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R Ashwath dominates Graz Open 2023 Blitz

by Shahid Ahmed - 18/02/2023

FM R Ashwath scored an unbeaten 10/11 to win International Graz Open 2023 Blitz. He finished ahead of two GMs, three IMs and a half point of the competition. FM Mieszko Mis (POL) scored sole 9.5/11 to finish second. Austria no.5, GM Felix Blohberger was adjudged third with a score of 8.5/11. Total prize fund was €1000. Top three prizes were €300, €200 and €100 each respectively. Ashwatth won ₹26554 and gained 77.2 Elo rating points. This is Ashwath's first tournament triumph of the year. The last tournament he won was a Rapid Rating tournament in December 2022. Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

Ashwath's first tournament triumph of the year

On Friday 17th February 2023, a day before the start of the Classical tournament, International Graz Open 2023, an eleven round Blitz Rating tournament took place. Double IM-norm holder, FM R Ashwath won that event with a staggering 10/11. The only woman to make a top ten finish was 17-year-old FM Liya Kurmangaliyeva (KAZ). She scored 7.5/11 to finish seventh overall and win the Best Woman prize.

Champion - FM R Ashwath 10/11 | Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

Top 3 (L to R) - 2nd FM Mieszko Mis (POL) 9.5/11, 1st FM R Ashwath 10/11 and 3rd GM Felix Blohberger (AUT) 8.5/11 | Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

FM R Ashwath scored an unbeaten 10/11 and gained 77.2 Elo rating points

Best Woman and overall 7th - FM Liya Kurmangaliyeva (KAZ) 7.5/11 | Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

Players in action at Chamber of Commerce Graz in Austria | Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

A total of 84 players including two GMs and three IMs took part from 11 countries all over the world. The one-day eleven-round Swiss league Blitz Rating tournament was organized by Chessgraz and Styrian Chess Association at Chamber of Commerce Graz in Austria on 17th February 2023. The time control of the tournament was 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment from move no.1.

Final standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 RpKrtg+/-
19FMAshwath, R.IND22401075,58172,7525642077,2
26FMMis, MieszkoPOL22829,573,579,566,0024842052,2
32GMBlohberger, FelixAUT24371. Sk Ottakring8,575,58158,75238110-2,4
43FMPeyrer, KonstantinAUT23731. Sk Ottakring8,5697454,752350101,6
51IMRoshka, YevgeniyUKR2445Grazer Schachgesellschaft86873,551,00224310-16,5
619Koso, EkremBIH2177Schachklub Mostar7,57175,547,2522792036,6
715FMKurmangaliyeva, LiyaU18wKAZ21937,5677245,752163401,2
830Zdybel, PrzemyslawU18POL1992UKS Czternastka Warszawa7,564,56739,25214640102,4
97FMMostbauer, FlorianAUT2263Sv Hörsching7,5606440,25209720-30
104GMDiermair, AndreasAUT2325Sv Raika Rapid Feffernitz77580,547,50224710-7,2



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