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Venezuela no.1 Eduardo Iturrizaga wins 12th KIIT International 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 08/06/2019

Top seed of the tournament, Venezuela no.1 GM Eduardo Iturrizaga scored an unbeaten 8.0/10 to win 12th KIIT International 2019. Ukrainian GM Valeriy Neverov and Armenian GM Samvel Ter-Sahakyan also finished at 8.0/10, however due to a lower tie-break score, they had to settle for runner-up and second runner-up places. Among the Indians, IM P Shyamnikhil finished the highest by scoring 7.5/9 and secured 6th position. Experienced IM P Konguvel played fantastic after a long time. He scored 7.5/9 and secured 7th position. Undefeated Koustav Chatterjee was the third highest finisher among Indians and he completed his IM title requirements by scoring his final norm. Photo: R Anantharam/KIIT International

Top seed Eduardo dominates the field

Venezuela no.1 GM Eduardo Iturrizaga won the tournament with a score of 8.0/10. He received a beautiful trophy and ₹200000 cash | Photo: R Anantharam/KIIT International

Eduardo's performed at performance rating of 2594 and managed to increase his rating while remaining unbeaten. That speaks a lot about his performance.
Get to know more about the no.1 player of Venezuela in an interview conducted at 9th HDBank International Open 2019 | Video: Shahid Ahmed

The best game played by the champion was in round 8 when he defeated Farrukh Amonatov.

Black just played 28...Nd4. How should White react here?

It is evident that White has a huge advantage here, but how should White make a progress here?

Black just played 37...Nf6. Find out the best continuation for White here

IM P Shyamnikhil is the highest finisher among Indians. His best game was against the eventual champion of the tournament, Eduardo Iturrizaga | Photo: R Anantharam

Despite getting a walk over in round 1, Shyam performed to finish with a score of 7.5/10 and securing 6th position

Here is the game where Shyam drew with the top seed and eventual champion of the tournament.

IM P Konguvel delivered a stellar performance to score 7.5/10 and secure 7th position | Photo: ChessBase India archives

Don't let Konguvel's rating fool you. He has tonnes of experience, thus he finished almost a dozen GMs ahead at the 7th place

Konguvel played a very instructive double rook endgame correctly against IM Khusenkhojaev of Tajikistan and beat him in a marathon game.

Koustav Chatterjee secured his final IM-norm and became the latest IM of the country | Photo: R Anantharam

Koustav drew with five GMs and defeated one IM at a performance rating of 2451

In the penultimate round Koustav got a winning position against Petr Kostenko, but of course the norm factor was looming large so he settled for a draw instead which made him the latest IM.

Among the women, WCM Mrudul Dehankar was the highest finisher as she scored 6.5/10, however WIM Arpita Mukherjee performed better despite scoring 6.0/10. Arpita drew with 2 GMs and 2 IMs.

WIM Arpita Mukherjee en route her draw with IM Khusenkhojaev of Tajikistan | Photo: R Anantharam

Photo Gallery:

Chess is the only sport in the world where there is truly no limit of age | Photo: R Anantharam

Chess for all: Local lad Visually Challenged Prachurya Kumar Pradhan was seen in action. He scored 4.0/10 and increased his ELO rating by 7 points | Photo: R Anantharam

Few days ago the boy wonder, reigning National Under-9 Champion Ilamparthi A R created history by becoming the youngest ever to win CUSAT Open. However he did not have the best tournament in Bhubaneswar this time | Photo: R Anantharam

Farrukh Amonatov who is a regular at Indian GM tournaments, scored 7.5/10 and secured 4th position | Photo: R Anantharam

Final Standings

Rk.SNo NameTypsexGrFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 nwwew-weKrtg+/-
GMIturrizaga Bonelli EduardoVEN2637VEN8,00,062,067,052,5061087,590,41104,1
GMNeverov ValeriyUKR2495UKR8,00,059,564,549,0061086,681,321013,2
GMTer-Sahakyan SamvelARM2611ARM8,00,056,060,048,0061088,63-0,6310-6,3
GMAmonatov FarrukhTJK2624TJK7,50,062,566,548,256107,57,450,05100,5
GMTurov MaximRUS2579RUS7,50,061,565,547,755107,57,70-0,2010-2,0
IMShyaamnikhil PIND2440ICF7,50,060,064,541,25696,55,760,74107,4
IMKonguvel PonnuswamyIND2293TN7,50,058,062,545,755107,55,242,261022,6
GMKostenko PetrKAZ2450KAZ7,50,057,061,545,006107,57,300,20102,0
GMBurmakin VladimirRUS2519RUS7,50,057,061,540,755107,57,92-0,4210-4,2
GMPetrosyan ManuelARM2573ARM7,50,056,561,545,505107,58,16-0,6610-6,6
Koustav ChatterjeeIND2404WB7,00,063,068,546,0041075,651,351013,5
GMLaxman R.R.IND2446ICF7,00,061,066,045,0051076,740,26102,6
GMVasquez Schroeder RodrigoCHI2476CHI7,00,059,064,043,5051076,670,33103,3
IMNguyen Van HuyVIE2456VIE7,00,057,061,040,7551077,85-0,8510-8,5
IMGusain HimalIND2400W.RLY7,00,056,561,035,756967,16-1,1610-11,6
GMDebashis DasIND2544ODI7,00,056,560,542,0041078,33-1,3310-13,3
Manish Anto Cristiano FIND2099TN7,00,055,559,539,006964,881,124044,8
Hari Madhavan N BIND2176TN7,00,055,559,038,5051075,281,724068,8
IMDas SayantanIND2416WB7,00,054,559,039,7561077,99-0,9910-9,9
Saurabh AnandIND2351BIH7,00,054,558,037,7551077,60-0,6020-12,0
AGMRathneesh RIND2111TN7,00,054,558,037,2561073,963,0440121,6
GMMalakhatko VadimBEL2512BEL7,00,054,059,040,7551078,86-1,8610-18,6
GMRahman ZiaurBAN2485BAN7,00,053,557,539,0051078,82-1,8210-18,2
Gaurav Rajesh ZagadeSPLIND1882MAH7,00,053,557,039,006963,912,094083,6
Ajay Krishna SIND2335TN7,00,052,557,539,5051078,14-1,1420-22,8

Complete Standings