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Aditya Mittal triumphs at Pavlodar Open 2023 with a 2722 performance

by Shahid Ahmed - 02/11/2023

GM Aditya Mittal scored an unbeaten 8/10 to win Pavlodar Open 2023. He also made the exact same score few months when he won Astana Zhuldyzdary International Chess Festival Open A 2023. The 16-year-old finished a half point ahead of a strong field which featured 14 more GMs from all over the world. He performed at 2722 and gained 18.4 Elo rating points. GM Mihail Nikitenko and GM Dmitry Bocharov scored 7.5/10 each. They were placed second and third respectively according to tie-breaks. The total prize fund of the festival was 23000000 Tenge. The top three prizes were 4000000, 3000000 and 2500000 each respectively. Aditya won approx. ₹710800. This is his second triumph of the year in Kazakhstan. Overall he has won three tournaments in 2023 so far. Photos: Islam Dakhayev/Chess Kazakhstan

Aditya wins his second event of the year in Kazakhstan

GM Aditya Mittal headed into the final round with a sole lead 7.5/9. He drew his final round game against GM Zhamsaran Tsydypov to become a clear champion. Earlier this year, Aditya won Astana Zhuldyzdary Open 2023 in July with an identical unbeaten 8/10 score and becoming a clear champion. The teenager bettered his previous triumph in Kazakhstan as he performed at 2722 which was 2668 last time. It goes without saying that Kazakhstan is really a great place for India's 77th GM.

Champion - GM Aditya Mittal 8/10

Top 3: 2nd GM Mihail Nikitenko 7.5/10, 1st GM Aditya Mittal 8/10 and 3rd GM Dmitry Bocharov 7.5/10

Tournament banner

GM Aditya Mittal deep in thought

Aditya Mittal scored an unbeaten 8/10 to win the tournament with a performance of 2722 and gained 18.4 Elo rating points

GM Aditya Mittal with his mother Kusum Mittal

The tournament hall

The legend, Vishy Anand congratulated Aditya Mittal on his triumph

Opening Ceremony | Video: Dastan Kapaev
Round 10 Highlights | Video: Dastan Kapaev

A total of 84 players including 15 GMs, 21 IMs and 2 WIMs took part from 15 countries across the world in the Masters A (≥ 2000) category. The tournament was organized by Kazakhstan Chess Federation and Chess Federation of Pavlodar Region in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan from 22nd to 31st October 2023. The time control was 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

Round 10 results

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
GMAditya, Mittal2572½ - ½GMTsydypov, Zhamsaran2548
GMLintchevski, Daniil2542½ - ½7GMNikitenko, Mihail2527
GMBocharov, Dmitry25191 - 06GMTiviakov, Sergei2543
GMDemchenko, Anton260861 - 06Sviridov, Valery2526
IMFaizrakhmanov, Ramil24606½ - ½6GMAlekseev, Evgeny2573
GMRasulov, Vugar256060 - 16GMMakhnev, Denis2466
IMAgmanov, Zhandos24526½ - ½GMSavchenko, Boris2513
IMSamusenko, Maksim24270 - 1GMSuleymenov, Alisher2512
Zheenbekov, Nurgazy20600 - 1GMZierk, Steven2488
IMUrazayev, Arystanbek2478½ - ½IMZarubitski, Viachaslau2429


Final standings

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
GMAditya, MittalIND2572858,560
GMNikitenko, MihailBLR25277,56060
GMBocharov, DmitryRUS25197,555,560
GMDemchenko, AntonSLO260875850
GMLintchevski, DaniilRUS254275740
GMMakhnev, DenisKAZ246675550
GMTsydypov, ZhamsaranRUS254875250
IMFaizrakhmanov, RamilRUS24606,55540
GMSuleymenov, AlisherKAZ25126,554,550
IMAgmanov, ZhandosKAZ24526,552,530



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