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60th National Championship 2023 R3: Dhananjay causes knightmare for Abhijeet Gupta

by Shahid Ahmed - 19/08/2023

Dhananjay S (CHAT) scored a huge victory over the top seed of 60th National Chess Championship 2023, GM Abhijeet Gupta (PSPB) in the third round. The reigning Chhattisgarh State Senior champion traded both of his bishops for knights by the tenth move. Later he manuevered his knights quite well. When opportunity arose, he exchanged one of his knight with his opponent's good bishop and went on to convert his advantage quite well. Ram S Krishnan (BSNL) had a good chance to win in the endgame after his opponent, GM Deepan Chakkravarthy (RSPB) sacrificed his bishop in a balanced endgame. Shriraj Bhosale (MAH) had an exciting draw against IM Neelash Saha (RSPB) who sacrificed his queen. Round 4 starts today at 3 p.m. IST. Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Ram S Krishnan misses against Deepan

GM Abhijeet Gupta (PSPB) had made a shaky start. He landed himself in trouble in the second round. Somehow he managed to escape. In the third round, Dhananjay did not allow his advantage to slip away. Apart from the top board, there were no major upsets among the top boards. Several GMs and IMs were held to a draw by their lower rated opponents. GM P Karthikeyan (RSPB) suffered his second consecutive loss of the event. This time against A Mithiran (TN).

Dhananjay S (CHAT) scored a huge upset victory against the top seed - GM Abhijeet Gupta (PSPB)

Abhijeet - Dhananjay

Position after 33...Nd2

The reigning Chhattisgarh State Senior champion, Dhananjay S (2133) traded his bishop pairs for knights by move no.10. He gained a pawn by maneuvering his knights, few moves before the above position arose. GM Abhijeet Gupta (2625) erred 34.Qe4? Nd2! attacks the queen and threatens Nf3+ fork at the same time. It forced White to go 35.Qh7+ Kf8 36.Be4 Black took the e4-bishop as it was much more active than the dark-squared bishop. White's position fell apart in a hurry, he had to give up his bishop and call it a day as checkmate threat was unstoppable.

Kaivalya Sandip Nagare (MAH) forced a draw against GM Visakh N R (RSPB) | Photo: Shahid Ahmed

Deepan - Ram

Position after 63.Ka4

In an equal endgame, GM Deepan Chakkravarthy (2446) created an imbalance by sacrificing his bishop at a6. After a few moves, we reached the above position where Ram S Krishnan (1941) got his final opportunity to win the game. Try to find out the beautiful idea. The game continued 63...Ne7 64.b5 and it ended in a draw after 16 more moves.

Ram S Krishnan (BSNL) got a great opportunity to win in the endgame | Photo: Niklesh Jain

Shriraj Bhosale (MAH) had an exciting draw against IM Neelash Saha (RSPB) | Photo: Aditya Sur Roy

Some notable results

GM Abhijeet Gupta (PSPB) - Dhananjay S (CHAT): 0-1

CM Kaivalya Sandip Nagare (MAH) - GM Visakh N R (RSPB): 0.5-0.5

GM Deepan Chakkravarthy (RSPB) - Ram S Krishnan (BSNL): 0.5-0.5

Shriraj Bhosale (MAH) - IM Neelash Saha (RSPB): 0.5-0.5

IM Mehar Chinna Reddy C H (RSPB) - Sanchay Dubey (UP): 0.5-0.5

Arnav Muralidhar (KAR) - IM D V Prasad (KAR): 0.5-0.5

IM P Konguvel (PSPB) - Nirnay Garg (HAR): 0.5-0.5

Bhoopnath (BIH) - IM Abhishek Kelkar (MAH): 0.5-0.5

Uddipan Roy (WB) - GM Laxman R R (RSPB): 0.5-0.5

GM Sriram Jha (LIC) - Md. Reyan (BIH): 0.5-0.5

IM D K Sharma (LIC) - Rebecca Jesumarian (TN): 0.5-0.5

WGM Kiran Manisha Mohanty (LIC) - Marium Fatima (BIH): 0.5-0.5

GM P Karthikeyan (RSPB) - A Mithiran (TN): 0-1


A total of 352 players including 18 GMs, 17 IMs and a WGM are taking part in this tournament from various states across the country. The eleven-round Swiss League Rating tournament is taking place at Boxing Hall, Shri Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune, Maharashtra from 16th to 26th August 2023. The time control of the event is 90 minutes for 40 moves followed by 30 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds from move no.1


The total prize fund of the tournament is ₹3000000. The top three prizes are ₹600000, ₹500000 and ₹400000 each.

