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Ilamparthi A R and Sneha Halder win 32nd National under-9

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/09/2018

Ilamparthi suffered his first and only loss in the last round against Kush Bhagat of Maharashtra. However, that did not change anything for him, as Ilamparthi had already become champion after the conclusion of 10th round. Sneha drew her final round game against Indira. She needed Suhaani to win for her to become champion and that is what exactly happened. Mayank Chakraborty, Yash Bharadia and Kush Bhagat all three of them scored 9.0/11 and they secured 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively. In the girls section, Suhaan Lohia scored 9.0/11 and finished 2nd, while Indira Priyadharshini Subbu scored 8.5/11 and secured 3rd position. Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Ilamparthi and Sneha are the best in National under-9

The champions of 32nd National under-9 : Sneha Halder and Ilamparthi A R

Ilamparthi had a dream run...

...until the last round when Kush Bhagat became the only one to defeat the champ. His 'What' on his wrist echoes his game in the last round

White just played 14.Qe1. Find out why it is a mistake?

CM Kush Bhagat's biggest takeaway from this tournament would be to defeat the champion in his category, Ilamparthi A R.

Here is a game annotated by the champion Ilamparthi himself:

Mayank Chakraborty of Assam played a sharp game in the final round and checkmated his opponent in just 34 moves

Mayank got an early advantage when his opponent made a mistake in Nimzo-Indian Defence. However, he allowed his opponent Aakash G of Tamil Nadu to escape with a compensation of two pawns for a Knight. In a few moves, he managed to trap Aakash's Bishop and eventually checkmate him in another 10 moves.

Yash Bharadia of Rajasthan won his last round game comfortably and 3rd position

Sneha played safe and drew her final round game against...

...Indira Priyadharshini Subbu of Tamil Nadu who dominated the early half of the tournament

Suhaani Lohia's devastating attack in the opening finished the game in a miniature of only 20 moves

Youngest boy in the open category was 5-years old Madhvendra Pratap Sharma of Madhya Pradesh. He scored 3.0/11

Prize Distribution Ceremony photos:

Champion in the Open category: Ilamparthi A R of Tamil Nadu, scored 10.0/11, received a trophy and ₹26000 cash

Champion in the Girls category: Sneha Halder of West Bengal, scored 9.0/11, received a trophy and ₹26000 cash

Mayank Chakraborty of Assam scored 9.0/11 and secured 2nd position due to a better tie-break score, bagged home a memento and ₹20000 cash

Yash Bharadia of Rajasthan also scored 9.0/11, secured 3rd position. He got a memento and ₹13400 cash

CM Kush Bhagat of Maharashtra scored 9.0/11 was placed 4th. He got ₹8000 cash

Kshatriya Nitin Vekhande of Maharashtra scored 8.5/11 and secured 5th position. He took home ₹5400 cash

Sparsh Bisht of Haryana was undefeated, he finished with 8.5/11 and was placed 6th. He bagged home ₹4000 cash

Raghu Ram Reddy Seelam of Telengana remained undefeated, scored 8.5/11 and finished at 7th position. He got ₹2000 cash

Abhyuday Santosh of Karnataka scored 8.0/11 and secured 8th position. He took home ₹2000 cash

Aakash G of Tamil Nadu finished with 8.0/11 and was placed 9th. He won ₹2000 cash

Md Imran of Andhra Pradesh scored 8.0/11 and finished at 10th position. He won ₹2000 cash

WCM Suhaani Lohia of Maharashtra scored 9.0/11 and was placed 2nd. She won ₹20000 cash

Indira Priyadharshini Subbu of Tamil Nadu scored 8.5/11 and secured 3rd position. She received ₹13400 cash

Debapriya Manna of West Bengal scored 8.5/11 and was placed 4th. She bagged home ₹8000 cash

WCM Shriyana S Mallya of Karnataka scored 8.5/11 and secured 5th position. She got ₹5400 cash

WCM Shefali A N of Karnataka scored 8.5/11 and finished at 6th position. She took home ₹4000 cash

Disha Patil of Maharashtra is the only unrated player to finish in top 10, scored 8.0/11 and finished at 7th position. She bagged home ₹2000 cash

Hiya Panchal of Gujarat scored 8.0/11 and finished at 8th position. She received ₹2000 cash

Pournami S of Kerala scored 8.0/11 and finished at 9th position. She got ₹2000 cash.

Devaki Nandana of Andhra Pradesh scored 8.0/11 and finished at 10th position. She received ₹2000 cash

Video Gallery:

Interview with Ilamparthi A R and his coach Sa Krishna
Interview with Sneha Halder and her father Bhogirath Halder

Deepak Kumar Maroo, President of Jharkhand Chamber of Commerce and industry was the Chief Guest of the Prize Distribution Ceremony. The tournament witnessed over 425 players from over 25 different states all across the country. The tournament was organized by Ranchi District Chess Association at Digambar Jain Bhawan in Ranchi, Jharkhand from 15th to 23rd September 2018.


