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Kaustuv Kundu wins New Year Open 2018

by Shahid Ahmed - 07/02/2018

Reigning State Junior and State Amateur champion, Kaustuv Kundu won New Year Open 2018, organized by Alekhine Chess Club and Outram Club on 3rd, 4th and 5th January 2018. Kaustuv remained undefeated throughout the tournament and finished ahead of two IMs. In the interview with ChessBase India, he himself said that he did not think that he would become champion as he feels there are many better players who are stronger than him in rapid. Maybe Kaustuv's modest nature helped him to clinch the championship trophy and ₹25000 from three of the biggest Grandmasters of West Bengal, GM Neelotpal Das, GM Surya Sekhar Ganguly and GM Sandipan Chanda. Photos, videos and interviews were done by Shahid Ahmed, who played the tournament as well as covered it.

Kaustuv remains invincible at New Year Open 2018

Kaustuv receives his championship trophy and ₹25000 cash from three stalwart GMs of West Bengal

Former Olympic Gold Medal winner in Field Hockey, Mr Gurbux Singh and current selector for Bengal Cricket team, Mr Pranab Roy made the inaugural moves of the tournament

Top seed IM Somak Palit scored 6.5 points, finished 2nd and bagged home ₹15000 cash

Joydeep Dutta scored 6.5 points, due to a lower tie-break score finished at 3rd position and took home ₹10000 cash

Yours truly scored 5.5, had a +8 finish with 12th position and got ₹2000 cash
Kaustuv speaks with ChessBase India after winning the championship

Here is an annotated game by Kaustuv Kundu against Neelash Saha in the 6th round of the tournament. From the analysis you can delve into Kaustuv's mind and have an understanding of what he was going through during the game.

Here are some videos of few games from the tournament:

Mehendi Sil loses against Joydeep Dutta in a Bishop vs Knight endgame
Satya Sekhar Mitra misses a draw against IM Somak Palit in a Queen endgame
Samrat Ghorai causes major upset by defeating IM Suvrajit Saha
Anurag Jaiswal blunders a Knight against Aditya Basu
Somak Palit wins the endgame against Aditya Basu
Kaustuv Kundu capitalizes on Samrat Ghorai's blunder
Joydeep Dutta escapes loss against Arya Bhakta

Final Ranking after 8 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
15Kaustuv KunduIND20987,00,039,543,5
21IMPalit SomakIND23256,50,539,543,5
32FMDutta JoydeepIND22886,50,538,041,5
413Basu SumanIND19656,00,037,040,5
517Neelash SahaIND18306,00,037,040,0
67Debasish MukherjeeIND20586,00,036,540,0
743Samip RoyIND14236,00,035,038,5
810FMRajdeep SarkarIND19976,00,032,536,0
914Anustoop BiswasIND19076,00,032,535,5
1025Aryamann SainIND16816,00,028,530,5
1122Aditya BasuIND17065,50,037,039,5
1220AGMShahid Ahmed S.K.IND17585,50,035,037,5
1315Samrat GhoraiIND18755,50,034,537,0
148Bhattacharya Niladri ShekharIND20345,50,034,037,5
1512Arpan DasIND19655,50,033,537,0
1639Arya BhaktaIND15125,00,040,544,0
179Anurag JaiswalIND20155,00,034,538,0
183IMSuvrajit SahaIND22535,00,034,037,5
1916AGMRitam NagIND18375,00,033,535,5
2018Suvradeepta DasIND18275,00,032,035,0

Alekhine Chess Club will return for 26th edition of The Telegraph Schools' Chess Championship 2018 in a few days which will be covered by ChessBase India.

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