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Round 3 results

11GMGupta, Abhijeet2625PSPB20 - 12FMDhananjay, S2133CHAT48PGN
249Thanki, Hemal Karsanji2128BSNL20 - 12GMPuranik, Abhimanyu2611AAI2PGN
33GMSethuraman, S.P.2591PSPB21 - 02CMJohn, Veny Akkarakaran2127KER50PGN
44GMGanguly, Surya Shekhar2583PSPB21 - 02Apoorv, Kamble2082KAR52PGN
55GMGhosh, Diptayan2568WB21 - 02Vignesh, Advaith Vemula2018TEL62PGN
655CMNagare, Kaivalya Sandip2071MAH2½ - ½2GMVisakh, N R2540RSPB6PGN
761Pattnayak, Nilsu2020ODI20 - 12GMMitrabha, Guha2505WB8PGN
89GMIniyan, P2502TN21 - 02Ambarish, Sharma1993WB68PGN
965Bharadia, Yash1997RAJ20 - 12GMVignesh, N R2501RSPB10PGN
1011GMDas, Sayantan2489RSPB21 - 02AFMPawar, Harshit1970DEL72PGN
1175Lad, Mandar Pradip1954GOA20 - 12GMSengupta, Deep2474PSPB12PGN
1276Anup, Shankar R1951TN20 - 12GMAkash, G2456TN14PGN
1315GMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.2446RSPB2½ - ½2Ram, S. Krishnan1941BSNL82PGN
1487Bhosale, Shriraj1930MAH2½ - ½2IMNeelash, Saha2435RSPB16PGN
1517GMVenkatesh, M.R.2434PSPB21 - 02Mehta, Naitik R1931GUJ86PGN
1689Tripathy, B C1930JHAR20 - 12IMAnuj, Shrivatri2420MP18PGN
1720IMDas, Arghyadip2413RSPB21 - 02FMRamakrishna, J.1922TEL92PGN
1891Kartik, Kumar Singh1925MAH20 - 12IMSrihari, L R2407TN22PGN
1923IMKrishna, C R G2405RSPB21 - 02Jani, Kushal R1913GUJ94PGN
2093Umashankar, A1920PUD20 - 12IMNitin, S.2386RSPB24PGN


Standings after Round 3

Rk.SNoNamesexFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
12GMPuranik, AbhimanyuIND2611AAI3466,0003
10GMVignesh, N RIND2501RSPB3466,0003
23IMKrishna, C R GIND2405RSPB3466,0003
43GMSethuraman, S.P.IND2591PSPB345,55,5003
4GMGanguly, Surya ShekharIND2583PSPB345,55,5003
18IMAnuj, ShrivatriIND2420MP345,55,5003
79GMIniyan, PIND2502TN3455,0003
27Sahoo, Utkal RanjanIND2367ODI3455,0003
41CMNayak, RajeshIND2194ODI3455,0003
48FMDhananjay, SIND2133CHAT3455,0003
1114GMAkash, GIND2456TN344,54,5003
1230IMUtsab, ChatterjeeIND2322WB3444,0003
40Aakash Sharadchandra, DalviIND2196MAH3444,0003
1420IMDas, ArghyadipIND2413RSPB33,555,0003
26CMSoham, KamotraIND2381J&K33,555,0003
168GMMitrabha, GuhaIND2505WB33,54,54,5003
12GMSengupta, DeepIND2474PSPB33,54,54,5003
17GMVenkatesh, M.R.IND2434PSPB33,54,54,5003
22IMSrihari, L RIND2407TN33,54,54,5003
24IMNitin, S.IND2386RSPB33,54,54,5003


Round 4 pairings

12GMPuranik, Abhimanyu2611AAI33IMDas, Arghyadip2413RSPB20
222IMSrihari, L R2407TN33GMSethuraman, S.P.2591PSPB3
324IMNitin, S.2386RSPB33GMGanguly, Surya Shekhar2583PSPB4
426CMSoham, Kamotra2381J&K33GMGhosh, Diptayan2568WB5
58GMMitrabha, Guha2505WB33IMKrishna, C R G2405RSPB23
630IMUtsab, Chatterjee2322WB33GMIniyan, P2502TN9
710GMVignesh, N R2501RSPB33Sahoo, Utkal Ranjan2367ODI27
840Aakash Sharadchandra, Dalvi2196MAH33GMDas, Sayantan2489RSPB11
912GMSengupta, Deep2474PSPB33CMNayak, Rajesh2194ODI41
1014GMAkash, G2456TN33IMPraveen, Kumar C2167TN43
1148FMDhananjay, S2133CHAT33GMVenkatesh, M.R.2434PSPB17
1218IMAnuj, Shrivatri2420MP33Kolla, Bhaavan1727AP161
136GMVisakh, N R2540RSPBMahindrakar, Indrajeet1996MAH67
1456Sinha, Sudhir Kumar2050BIHIMAronyak, Ghosh2538RSPB7
1560Ajay, Santhosh Parvathareddy2034UPIMShyaamnikhil, P2467RSPB13
1670Phatak, Aanjaneya1978MAHGMDeepan, Chakkravarthy J.2446RSPB15
1716IMNeelash, Saha2435RSPBGawai, Siddhant1973MAH71
1877Mukund, Hemant Agarwal1950GUJGMVishnu, Prasanna. V2411TN21
1982Ram, S. Krishnan1941BSNLIMMehar, Chinna Reddy C.H.2384RSPB25
2032IMPrasad, Devaki V2254KARBhosale, Shriraj1930MAH87



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