Round 11 results in open category

11Ilamparthi A R1926Tamil Nadu100 - 18CMBhagat Kush1539Maharashtra8
22Aakash G1673Tamil Nadu80 - 18Mayank Chakraborty1655Assam4
345Md Imran1249Andhra Pradesh80 - 18Bharadia Yash1525Rajasthan9
43Sadbhav Rautela1670Uttaranchal½ - ½Abhyuday Santhosh1393Karnataka16
57Kshatriya Nitin Vekhande1574Maharashtra1 - 0AFMArul Prakash N1377Tamil Nadu18
617Barnil Kumar Das1379Assam0 - 1Raghu Ram Reddy Seelam1445Telengana12
715Sparsh Bisht1396Haryana1 - 0Pranav K P1312Tamil Nadu34
85Daaevik Wadhawan1620Delhi71 - 07Arshpreet Singh1291Haryana36
931Arnav Pradhan1322Telengana7½ - ½7Priansh Das1594Odisha6
1038Singla Aaryan1286Maharashtra70 - 17Apoorv Kamble1502Karnataka10


Round 11 results in girls category

110Indira Priyadharshini Subbu1178Tamil Nadu8½ - ½Sneha Halder1245Bengal5
23Panchal Hiya1267Gujrat80 - 18WCMSuhaani Lohia1235Maharashtra6
367Behera Snehayukta0Odisha0 - 1WCMShriyana S Mallya1278Karnataka1
438Debapriya Manna1036Bengal1 - 0Palak Mohapatra1267Odisha2
57WCMShefali A N1224Karnataka1 - 0Arushi Srichandan1132Odisha16
617Pournami S1126Kerala71 - 0Sanikommu Manasvi1164Karnataka12
7125Shah Hiya0Maharashtra70 - 17Devaki Nandana1110Andhra Pradesh20
829Vaishnavi R Rao1075Karnataka71 - 07Patil Divya1107Maharashtra22
923Sarvani Cheedella1101Andhra Pradesh70 - 17Patil Disha0Maharashtra104
1025Srishanthi G1090Telengana71 - 07Asmita Avijit Ray1048Goa34


Final standings in open category

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11Ilamparthi A RIND1926Tamil Nadu10,00,079,585,076,0010
24Mayank ChakrabortyIND1655Assam9,00,080,085,066,508
39Bharadia YashIND1525Rajasthan9,00,077,082,064,508
48CMBhagat KushIND1539Maharashtra9,00,074,579,065,007
57Kshatriya Nitin VekhandeIND1574Maharashtra8,50,072,078,058,758
615Sparsh BishtIND1396Haryana8,50,070,575,557,756
712Raghu Ram Reddy SeelamIND1445Telengana8,50,070,574,055,506
816Abhyuday SanthoshIND1393Karnataka8,00,077,081,054,256
92Aakash GIND1673Tamil Nadu8,00,076,581,054,507
1045Md ImranIND1249Andhra Pradesh8,00,074,578,552,257
1129Daakshin ArunIND1326Tamil Nadu8,00,073,078,552,508
123Sadbhav RautelaIND1670Uttaranchal8,00,073,077,053,506
13105Agarwal Mukund HIND1095Gujrat8,00,072,578,053,257
1410Apoorv KambleIND1502Karnataka8,00,071,074,551,008
1544Vaibhav KalpakaIND1250Karnataka8,00,068,573,549,007
165Daaevik WadhawanIND1620Delhi8,00,068,072,551,006
1723Mrinmoy RajkhowaIND1347Assam8,00,067,072,050,757
186Priansh DasIND1594Odisha7,50,073,078,549,257
1928Suhaas AIND1327Telengana7,50,073,078,048,506
2051Panda HrishikeshIND1223Odisha7,50,073,074,045,505


Final standings in girls category

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
15Sneha HalderwIND1245Bengal9,01,072,576,558,508
26WCMSuhaani LohiawIND1235Maharashtra9,00,071,074,560,008
310Indira Priyadharshini SubbuwIND1178Tamil Nadu8,50,077,582,561,508
438Debapriya MannawIND1036Bengal8,50,077,582,061,008
51WCMShriyana S MallyawIND1278Karnataka8,50,075,079,058,508
67WCMShefali A NwIND1224Karnataka8,50,070,073,052,257
7104Patil DishawIND0Maharashtra8,00,076,583,058,008
83Panchal HiyawIND1267Gujrat8,00,075,079,052,508
917Pournami SwIND1126Kerala8,00,074,075,051,757
1020Devaki NandanawIND1110Andhra Pradesh8,00,067,071,550,757
1125Srishanthi GwIND1090Telengana8,00,065,069,046,507
1229Vaishnavi R RaowIND1075Karnataka8,00,064,568,548,008
1312Sanikommu ManasviwIND1164Karnataka7,50,073,078,048,757
142Palak MohapatrawIND1267Odisha7,50,072,576,547,257
1567Behera SnehayuktawIND0Odisha7,50,072,576,547,007
1639Mukherjee ShreyawIND1036Maharashtra7,50,072,074,546,756
1749Aanya AgrawalwIND0Haryana7,50,070,576,048,507
1816Arushi SrichandanwIND1132Odisha7,50,069,074,045,257
1947Arshiya DaswIND1006Tripura7,50,061,565,543,257
2046Jasmaira GumberwIND1012Uttaranchal7,50,059,563,041,506

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