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Arpita Mukherjee wins the 1st Mystic Wealth Chess Scholarship 2022-23 of Rs.1,50,000

by Sagar Shah - 09/11/2022

The 1st Mystic Wealth Chess Scholarship is instituted by Manish Dhawan, the founder-partner of Mystic Wealth investment firm. The amount of scholarship is Rs.1,50,000. Earlier in the year we put up an article for people to apply to this scholarship. A lot of players did apply. After due deliberation, the amount was awarded to WIM Arpita Mukherjee from West Bengal. Arpita is a talented 21-year-old with an Elo of 2238. Her aim in chess is to become a full-fledged GM. The main issue she faces is with regards to finances. Winning this scholarship and getting Rs.12,500 for the next 12 months is sure to ease her pressure and help her in her career.

Manish Dhawan is the Founder Partner of Mystic Wealth, a SEBI registered Investment advisory operating since 2011, doing factor investing in Indian Stock Markets

When Zohan started playing chess, his father Manish Dhawan was quite excited. He got to know from the chess experts that his son as quite talented. The more time and energy that Manish spent on understanding the chess world, the more he realized that chess is an expensive sport. On the surface it might seem that chess seems like a very affordable. After all, what you need is just a chess board and pieces, right? However, once you start getting ambitious, you realize that things are not so simple. Chess coaching is quite expensive and travelling to tournaments within India and outside it can be very draining on the pocket. Manish learnt all of this first hand thanks to the interest of his son. After some time Zohan lost his interest in chess, but Manish continued to follow the sport. Through his investment firm Mystic Wealth he had a budget of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). He decided to use this amount (Rs.1,50,000) to help talented chess players in need of funds. That is how Manish contacted us and through the HelpChess Foundation we instituted the 1st Mystic Wealth Scholarship of Rs.1,50,000. We published this article inviting chess players across India to fill in the form. And a lot of people did fill up the form. In the end it was WIM Arpita Mukherjee who was selected for this scholarship.

WIM Arpita Mukherjee wins the Mystic Wealth Scholarship of Rs.1,50,000

Speaking to ChessBase India Arpita said, "It feels great to receive the scholarship. It is very important for me as it will help me to play more tournaments abroad." Arpita has already played a few events in the last few months outside India and that was thanks to this scholarship. "I played in Serbia and was helped by Dibyendu Barua's Academy and I also used some of the funds of the Mystic Wealth Scholarship." Arpita is currently working with IM Arghyadip Das and the funds are also utilized for this purpose. In 2023 she would like to play in tournaments outside India in the months of February and March. The Mystic Wealth Scholarship of Rs.12,500 per month helps her to move towards her ambition of becoming a full-fledged GM. Arpita faces financial difficulties in keeping her ambitious chess career going and this scholarship is sure to help her.

Arpita works very hard on her chess by putting in the hours to become a strong player | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Says Arpita, "I started chess at the age of 6. My father Partha Mukherjee was the one who introduced me with this game, He was my main trainer from start until now. My father put a lot of effort and his time to make me better. I would like to thank Dibyendu Barua Sir who helped me throughout my career." Arpita has many accolades under her belt. Some of them include:

1. Commonwealth Chess Championship [U-20] Gold in 2017

2. Asian Junior Girls Championship Bronze in 2020,

3. Asian Youth Chess Championships [U-18] Rapid Gold

4. National Junior Chess Championship Silver in 2019

5. National U-17 Girls Championship Silver in 2017

6. Senior National Women's Silver in 2021

7. National Team Women's [Team gold]

Arpita's favourite chess player is Vladimir Kramnik

Manish's son Zohan doesn't play chess but he is making sure that talents like Arpita manage to reach their true potential
A video interview with Arpita Mukherjee, the winner of Mystic Wealth Scholarship and Manish Dhawan, the man who instituted the scholarship

About Mystic Wealth

Mystic Wealth has two model portfolios - MWM (MysticWealth Momentum) and MWV (MysticWealth Value). Their vision is to help people of India to move from fixed deposits and get exposure to factors like value and momentum to generate and compound their wealth. Mystic Wealth has recently tied up with Smallcase. Manish mentions, "Our smallcases are among the best in the industry and have beaten the benchmarks by a handsome margin." You can find links to the Mystic Wealth's smallcase and its official website at the end of the article.

Smallcase link

To know more about Mystic Wealth

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HelpChess is an 80G registered Charitable Trust. We have been successfully supporting chess players of India for over 3 years now. We want to be the bridge that connects the people who want to contribute financially towards the growth of chess and the players who are struggling financially to keep their chess career going. In doing so, we are 100% transparent and use every single penny that you pay us for powering chess in India. You can read about our work here.

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