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WWCh 2018 Round 1.2: Humpy advances, Bhakti gets eliminated

by Shahid Ahmed - 05/11/2018

Humpy advanced to round 2 with ease by winning her game against Hayat Toubal while Bhakti only managed to draw against Natalija Pogonina, resulting in her exit from the tournament. There is a reason this knockout format of Women's World Championship is being abolished. It is because of the unpredictable nature, where half the players are eliminated after every round. Harika drew her game against Sopiko Khukhashvili and Padmini also drew against Zhansaya Abdumalik. Both Harika and Padmini will have to play tie-break matches. We bring you photos, games and videos from Khanty Mansiysk. Photo:

Humpy moves to round 2 emphatically while Bhakti goes home despite a draw

FIDE Women's World Championship official logo | Photo:

Koneru Humpy continued her momentum and won her round 1.2 game against Hayat Toubal quite easily in the exact same number of moves 46 as yesterday.

Koneru Humpy advances to round 2 | Photo:

Humpy played 36...Qd5 and eventually went on to win the game. However there was a quicker finish. Find it out.

Harika's draw in round 1.2 forces her to play the tie-breaker matches on 5th Nov | Photo:

Sopiko Khukhashvili played an unusual move order which seemed like a Ponziani opening. Harika equalized with Black pieces easily and slowly started to have a slight pull in the position. At one point in Double Rook and Bishop vs. Double Rook and Knight endgame, Harika had a clear advantage which she was unable to convert and the game ended up in a draw in rook endgame.

After Sopiko played 32. Rd2 here, how would you like to continue with Black?

Harika played 32...Bxf3 and the game continued with 33.Rxd3 Rxd3 34.gxf3. The position became equal and the game ended up in a draw eventually. Instead 32...Be6 keeps the active bishop on the board and we all know that the combination of rook and bishop in an open position is much better than a rook and knight.

Bhakti was eliminated from the tournament despite getting a draw against Natalija Pogonina | Photo:

Bhakti knew that she was in a must-win situation, from the get-go. She went for an attack in QGD exchange variation, but unfortunately a draw was not what she was looking for. Pogonina played solid and did not allow any chances and Bhakti had no other option but to settle for a draw.

When Bhakti played 8.g4, you can tell that she went all-in for a win

After 8.g4 if Black plays Bxg4 then 9.Qxb7 Nb4 10.Rc1 [10.Bb5+ Kf8 =+] 10...Rb8 [10...Bf5 11.a3 Rb8 12.Qxa7 Nc2 + 13.Rxc2 +/-] 11.Qxc7 Qxc7 12.Bxc7 +=

Padmini will also have to play tie-breaker matches | Photo:

Zhansaya tried to stir some trouble on the kingside during the middle game but Padmini handled the probable attack quite well and managed to exchange off the queens at the right time. Double bishop and knight vs. double knight and bishop endgame consisted more than half of the game. After the duel running for over 5 hours, finally both players decided to call it a draw.

Zhansaya Abdumalik - Padmini Rout, round 1.2

Just when it seemed like Zhansaya might get the upper hand, Padmini made sure things remain in control with 22...h5

Indian Women's situation after round 1.2

1. Humpy advances to round 2

2. Harika and Padmini will have to play tie-breaker matches against their respective opponents

3. Bhakti is eliminated

Photo Gallery:

Anna Muzychuk was the first player to advance to round 2 by eliminating Rani Hamid | Photo:

Former Women's World champion Tan Zhongyi defeated her compatriot Sun Fanghui | Photo:

Bela Khotenashvili will be one of the 32 women who will play in round 2 | