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60th National Championship 2023 R6: Sethuraman emerges sole leader 6/6

by Shahid Ahmed - 22/08/2023

GM Sethuraman S P (PSPB) defeated GM Deep Sengupta (PSPB) to emerge sole leader 6/6 at 60th National Chess Championship 2023. The other coleaders - GM Abhimanyu Puranik (AAI) drew his game against GM Mitrabha Guha (WB). IM Aronyak Ghosh (WB) got the better of GM Vishnu Prasanna (TN). Abhimanyu, Mitrabha and Aronyak are trailing the leader by a half poin at 5.5/6 each. Apoorv Kamble (KAR) pulled off a huge upset against India's 81st GM Sayantan Das (RSPB). 161st seeded 11-year-old Bhaavan Kolla (AP) continues his unbeaten run. He drew against the reigning Commonwealth champion IM P Shyam Nikhil (RSPB). It will be Sethuraman vs Abhimanyu and Mitrabha vs Aronyak on the top two boards in Round 7 which starts today at 3 p.m. IST. Photos: Siddhant Mahajan

Apoorv stuns Sayantan

Bhoopnath (BIH) scored a big win over IM Nitin S (RSPB). Kaivalya Sandip Nagare (MAH), Harshit Pawar (DEL), Shankhodip De (WB), Himanshu Harsh (BIH) and Sourabh Mhamane (MAH) held GM Akash G (TN), IM C R G Krishna (TN), IM P Konguvel (PSPB), WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty (LIC) and IM Utsab Chatterjee (WB) to a draw each respectively.

GM Sethuraman S P is the sole leader 6/6

GM Abhimanyu Puranik (AAI) - GM Mitrabha Guha (WB): 0.5-0.5

Deep - Sethuraman: 0-1

It has been over a decade since GM Deep Sengupta (PSPB, 2474) defeated GM Sethuraman S P (PSPB, 2591) in a Classical rated game. Earlier this year, Deep got the better of Sethuraman at Intra PSPB event. This time Deep had great chances to hold a draw despite being worse for the better part of the queen and knight, eventually the knight endgame.

Position after 42...h5

White had one last opportunity to save the game 43.gxh5+ Kxh5 44.Nc5 now whether Black opts Nc7 or e5, in both cases, White manages to get salvage a half point. It was certainly not easy to spot. The game continued 43.Kd2 hxg4 44.hxg4 c3+ and Black went on to win the game.

GM Deep Sengupta (PSPB) - GM Sethuraman S P (PSPB): 0-1

Vishnu - Aronyak

Position after 18...Nb3!

In an already advantageous position, IM Aronyak Ghosh (2538) played an excellent move 18...Nb3! The family fork does not gain any material. It just improves Black's position once the knights and c4-d4 pawns get traded. 19.d5 exd5 20.Nxb3 cxb3 21.Kxb3 Bc2+ 22.Kb2 d4 23.Bd1 d3 24.Rc1 Bxd1 25.Rxc8 Rxc8 26.Rxd1 Rc2+ and it's over.

IM Aronyak Ghosh (WB) scored an emphatic victory over GM Vishnu Prasanna (TN)

11-year-old Bhaavan Kolla (AP) continues his great form as he drew against the reigning Commonwealth Gold medalist - IM P Shyam Nikhil

Apoorv - Sayantan

Position after 18.d4

Black's center is in shambles. 18...Rxf3? worsened GM Sayantan Das' (RSPB, 2489) position. 19.gxf3 exd4 20.Rxe6 Nce7 21.Bf4 b5 sacrificing another exchange did not help his case. 22.Bxb8 dxc4 23.Qxc4 Nxb8 24.Rae1 and Apoorv Kamble (KAR, 2082) went on to win the game.

13-year-old Apoorv Kamble (KAR) scored a big win over one of the latest GMs of the country - Sayantan Das (RSPB)

GM Akash G (TN) - Kaivalya Sandip Nagare (MAH, pictured): 0.5-0.5

Harshit Pawar (DEL) - IM C R G Krishna (RSPB): 0.5-0.5

Nitin - Bhoopnath

Position after 36...Nd4

Sometimes the best thing to do is wait for your opponent to make mistake. Bhoopnath (BIH, 1706) waited for a long time to get an opportunity against IM Nitin S (RSPB, 2386). It arose after a long time and he seized it. 36.e4 Nd4 37.exf6?? Qxf4 38.Nxf4 Rxf6 and White just cannot avoid material loss.

Bhoopnath (BIH) scored a fine victory against IM Nitin S (RSPB)

Some notable results

GM Abhimanyu Puranik (AAI) - GM Mitrabha Guha (WB): 0.5-0.5

GM Deep Sengupta (PSPB) - GM Sethuraman S P (PSPB): 0-1

GM Vishnu Prasanna (TN) - IM Aronyak Ghosh (RSPB): 0-1

Bhaavan Kolla (AP) - IM P Shyam Nikhil (RSPB): 0.5-0.5

Apoorv Kamble (KAR) - GM Sayantan Das (RSPB): 1-0

GM Akash G (TN) - Kaivalya Sandip Nagare (MAH): 0.5-0.5

Harshit Pawar (DEL) - IM C R G Krishna (RSPB): 0.5-0.5

IM Nitin S (RSPB) - Bhoopnath (BIH): 0-1

IM P Konguvel (PSPB) - Shankhodip De (WB): 0.5-0.5

Himanshu Harsh (BIH) - WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty (LIC): 0.5-0.5

IM Utsab Chatterjee (WB) - Sourabh Mhamane (MAH): 0.5-0.5


A total of 352 players including 18 GMs, 17 IMs and a WGM are taking part in this tournament from various states across the country. The eleven-round Swiss League Rating tournament is taking place at Boxing Hall, Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune, Maharashtra from 16th to 26th August 2023. The time control of the event is 90 minutes for 40 moves followed by 30 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds from move no.1


The total prize fund of the tournament is ₹3000000. The top three prizes are ₹600000, ₹500000 and ₹400000 each.

