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Kushagra Mohan wins a double at 10th Dhamso International Chess Festival 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 17/06/2023

IM Kushagra Mohan scored an unbeaten 9/10 and 8.5/9 to win 10th Dhamso International Chess Festival Classical and Blitz Rating Open 2023. He finished a half point ahead of the field in both. Senevirathne S D B K (SRI), GM Azer Mirzoev (AZE) and IM Himal Gusain scored 8.5/10 each in Classical. They shared second place. In the Blitz event, Samaranayake K P R N (SRI), Piyumantha M Thisal Manjith (SRI) and IM Himal Gusain scored 8/10 each in Blitz. They all shared second place. The total cash prize fund of the tournament was LKR 1.4 Million. The top three prizes in the Classical event were LKR 150000 + trophy, 100000 and 70000 along with a medal each respectively. For Blitz, the top three prizes were LKR 40000 + trophy, 30000 and 20000 along with a medal each respectively. Kushagra's double triumph earned him a combined total of ₹50198 approx. This was Kushagra's third and fourth triumph of the year. All photos in this article are from Dhamso Chess fb page

Kushagra clinches DICF Player of the Year, Himal shares second place in both Classical and Blitz

IM Kushagra Mohan had a sole lead 8.5/9 heading into the final round. He drew against Senevirathne S D B K (SRI) to win the tournament and finish a half point ahead of the field. In the Blitz event, Kushagra defeated the sole leader Piyumantha M Thisal Manjith (SRI) who was at 8/8, to become the champion. Kushagra was also crowned DICF Player of the Year.

Champion in Classical - IM Kushagra Mohan 9/10 receiving the DICF Player of the Year trophy

Champion in Blitz - IM Kushagra Mohan 8.5/9
IM Kushagra Mohan wins double at 10th Dhamso International Chess Festival 2023 | Video: ChessBase India

IM Kushagra Mohan scored an unbeaten 9/10 in the Classical and increased his Elo rating by 1.3 points

IM Kushagra Mohan scored an unbeaten 8.5/9 in the Blitz event

Shared second in Classical - IM Himal Gusain 8.5/10

Shared second in Blitz - IM Himal Gusain 8/9

Lighting of the lamp at the inauguration ceremony

A glimpse of the closing ceremony

The tournament hall at Lavanga Resort & Spa, Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka

IM Kushagra Mohan played simultaneous games, part of the 10th Dhamso International Chess Festival 2023

GM Azer Mirzoev (AZE) conducted a workshop, part of the 10th Dhamso International Chess Festival 2023

Parents' Rapid event in progress

A total of 663 players including a GM and two IMs took part from Azerbaijan, India and Sri Lanka in this five-day ten-round Swiss league Rating tournament which was organized by Dharmasoka College Old Boys' Chess Association at Lavanga Resort & Spa in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka from 26th to 30th May 2023. The time control for the tournament was 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment. A total of 359 players including two IMs took part from India and Sri Lanka in the one-day Swiss League Blitz Rating tournament on 27th May 2023. The time contol was 3 minutes + 2 seconds increment from move no.1. 

Final standings in Classical

Rk.SNo NameTypsexFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
IMKushagra, MohanIND240090666960,5053
Senevirathne, S D B KU16SRI18408,5067,57159,0048,5
GMMirzoev, AzerAZE24168,5066,57157,7551
IMGusain, HimalIND24038,50667158,2551
FMAlahakoon, IsuruSRI1819806570,554,0047,5
Sivathanujan, SSRI18108063,56852,0047
Senevirathne, D C B KU14SRI14838062,56750,5045
Kodithuwakku, K K DinujayaU16SRI14808060,56348,0046
Gunaweera, Geenuka KavinuU16SRI151380606551,0045,5
Chandula, E D SSRI164480596451,5042,5
Dabarera, G W D MSRI19178058,562,548,5043
Egodage, ThilinaSRI17518058,561,547,5043
Abiru, K A AkenU16SRI138480586247,0045
Insara, S D NadevU16SRI14037,506670,550,0047
Piyumantha, M Thisal ManjithSRI17487,5063,56747,2545,5
Samaranayake, K P R NSRI18787,50626748,7547
Kulathilake, S M M PU16SRI14577,50626645,5044,5
Dharmakeerthi, G K Pasindu NimsaraSRI16917,5061,56646,2544
Hettiarachchi, Jeewantha AlokaU14SRI14147,506166,547,5045,5
Dharmasena, W M S S BU16SRI15177,506166,547,2545,5


Final standings in Blitz

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
11IMKushagra, MohanIND24088,5055,561,5
27Samaranayake, K P R NSRI1724805358
315Piyumantha, M Thisal ManjithSRI1633805052
42IMGusain, HimalIND2279804751
520WCMTharushi, T H D NikleshaSRI15507,5053,556,5
610Sivathanujan, SSRI16787,5050,555,5
712Dharmakeerthi, G K Pasindu NimsaraSRI16687,505055
83FMAlahakoon, IsuruSRI19537,5048,552,5
911Hettiarachchi, C USRI16717,5048,552,5
1014Senevirathne, S D B KSRI1652705358



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