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Biel GMT Round 4: Harikrishna beats Keymer

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/07/2020

Harikrishna scored a fantastic victory over Vincent Keymer with a brilliant positional sacrifice and jumped to the second spot in the standings with 18.5 points. Wojtaszek scored a fine victory to get back in the lead with 20.5 points. The other victor in the round was local GM Noel Studer who outplayed his opponent Anton Guijarro right out of the opening. Adams had a quiet draw with Edouard. Today, Saturday 25th July, all eight players will have a double Round-Robin Blitz event, part of the GMT. Round 5 of the Classical event will resume from Monday 27th July. Saturday 26th July is a rest day for the GMT participants. Who do you think will win the Blitz event today? Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Harikrishna's brilliant sacrifice

Harikrishna beat Keymer after making a perfect knight sacrifice for three pawns in Round 4 of 53rd Biel Chess Festival GMT. He went on capitalize on his opponent's mistake and stopped Keymer's momentum. With this win Harikrishna jumped to the second spot with 18.5 points. Wojtaszek scored a fine victory over Naiditsch to take sole lead with 20.5 points. Local GM Noel Studer scored his first victory in the classical format of the event as he beat Anton Guijarro who had trouble right out of the opening. Adams had a quiet draw with Edouard.

Keymer made a short work of Naiditsch | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Harikrishna - Keymer 4-0

Harikrishna scored an important victory over the tournament leader Vincent Keymer. Early in the opening he surprised his opponent with 8.Bb3, he wanted to play something his opponent is not familiar with.

Harikrishna - Keymer

Position after 8.Bb3

The main line is with 8.Bd3, however Harikrishna surprised his opponent with 8.Bb3

Position after 12...0-0

Harikrishna did not know why his opponent took 30 minutes to play 12...0-0 as there was no better move for black.

Position after 28...Nh5

Black laid out an elaborate ruse if white misplays here after 28...Nh5. Which pawn white should push and which one cannot be?

Harikrishna won in a fantastic manner | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Naiditsch - Wojtaszek 0-4

Wojtaszek scored a fine victory against Naiditsch in Sicilian Moscow variation to take the sole lead once again. In a seemingly equal position, he kept pushing to gain some advantage until his opponent broke in time pressure.

Naiditsch - Wojtaszek

Position after 36.g4

If white didn't play 36.g4, white could have probably still survived the game. Find out how should black continue here.

Wojtaszek scored a fine victory | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Studer - Anton Guijarro 4-0

Studer got a fantastic position out of the opening and Anton Guijarro struggled to get out of the gate. His position only deteriorated as the game progressed further. It was only a matter of time for white's attack to culminate into a victory.

Studer - Anton Guijarro

Position after 19...Rae8

The game continued with 20.e5, however 20.f4 would have been correct too.

Studer scored his first victory in the Classical format of the event | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Adams - Edouard 1.5-1.5

The sole draw of the round was between Michael Adams and Romain Edouard. It was a quiet draw.

Adams-Edouard didn't have enough action | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Replay all games

All boards of the GMT section | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

The playing arena | Photo: Biel Chess Festival

Standings after Round 4

1 Radoslaw Wojtaszek 20.5
2 Harikrishna Pentala 18.5
3 Vincent Keymer 18
4 Michael Adams 16.5
5 Arkadij Naiditsch 10.5
6 Noel Studer 10
7 David Anton Guijarro 9.5
8 Romain Edouard 8.5


Scoring system in Classical event: Win - 4 points, Draw - 1.5 points and Loss - 0 points.

Replay the live stream

Live commentary legendary Australian GM Ian Rogers | Video: Biel Chess Festival


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