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Round 6 results

12GMPuranik, Abhimanyu2611AAI5½ - ½5GMMitrabha, Guha2505WB8PGN
212GMSengupta, Deep2474PSPB50 - 15GMSethuraman, S.P.2591PSPB3PGN
34GMGanguly, Surya Shekhar2583PSPB½ - ½GMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.2446RSPB15PGN
417GMVenkatesh, M.R.2434PSPB½ - ½GMGhosh, Diptayan2568WB5PGN
521GMVishnu, Prasanna. V2411TN0 - 1IMAronyak, Ghosh2538RSPB7PGN
6161Kolla, Bhaavan1727AP½ - ½IMShyaamnikhil, P2467RSPB13PGN
727Sahoo, Utkal Ranjan2367ODI40 - 14GMGupta, Abhijeet2625PSPB1PGN
86GMVisakh, N R2540RSPB41 - 04IMSharma, Dinesh K.2203LIC37PGN
943IMPraveen, Kumar C2167TN40 - 14GMIniyan, P2502TN9PGN
1052Apoorv, Kamble2082KAR41 - 04GMDas, Sayantan2489RSPB11PGN
1114GMAkash, G2456TN4½ - ½4CMNagare, Kaivalya Sandip2071MAH55PGN
1216IMNeelash, Saha2435RSPB41 - 04CMVivaan, Vishal Shah2047GUJ57PGN
1318IMAnuj, Shrivatri2420MP41 - 04Bharadia, Yash1997RAJ65PGN
1467Mahindrakar, Indrajeet1996MAH40 - 14IMSidhant, Mohapatra2420RSPB19PGN
1520IMDas, Arghyadip2413RSPB41 - 04Aakash, G1833TN109PGN
1622IMSrihari, L R2407TN41 - 04WFMPotluri, Supreetha1810AP117PGN
1772AFMPawar, Harshit1970DEL4½ - ½4IMKrishna, C R G2405RSPB23PGN
18119Majumder, Shrayan1807MAH40 - 14IMMehar, Chinna Reddy C.H.2384RSPB25PGN
1924IMNitin, S.2386RSPB0 - 14Bhoopnath,1706BIH169PGN
2026CMSoham, Kamotra2381J&K1 - 0Mukund, Hemant Agarwal1950GUJ77PGN


Standings after Round 6

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
13GMSethuraman, S.P.IND2591PSPB6232626,0006
22GMPuranik, AbhimanyuIND2611AAI5,521,524,521,7505
38GMMitrabha, GuhaIND2505WB5,519,52219,2505
47IMAronyak, GhoshIND2538RSPB5,518,520,519,5005
512GMSengupta, DeepIND2474PSPB5232519,0005
610GMVignesh, N RIND2501RSPB52225,519,5005
75GMGhosh, DiptayanIND2568WB5222520,2504
89GMIniyan, PIND2502TN5212419,0005
94GMGanguly, Surya ShekharIND2583PSPB52123,519,2504
10161Kolla, BhaavanIND1727AP5212217,0004
1118IMAnuj, ShrivatriIND2420MP520,52318,2504
1220IMDas, ArghyadipIND2413RSPB5202317,5005
146GMVisakh, N RIND2540RSPB519,522,518,2504
1517GMVenkatesh, M.R.IND2434PSPB519,522,518,0004
1615GMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.IND2446RSPB519,52217,7504
1716IMNeelash, SahaIND2435RSPB519,521,517,5004
1822IMSrihari, L RIND2407TN519,521,515,5005
191GMGupta, AbhijeetIND2625PSPB5182117,0005
2025IMMehar, Chinna Reddy C.H.IND2384RSPB51820,517,2504


Round 7 pairings

13GMSethuraman, S.P.2591PSPB6GMPuranik, Abhimanyu2611AAI2
28GMMitrabha, Guha2505WBIMAronyak, Ghosh2538RSPB7
31GMGupta, Abhijeet2625PSPB55IMNeelash, Saha2435RSPB16
418IMAnuj, Shrivatri2420MP55GMGanguly, Surya Shekhar2583PSPB4
55GMGhosh, Diptayan2568WB55IMDas, Arghyadip2413RSPB20
619IMSidhant, Mohapatra2420RSPB55GMVisakh, N R2540RSPB6
79GMIniyan, P2502TN55GMVenkatesh, M.R.2434PSPB17
825IMMehar, Chinna Reddy C.H.2384RSPB55GMVignesh, N R2501RSPB10
9169Bhoopnath,1706BIH55GMSengupta, Deep2474PSPB12
1013IMShyaamnikhil, P2467RSPB55IMSrihari, L R2407TN22
1115GMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.2446RSPB55Apoorv, Kamble2082KAR52
1214GMAkash, G2456TN5Kolla, Bhaavan1727AP161
1350CMJohn, Veny Akkarakaran2127KERGMVishnu, Prasanna. V2411TN21
1423IMKrishna, C R G2405RSPBSharsha, Backer1997KER66
1555CMNagare, Kaivalya Sandip2071MAHCMSoham, Kamotra2381J&K26
1631GMSriram, Jha2316LICAmbarish, Sharma1993WB68
1762Vignesh, Advaith Vemula2018TELFMWagh, Suyog2221MAH35
1875Lad, Mandar Pradip1954GOAIMAbhishek, Kelkar2217MAH36
1941CMNayak, Rajesh2194ODIAFMPawar, Harshit1970DEL72
20253Vedant, Garg1529CHDCMShreyans, K. Shah2170MAH42



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