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Sairudra Nagvekar wins Rotary All Goa Rapid Rating Open 2022

by Shahid Ahmed - 19/10/2022

14-year-old Sairudra Nagvekar scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 to win Rotary All Goa Rapid Rating Open 2022. Sairudra defeated Devendra Anand Naik in the final round. He was at 8/8 then. Even after a final round loss, Devendra finished second due to better tie-break score. 13-year-old Netra P Savaikar who also scored 8/9 and remained undefeated, was placed third. The top three prizes were ₹11000, ₹8000 and ₹5000 along with a trophy each respectively. The entry fee being only ₹250 encouraged a lot of participation across the state of Goa, 238 to be exact. Rotary Club of Porvorim organized this two-day Rapid Rating event on 24th and 25th September 2022. Photo: IA Arvind Mhamal

Teenagers claim the podium

This is Sairudra Nagvekar's first-ever tournament. In fact, it is also his first podium finish in any format of the game. His first triumph certainly was achieved greatly as he defeated the sole leader, Devendra Anand Naik who was 8/8 in the final round. A win on-demand and that also in the last round is certainly not an easy task. The top four and eight out of the top ten finishers were teenagers. Second runner-up Netra P Savaikar is the only female player to make it in the top 20.

Champion - Sairudra Nagvekar 8.5/9  | Photo:  IA Arvind Mhamal

Sairudra Nagvekar scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 and gained 62 Elo rating points

Second Runner-up - Netra P Savaikar 8/9  | Photo: IA Arvind Mhamal

All prize winners  | Photo: Rotary Club of Porvorim

Prizes were distributed by Chief Guest Mr. Renaldo Rozario in the presence of Secretary Rtn. Nikhil Shah, Mr. Sachin Arolkar, Convenor Goa Chess Ad hoc Committee, Mr. Vishwas Pilankar, President BTCA, Umesh Naik, Tournament Director, Mr. Prabhakar Shetye and IA Arvind Mhamal, Chief Arbiter and others.

The tournament hall at Panchayat Hall, Socorro in Porvorim, Goa  | Photo: Rotary Club of Porvorim

The scene which is a delight for almost all chess players and enthusiasts - spectating the final moments in person | Photo: Rotary Club of Porvorim

Thanks to the Chief Arbiter of the tournament - IA Arvind Mhamal for sharing photos and providing information about the tournament.


A total of 238 players took part from various parts of Goa in this two-day nine-round Swiss League Rapid Rating tournament. The event was organized by Rotary Club of Porvorim at Panchayat Hall, Socorro in Porvorim, Goa on 24th and 25th September 2022. The time control of the event was 20 minutes + 10 seconds increment from move no.1.

Final standings

Rk.SNo NameTypsexRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
Nagvekar SairudraU151392Bardez8,5535551,50
Devesh Anand Naik1554Ponda85356,548,00
Netra P SavaikarU15Fw1247Ponda8465045,00
Lad Mandar Pradip1557Bicholim7,5535442,75
Anish Naik1287Ponda7,5515442,25
Shirodkar Aayush1356Salcete7,548,552,543,25
Kakodkar JoyU151298Tiswadi7,5485140,75
Sairaj Dilip VernekarU151377Salcete752,557,541,50
Aryan Shamrao Raikar1469Salcete7525640,00
Vivaan Sunil BallikarU151408Salcete7505439,50
Bezstrakhov Dmitry1924Russia7485237,50
Sanket Shamkuwar1107Ponda747,551,537,00
Kavish Gharse1272Bardez747,55037,00
Chaitanya V GaonkarU131159Bicholim746,54934,50
Aiden Jesus Savio GraoU131091Tiswadi7424532,50


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