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S Prasanna wins 4 Queens 2nd FIDE Rated Open 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 10/05/2019

Untitled S Prasanna of Tamil Nadu scored 8.0/9 and finished half-a-point ahead of a pack six players to become champion and win ₹75000 cash and a shining new trophy. He also finished ahead of two IMs. Top seed, IM Arghyadip Das finished at 7.5/9 and due to a better tie-break score, he secured the runner-up position. Ram S Krishnan of Tamil Nadu, suffered his only loss against the eventual champion of the tournament, scored also scored 7.5/9 to get second runner-up place. Total 284 players from various states across the country participated in this tournament where total prize money was ₹801000 distributed in 112 different prizes. Here is a pictorial report of the tournament. Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

Prasanna's third triumph of the year

S Prasanna of Tamil Nadu, early this year in January won a Rapid and Blitz Rating tournament in Indore. After that he won 4 Queens 2nd Open tournament in Kerala held at Oberoi Mall in Cochin from 6th-10th April 2019, organized by 4 Queens Chess Club.

S Prasanna receives the Champion's Trophy and ₹75000 cash for winning the tournament | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

S Prasanna's unbeaten run

4 Queens team with the top seeds of the tournament - IM Arghyadip Das, IM Chakravarthi Reddy, Ram S Krishnan and Atul Dahale | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

View of the tournament hall | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

Organizers and arbiters with the champion S Prasanna | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

The tournament was inaugurated by Rintu, Facilitations Manager of Oberoi Mall | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

Vote of Thanks delivered by the President of 4 Queens Chess Club - Advocate Mini Elizabeth George | Photo: 4 Queens Chess Club

About 4 Queens Chess Club:

4 Queens Chess Club was formed by 4 mothers of four Ernakulam based chess players in the year 2017, for conducting FIDE Rated tournaments and National Championships. They are - Advocate  Mini Elizabeth George - President, Sandhya Krishnakumar - Secretary, Advocate Mercy Thomas - Treasurer and Manju V M.


In the year 2017, there were very little FIDE Rated tournaments in Kerala and after getting fed up of taking children to far away places for tournaments, the founding club members had a brainstorm of conducting chess tournaments here at Ernakulam. With the enthusiasm of new comers they took up the task of two chess tournaments and conducted their first FIDE Rated Tournament in May 2018.

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
21IMDas ArghyadipIND24457,50,052,557,0
310Ram S. KrishnanIND21087,50,051,555,5
415Chandar RajuIND19937,50,050,554,0
513Barath Kalyan MIND20617,50,050,053,5
612Dahale AtulIND20987,50,049,554,0
79Niraj SaripalliIND21497,50,047,551,5
83FMSai Agni Jeevitesh JIND23237,00,051,055,0
920Sooraj M RIND19267,00,046,050,0
1017AGMSa KannanIND19617,00,044,048,0
1180Mohammed Fasal V UIND15347,00,042,546,0
1211Santu MondalIND21086,50,053,057,0
136Surendran NIND22136,50,051,055,0
145FMPhadke SohanIND22346,50,050,054,0
157Sekar BIND21856,50,050,054,0
168Manigandan S SIND21576,50,049,053,0
1725Genish Prakash JIND18446,50,047,552,0
1828Rohit Ramanan T GIND18236,50,046,550,0
1940Mansoor C MIND17026,50,046,050,0
2016Soni KrishanIND19916,50,046,049,5

Complete Standings