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Sunway Sitges Open R9: Leon Mendonca beats Nino Batsiashvili

by Shahid Ahmed - 23/12/2020

Ivan Cheparinov, Jules Moussard and Jaime Santos Latasa will battle for the championship in the final round as they lead the tournament with 7.0/9 in VII Sunway Chess International Open. Cheparinov and Moussard made a draw to retain their lead, while Latasa beat the defending champion Korobov to join the leaders. IM Leon Mendonca beat GM Nino Batsiashvili and Souhardo Basak beat IM Yovanna Gatineau in the penultimate round. Leon will face GM Nicolas Checa and Souhardo will be up against GM Fernando Cuenca in the final round which will start today from 1:30 p.m. IST. Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

Cheparinov, Moussard and Latasa in a three-way lead

Ivan Cheparinov and Jules Moussard had a tepid draw to maintain their lead with 7.0/9 heading into the final round of the tournament. Jaime Santos Latasa beat top seed and defending champion Anton Korobov to join the leaders with 7.0/9. IM Leon Mendonca beat GM Nino Batsiashvili and he is looking for a good finish. Souhardo Basak beat IM Yovann Gatineau and he is also looking for a good ending and his final IM-norm. Shubham Bandikatte was held to a draw by Ramos and he is now at 6.5/9 in Group B.

Cheparinov had an uneventful draw with... | Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

...Jules Moussard - both share the lead along with Jaime Santos Latasa | Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

Latasa - Korobov: 1-0

Korobov went wrong early in the opening against Latasa and destroyed his own pawn structure.

Latasa - Korobov

Position after 12...f4

Find out why 12...f4 is mistimed and what black should have played instead before going with f4. With this win Jaime Santos Latasa takes the lead with Ivan Cheparinov and Jules Moussard heading into the final round of the tournament.

Batsiashvili - Leon: 0-1

Leon played solid throughout the game. In the double rook endgame, Batsiashvili made an incorrect pawn break.

Batsiashvili - Leon

Position after 41.d5

41.d5 is not a good idea for white. Find out why. White made some more mistakes soon afterwards which allowed Leon to have a decisive advantage and win the game.

Leon is poised for a good finish | Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

Souhardo - Yovann: 1-0

Souhardo seized almost every single opportunity his opponent Yovann presented himself and checkmated him in just 30 moves.

Souhardo - Yovann

Position after 25...Nxc2

Black's king is completely vulnerable. 25...Nxc2 didn't help black's case. Find out the finish for white.

Souhardo is on the verge of scoring his final IM-norm | Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

Shubham was held to a draw and he is now at 6.5/9 | Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

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Round 9 results

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
12GMCheparinov Ivan2660½ - ½GMMoussard Jules26265
26GMSantos Latasa Jaime258861 - 06GMKorobov Anton26931
318GMCheca Nicolas25276½ - ½6GMFier Alexandr254912
44GMLagarde Maxime2651½ - ½6IMSochacki Christophe246926
521GMNarciso Dublan Marc24950 - 1GMGrigoryan Karen H.26513
67GMSantos Ruiz Miguel2581½ - ½GMStefanova Antoaneta246628
79GMCornette Matthieu25581 - 0IMMartin Duque Jesus241436
824IMNiemann Hans Moke24781 - 0GMMaze Sebastien255710
913GMNevednichy Vladislav25461 - 0IMAyats Llobera Gerard240040
1023IMDardha Daniel24851 - 0GMLopez Martinez Josep Manuel254215
1127GMBatsiashvili Nino24660 - 1IMMendonca Leon Luke253016
1230IMMaurizzi Marc Andria24451 - 0GMFlom Gabriel249920
1311GMPlat Vojtech255251 - 0Lever Erwan220069
1414GMKrysa Leandro25445½ - ½5GMRomanishin Oleg M240239
1547FMYu Jennifer232850 - 15GMCuenca Jimenez Jose Fernando252817
1629GMVasquez Schroeder Rodrigo245951 - 05FMEsplugas Esteve Vicenc231950
1731IMGines Esteo Pedro Antonio243751 - 05FMGarcia Jimenez Francisco Javier228856
1833IMBulmaga Irina24245½ - ½5FMMsellek Ilyass231652
1959Souhardo Basak227651 - 05IMGatineau Yovann242334
2057Ortega Serra Marc22880 - 1GMDragnev Valentin25648



Total Prize fund - €27155. For the entire prize details, click here.


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