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Abhijeet Gupta conquers Graz Open 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 27/02/2023

GM Abhijeet Gupta won International Graz Open 2023 scoring 8/9. Despite losing the second round, he made a strong comeback by winning the next seven games in-a-row, finishing a full point ahead of the competition. In the final round, he defeatetd the top seed of the tournament and Poland no.3, GM Bartosz Socko. The total prize fund of the tournament was €8500. The top three prizes were €1500, €1000 and €600 each respectively. This was Abhijeet's first tournament triumph he started in 2023. Earlier, he started the year by finishing second at MPL 59th National Senior Chess Championship 2022. Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

A fantastic comeback

GM Abhijeet Gupta has won the Commonwealth Chess Championship five times for a reason. It is because he knows how to make a quick recovery after a setback. This triumph is a prime example of that.

Champion - GM Abhijeet Gupta 8/9 | Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

GM Abhijeet Gupta received the prize from the Tournament Director, IO Andrea Schmidbauer.

Runner-up - GM Hagen Pötsch (GER) 7/9 | Photo:  Internationales Schachopen Graz

Second Runner-up - GM Felix Blohberger (AUT) 7/9 | Photo:  Internationales Schachopen Graz

Top 3 (L to R) - 3rd GM Felix Blohberger (AUT), 1st GM Abhijeet Gupta and 2nd GM Hagen Pötsch (GER) | Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

Despite losing his second round game, GM Abhijeet Gupta won the next seven games, gained 10 Elo rating points and finished a full point ahead of the field

Different moods of GM Abhijeett Gupta | Photo: Peter Kranzl

Giant chess board at the venue | Photo: Peter Kranzl

Top boards | Photo:  Internationales Schachopen Graz

Tournament hall | Photo: Internationales Schachopen Graz

Venue: Chamber of commerce at Wifi Steiermark in Graz, Austria | Photo: Peter Kranzl

A total of 171 players including 9 GMs, 14 IMs and a WIM took part from 28 countries all over the world in Group A (>2000). There were 93 players in Group B (<2000) and 49 in Group C (<1700). The seven-day nine-round Swiss league Rating tournament was organized by Styria chess federation at Chamber of Commerce in Graz, Austria from 18th to 24th February 2023. The time control of the tournament was 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1.

Final standings

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1 RpKrtg+/-
GMGupta AbhijeetIND26068269626961010
GMPötsch HagenGER24897257825781010,4
GMBlohberger FelixAUT24881. Sk Ottakring725332533105,4
IMDobrowolski PiotrPOL2411724712471106,8
GMMoroni Luca JrITA25766,525712571102,2
IMJanzelj TimSLO24696,524822482102,9
FMPastar SlavenBIH23766,5247724772025
IMHacker JonasGER24446,524552455104
FMCarnicelli ValerioITA23516,5239223922012,2
IMRoshka YevgeniyUKR2503Grazer Schachgesellschaft6,52385238510-7
GMSocko BartoszPOL262462480248010-11,7
IMKowalski IgorPOL23576244524452023,2
FMWilhelm TillGER23506244324432022,8
IMBarp AlbertoITA2429624382438102
IMBattey AlexanderUSA2344624032403107,8



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