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Sunway Sitges Open R8: Cheparinov and Moussard share the lead with 6.5/8

by Shahid Ahmed - 22/12/2020

Cheparinov and Moussard are the only two players among the leaders to have won the game and maintain their lead with 6.5/8 in VII Sunway Sitges Open. They will now face each other in the penultimate round. Korobov was held to a draw by Checa. Leon turned around a difficult position to a favorable endgame and win it. He will now face his GM of the event Nino Batsiashvili in Round 9. Souhardo beat IM Garriga and he will go against IM Yovann Gatineau. Defending champion Korobov still has mathematical chances to retain his title. Round 9 will start tonight from 7:30 p.m. IST. Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

Korobov stays in the hunt

GMs Ivan Cheparinov and Jules Moussard broke out of the pack of eight leaders and became the joint leaders at the end of Round 8 with 6.5 points. They will now face each other in the penultimate round. Top seed and defending champion Anton Korobov was held to a draw by Nicolas Checa. Leon Mendonca turned things around and beat Lin Yingrui and Souhardo Basak beat IM Pere Garriga Cazorla. They are now at 5.5 and 5 points each respectively. Shubham Bandikatte beat Antoni Gallego Montes to move to 6.0/8 in Group B.

Cheparinov - Niemann: 1-0

Cheparinov got a good position in the middlegame. He could have increased his advantage a bit earlier than the game.

Cheparinov - Niemann

Position after 31...Re5

There is an interesting continuation for white after 31...Re5. Can you find it?

Position after 38.Nf4

It is time for black to take advantage after 38.Nf4. How can he do so? Black missed this final opportunity and eventually liquidated into a lost Rook and Pawn endgame.

Cheparinov beats Niemann to take shared lead | Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

Moussard - Nevednichy: 1-0

GM Jules Moussard made a positional squeeze against GM Vladislav Nevednichy and converted his advantage comfortably to score a convincing win.

Moussard - Nevednichy

Position after 24...Ng8

It is evident that white is much better here. Can you think like Moussard? Find out the best continuation for white after 24...Ng8

Position after 31...Ke7

The position is winning for white. Can you find a spectacular finish here?

Korobov - Checa: 0.5-0.5

Korobov had an uneventful draw with Checa where more than half of the game was a same color bishop ending which Korobov defended well to salvage a draw.

Korobov loses the lead but still he is in the hunt | Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

Leon - Lin: 1-0

Leon got into trouble in the middlegame as he missed his opponent tactics.

Leon - Lin

Position after 35.f6

Find out why 35.f6 is a mistake.

Position after 58...Rg3

What should be the winning plan for white after 58...Rg3 ? Leon found it and completely turned things around from a difficult position in the middlegame.

Leon turned things around and won the game | Photo: Lennart Ootes / Sunway Chess Open

Pere - Souhardo: 0-1

Souhardo survived the endgame well and eventually his opponent IM Pere Garriga Cazorla blundered his knight and lost the game.

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Round 8 results

Bo.No. NameRtgPts.ResultPts.NameRtg No.
11GMKorobov Anton2693½ - ½GMCheca Nicolas252718
22GMCheparinov Ivan26601 - 0IMNiemann Hans Moke247824
35GMMoussard Jules26261 - 0GMNevednichy Vladislav254613
412GMFier Alexandr2549½ - ½GMSantos Latasa Jaime25886
521GMNarciso Dublan Marc24955½ - ½5GMLagarde Maxime26514
669Lever Erwan22005½ - ½5GMSantos Ruiz Miguel25817
710GMMaze Sebastien25575½ - ½5IMDardha Daniel248523
826IMSochacki Christophe246951 - 05GMPlat Vojtech255211
920GMFlom Gabriel24995½ - ½5GMBatsiashvili Nino246627
103GMGrigoryan Karen H.26511 - 05GMVasquez Schroeder Rodrigo245929
1137IMVlachos Anatole24130 - 1GMCornette Matthieu25589
1215GMLopez Martinez Josep Manuel25421 - 0IMValenzuela Gomez Fernando239041
1316IMMendonca Leon Luke25301 - 0Lin Yingrui238742
1440IMAyats Llobera Gerard24001 - 0GMBellahcene Bilel251019
1528GMStefanova Antoaneta24661 - 0FMGarcia Ramos Daniel238043
1658FMJimenez Ruano Adrian22790 - 1IMMaurizzi Marc Andria244530
1752FMMsellek Ilyass2316½ - ½IMGines Esteo Pedro Antonio243731
1836IMMartin Duque Jesus24141 - 0FMCarbonell Sancho Marc231851
1914GMKrysa Leandro254441 - 0FMBoyer Mahel230753
2017GMCuenca Jimenez Jose Fernando252841 - 04Dalaud Dorian229155
2122IMGarriga Cazorla Pere248740 - 14Souhardo Basak227659
2250FMEsplugas Esteve Vicenc231941 - 04GMAsis Gargatagli Hipolito247025
2332GMSiebrecht Sebastian24294½ - ½4Ortega Serra Marc228857
2460IMHernando Rodrigo Julio Antonio227540 - 14IMBulmaga Irina242433
2534IMGatineau Yovann242341 - 04FMExposito Amaro Josue227361



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