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Nikolas Stanec dominates 1st Arberia Open 2019

by Shahid Ahmed - 29/10/2019

GM Nikolaus Stanec of Austria scored 6.0/7, remained undefeated to win 1st Arberia Open 2019. He received a beautiful trophy and €400 for his efforts. Stanec finished a half point ahead of the remaining podium finishers. Both FM Konstantin Peyrer and Johannes Steindl scored 5.5/7 and they were placed second and third respectively according to their tie-break score. The Blitz event was won by untitled Leopold F Wagner of Germany by scoring 8.5/11. Konstantin Peyrer also scored 8.5/11, however Leopold clinched the title based on his tie-break score. Total 57 players in open and 51 players in blitz participated form thirteen different nations. Photo: Arberia Open 2019

Top seed Stanec reigns supreme

Top seed of the tournament GM Nikolaus Stanec of Austria scored an unbeaten 6.0/7 to win 1st Arberia Open 2019. Stanec finished a half point ahead of the runner-up FM Konstantin Peyrer. Johannes Steindl also finished at 5.5/7. Due to a lower tie-break score he was placed third.

Champion - GM Nikolaus Stanec received a trophy and €400 | Photo: Arberia Open 2019

Stanec remained undefeated and conceded only two draws

All prize winners of the tournament | Photo: Arberia Open 2019

Inauguration Ceremony in progress | Photo: Arberia Open 2019

The inauguration ceremony of the tournament was carried out by Anton Marku, Secretary of the Association Arberia. The Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Austria, Mr. Roland Bimo, spoke in his welcome speech with great admiration of the achievements of the association Arberia. "Far away from the dynamics and stress of everyday life, you spend your free time having fun together. I am very happy to see female participants and enthusiastic children, and I wish them all the best of luck during this sporting week ". The President of the Vienna Chess Federation, Johannes Pöcksteiner, also participated in the opening of the tournament. The Chief Arbiter of the tournament was IA Gregor Neff.

The tournament hall | Photo: Arberia Open 2019

The beautiful trophies for the prize winners | Photo: Arberia Open 2019

Delightful prize winners | Photo: Arberia Open 2019

Blitz game in progress | Photo: Arberia Open 2019

Untitled Leopold Franziskus Wagner (GER, 2107) scored 8.5/11 to win the Blitz event. FM Konstantin Peyer (AUT, 2245) also scored 8.5/11, however due to a lower tie-break score, he was placed the runner-up. Three players finished at 8.0/11, Nathanael Poysti (GER) secured third position according to his tie-break score.

The tournament is enjoyed by all | Photo: Arberia Open 2019

Arberia Chess Club in cooperation with Vienna Chess Federation organized 1st Arberia Open 2019 from 21st to 27th October 2019 in Vienna, Austria. Total 57 players in open 51 in blitz from 13 different nations took part in the tournament. The club strives to make this event a traditional event, since since the first tournament, the interest and participation of chess lovers is great. The tournament was supported by the Coordination Council of Albanian clubs in Austria and the Union of Albanian Companies in Austria.

Final Standings in Open

Rk.SNo NameFEDRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
GMStanec NikolausAUT25116,027,031,02426
FMPeyrer KonstantinAUT22865,526,029,52229
Steindl JohannesAUT22785,525,028,02207
WFMNikanova EkaterinaBLR21435,027,530,02298
Wagner Leopold FranziskusGER20985,024,527,52041
Pirvulescu AdrianROU19825,019,522,01745
FMSadilek MaximilianAUT23134,529,032,52203
Nolz TomAUT21834,528,531,52107
CMKhalakhan JurijAUT22334,528,531,02092
Poysti NathanaelGER22344,528,031,02116

Complete standings

Final Standings in Blitz

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
110Wagner Leopold FranziskusGER21078,562,575,02185
23Peyrer KonstantinAUT22458,559,072,52263
37Poysti NathanaelGER21738,067,080,52279
41IMAlvir AcoAUT23528,063,073,52263
55CMKhalakhan JurijAUT22168,059,572,52176
68FMMorgunov MarcAUT21417,562,575,52172
76Radnaev VitalyAUT22027,561,073,52114
813FMMorgunov DanielAUT20547,556,068,51980
914Monschein Wolfgang Dr.AUT20507,058,070,01976
102FMSadilek PeterAUT22927,057,070,02032

Complete standings

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