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Kaustuv Kundu wins 1st Nitai Ghosh Memorial 2017

by Shahid Ahmed - 25/10/2017

After performing brilliantly in World Youth 2017 with a performance rating of 2433 and increasing his rating by 112 ELO points, 18-year-old Kaustuv Kundu continued his momentum by winning two consecutive tournaments. Kaustuv remained undefeated throughout the tournament in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal and won the event. Here is a report of the tournament along with photographs and an annotated game by the champion Kaustuv against IM D K Sharma.

Reigning State Amateur and State Junior Champion, 18-year-old Kaustuv Kundu won his seventh championship in the year 2017 by capturing the first place Nitai Ghosh Memorial FIDE Rated International Chess Championship 2017

Kaustuv Kundu scored 8.0/9 and clinched the championship

Kaustuv currently has a rating of 2296. But look at the black region that we have marked on the graph. It's like the waves of a stormy sea, going up and down! This clearly points to two things - 1. the boy is extremely talented 2. he is inconsistent. If Kaustuv can work on point two, it seems as if he would race towards the GM title very quickly!


Kaustuv gained 112 points at the World under-18 held at Montevideo Uruguay a few months ago. In the first Nitai Ghosh memorial he was able to garner 32 rating points which takes him to 2328 on the live rating list.


Here is a game annotated by the champion Kaustuv Kundu himself against IM D. K. Sharma in round seven. If you do wonder why Kaustuv has become strong as a chess player, then you must pay close attention to his annotations. Look at the depth and great detail with which he has done the analysis:

If Kausuv's win in the King's Indian motivated you and you would like to learn this fighting opening with the black pieces then Bologan's King's Indian Defence is one of the best resource available out there:

Arpan Das also scored 8.0/9 but due to a lower tie-break score he got the runner up place

IM D K Sharma scored 7.5/9 and secured the second runner up position

Players in action

The venue - Greater Kailash, The Palace in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

The tournament was organized by Jalpaiguri Chess Academy in Greater Kailash, The Palace in Jalpaiguri from 7th to 11th October 2017. There were 236 players including 2 IMs from various parts of India. This was the second classical rating tournament in Jalpaiguri District in four months.

Final Ranking after 9 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameTypsexFEDRtgIPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
11Kaustuv KunduIND22968,00,558,054,050,257,0
24Arpan DasIND21498,00,556,053,048,257,0
32IMSharma Dinesh K.IND22477,52,059,054,547,007,0
43IMRamnathan BalasubramaniamIND21597,50,055,551,544,757,0
513Chattarjee LaltuIND20357,50,053,049,541,507,0
618Sandip DeyIND18867,00,055,550,540,507,0
78Arindam MukherjeeIND20967,00,054,049,540,007,0
837Rupam MukherjeeIND17057,00,053,550,539,006,0
95Santu MondalIND21417,00,053,549,540,756,0
1011Nath RupankarIND20617,00,051,047,038,007,0
1120Samar ChatterjeeIND18497,00,050,046,036,507,0
1210Anustoop BiswasIND20627,00,049,546,035,007,0
139Subhayan KunduIND20856,50,056,552,037,756,0
1438Satya Sekhar MitraIND17046,50,052,549,035,255,0
157Basak SajalIND21046,50,052,548,035,256,0
1617Gurung RahulIND18926,50,052,048,035,006,0
1716Gurung RohitIND19196,50,051,547,533,756,0
1814Saptorshi GuptaIND20116,50,050,546,534,256,0
1915Tamang ThendupIND19296,50,050,046,532,256,0
2027Nitish DasIND18076,50,050,046,032,506,0
2129Hilal MondalIND17976,50,048,044,033,755,0
2232Akash TiwariIND17386,50,047,544,031,256,0
2326Ambarish SharmaIND18186,50,043,540,529,506,0
2424Mukherjee S.K.IND18266,00,054,550,534,006,0
2519Md. Shahidul IslamBAN18636,00,054,050,033,505,0


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