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Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury wins 1st ONGC Jorhat Open 2020

by Shahid Ahmed - 15/02/2020

GM Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury scored 8.5/10, remained unbeaten and finished a half point ahead of the competition to win 1st ONGC Jorhat Rating Open 2020. Top seed of the tournament IM Himal Gusain scored 8.0/10 and he secured the second position according to the tie-break score. Sumit Panta of Nepal also finished at 8.0/10, he was placed third. Total 142 players including a GM and two IMs participated in this six-day ten rounds Swiss league event held at Jorhat, Assam from 2nd to 7th February, organized by Jorhat District Chess Association. Total cash prize worth ₹378000 was distributed among the prize winners. Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

Saptarshi becomes unbeaten champion

GM Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury scored an unbeaten 8.5/10, finished a half point ahead of the runner-up to win 1st ONGC Jorhat Rating Open 2020. Three players finished at 8.0/10. Top seed IM Himal Gusain was placed second, Sumit Panta of Nepal finished third and Rakesh Chakravorty secured fourth place according to their tie-break score.

Champion - GM Saptarshi Roy Chowdhuryt 8.5/10 receives a huge trophy and ₹50000 cash | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

Saptarshi's unbeaten championship run

Runner-up IM Himal Gusain 8.0/10, received a trophy and ₹40000 cash | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

Second Runner-up Sumit Panta of Nepal 8.0/10, received a trophy and ₹30000 cash | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

4th Rakesh Chakravorty 8.0/10, received a trophy and ₹25000 cash | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

Here is an interview I conducted with Saptarshi after the conclusion of the tournament.


Shahid Ahmed (SA): Congratulations for winning 1st ONGC Jorhat Open. How does it feel to win the tournament?

Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury (SRC): It's always a nice feeling when you win any tournament. So it is... I am very happy to win it.


SA: You faced the top seed Himal Gusain in the sixth round and it ended up in a draw. Did you think after that game that you have a good chance of winning the tournament?

SRC: After drawing Himal we both had a great chance to win. He was a bit unlucky in the last round and it helped me to win the championship.

Top seed IM Himal Gusain finished second | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

SA: Which one was your best game of the tournament?

SRC: The game against Projit Phukon in round 5 was a nice one.


SA: Who was the strongest opponent you faced in the event?

SRC: Himal was obviously the strongest opponent.


SA: It is observed that you like to play a lot of tournaments in the North-East. What brings you back to this part of the country again and again?

SRC: Well it's because of my coaching assignments that I visit north-east frequently and in between I keep playing some tournaments.


SA: How are you planning to celebrate your birthday? (The interview was conducted on his birthday 13th February)

SRC: Nothing as such . Will have a family outing.


SA: What's next for you?

SRC: Hyderabad in April and Solapur in May.


SA: Thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

SRC: Thanks Shahid.


Photo Gallery

Tournament Hall | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

Trophies which were given away as prizes | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

Tournament souvenir was unveiled | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

Inaugural moves are being made | Photo: Madhurjya Bharali

Total 142 players including a GM and three IMs participated from all over the country and Nepal from 2nd to 7th February 2020 at Jorhat, Assam in 1st ONGC Jorhat Open FIDE Rating Open 2020, organized by Jorhat District Chess Association. Total ₹378000 cash prize was distributed among the prize winners.

Final Standings

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13GMRoy Chowdhury SaptarshiIND22868,50,060,565,0
21IMGusain HimalIND24208,00,063,067,0
37Panta SumitNEP20388,00,058,564,0
412Rakesh ChakravortyIND18848,00,058,562,5
54Arpan DasIND21127,50,062,567,5
69Subedi RajanNEP19477,50,062,566,0
710AGMArka SenguptaIND19347,50,058,062,0
88Imtiaz Islam BoraIND20207,50,055,059,0
916Abdus SidiqueIND17637,50,053,057,5
1014Neelabh Jyoti BorthakurIND18487,50,052,556,0
1124Elangbam Shashikanta SinghIND16847,00,061,064,0
125Singh Soram RahulIND20717,00,060,565,5
1330Abhash Roimya SaikiaIND15807,00,054,559,0
1422Iftikar Alom MazumdarIND17097,00,054,056,5
1520Cheniram PeguIND17207,00,052,555,5
166Utpal BaruahIND20427,00,051,555,5
1732Mrinmoy RajkhowaIND15677,00,048,050,5
1821Konjengbam Poireikhomba MeeteiIND17186,50,061,565,5
192IMPalit SomakIND23216,50,060,565,0
2023Shrestha SumanNEP17056,50,059,062,5
2113Projit PhukonIND18576,50,057,061,0
2233Tanisha A R SomIND15656,50,056,560,0
2337Moni Mohan SinghIND15216,50,056,060,5
2436Dutta SamaritanIND15226,50,055,558,5
2552Abhishek BorthakurIND13796,50,052,556,5
2626Rintu BrahmaIND16666,50,052,055,0
2746Dhruv PhukanIND14576,50,050,553,5
2858Biswajit ChangmaiIND13366,50,050,553,0
2915Protul GogoiIND17676,50,048,553,0
3031Bora MahendraIND15776,00,058,563,0

Complete standings

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