00
Majumdar ShankarIND20233,00,05,04,05,00
Subedi RajanNEP18963,00,05,04,05,00

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