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Neelash Saha and Debashis Das win 2nd G H Raisoni Memorial Rapid and Blitz Rating Open 2021

by Shahid Ahmed - 11/12/2021

Starting out as the 20th seed, IM Neelash Saha scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 to win 2nd G H Raisoni Memorial Rapid Rating Open. Eight straight victories put him in a good position to win the tournament. IM Ameya Audi, CM Kushagra Mohan and IM Ravi Teja S - all three scored 8.0/9. They were placed second to fourth according to the tie-breaks. GM Debashis Das won the Blitz Rating Open with an identical performance as Neelash, scored 8.5/9 and remained undefeated. The tournament had the total prize fund of ₹200000 with the first prize being ₹50000 cash and a trophy. It took place on 4th and 5th December at G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering & Technology in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Photo: Bhushan Shriwas

Debashis wins a tournament for the first time in over six years

Top seed of both Rapid and Blitz tournament, GM Debashis Das won his first over-the-board in six years as he scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 to win the Blitz event. IM Anwesh Upadhyay scored sole 8.0/9. He was placed second. Five players finished at 7.5/9, 14-year-old Sidhant Gawai of Maharashtra, was placed third according to the tie-breaks.

Winners of Rapid and Blitz - IM Neelash Saha and GM Debashis Das with the organizers | Photo: Bhushan Shriwas

GM Debashis Das, IM Neelash Saha and IM Anwesh Upadhyaya with the Organizing Chairman, Bhushan Shriwas

National Under-17 2019 champion, IM Neelash Saha scored eight consecutive victories and gained a full point lead heading into a final round. A draw was enough for him to secure the championship, and that's what happened against FM K Senthil Maran.

Neelash scored eight consecutive wins and gained 72 Elo rating points

Ameya - Neelash, Round 8

Position after 48...g6

White can still save the game. However, in time scramble, it is not easy to figure out. White went for simplification 49.a4 which cost him the game 49...bxa4+ 50.Kxa4 Kc5 gives Black decisive advantage as White's king is completely misplaced and the Black king races towards victory.

Runner-up IM Ameya Audi 8.0/9 | Photo: Amruta Mokal

Second Runner-up CM Kushagra Mohan 8.0/9 | Photo: Amruta Mokal

GM Debashis Das scored six consecutive wins before splitting the point with Kaustuv Kundu in the seventh round. He won the next two games against Harish Sharma and beat his statemate and good friend IM Anwesh Upadhyaya to win the tournament by finishing a half point ahead of the field. Anwesh secured second position and Siddhant Gawai was placed third. The winner of the tournament shared two of his wins with us. One against the Rapid event winner - IM Neelash Saha and the other one is a final round win over Anwesh.

WFM Srishti Pandey played fantastic in Blitz | Photo: Rupali Mullick

WIM-elect Srishti Pandey started with six consecutive wins including a victory over IM Ameya Audi. However, two consecutive losses including against the eventual runner-up IM Anwesh Upadhyaya, set her back. Nevertheless, she secured tenth place, the only woman to finish in top 10 in Blitz.

The prize winners | Photo: Bhushan Shriwas

Inaugural moves are being made | Photo: Bhushan Shriwas

Players and accompanying persons at the inauguration ceremony | Photo: Bhushan Shriwas

Players in action | Photo: Bhushan Shriwas

The tournament hall | Photo: Bhushan Shriwas

The tournament was organized by Kalpana Prakash Welfare Foundation & Vidarbha Chess Academy on 4th and 5th November 2021 at G H Raisoni Institute of Engineering in Nagpur, Maharashtra. A total of 339 players including a GM and six IMs in Rapid and 292 players including a GM and fives IMs in Blitz, took part in the nine-round Swiss league event which had a time control of 15 minutes + 10 seconds increment from move no.1 in Rapid and 5 minutes + 3 seconds increment in Blitz.

Final Standings in Rapid

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
IMNeelash SahaIND1887WB8,553,557,553,25
IMAudi AmeyaIND2094Goa8,053,557,048,00
CMKushagra MohanIND1792Tel8,051,555,547,50
IMRavi Teja S.IND2316AP8,050,555,547,50
Kaustuv KunduIND2102WB7,553,554,542,50
FMThakur AkashIND2159Mah-Nag7,550,554,544,25
FMSenthil Maran KIND2122TN7,550,554,543,75
Sharma HarishIND2036Del7,051,055,040,00
GMDebashis DasIND2565Ori7,050,556,040,50
Borgaonkar AkshayU13IND1492Mah7,050,554,040,25
Ankur Mahesh GokhaleIND1577Mah7,050,553,540,25
IMAnwesh UpadhyayaIND2365Ori7,049,553,539,50
FMSauravh KhherdekarIND2142Mah7,049,553,537,50
FMShailesh DravidIND2191Mah-Nag7,049,552,538,75
Arpan DasIND1957WB7,048,051,536,00
WFMPandey SrishtiwIND1962Mah-Nag7,048,050,537,50
IMSammed Jaykumar SheteIND2081Mah7,046,549,538,00
Gawai SiddhantU15IND1452Mah-Nag7,044,548,535,50
Tamhankar SiddhantIND1647Mah7,043,547,035,75
Doshi KhushIND1379Mah7,043,047,034,50

Complete standings

Final Standings in Blitz

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
GMDebashis DasIND2470Ori8,550,054,552,25
IMAnwesh UpadhyayaIND2323Ori8,056,562,053,50
Gawai SiddhantIND1756Mah7,550,554,043,25
Borgaonkar AkshayIND1574Mah7,550,054,043,25
IMKrishnater KushagerIND1871Mah7,548,552,542,25
Patil HarshalIND1436Mah7,546,550,537,50
FMShailesh DravidIND2228Mah-Nag7,546,550,041,50
Sharma HarishIND2185Del7,052,556,540,00
IMAudi AmeyaIND2092Goa7,052,056,038,50
WFMPandey SrishtiIND1816Mah-Nag7,050,054,040,00
CMKushagra MohanIND1901Tel7,050,054,039,00
Soham DatarIND1931Mah7,050,054,036,50
Prerak Jayant DarvekarIND1487Mah-Nag7,049,554,539,50
Aakash Sharadchandra DalviIND1710Mah7,049,553,535,50
FMWagh SuyogIND2219Mah7,049,054,040,00

Complete standings

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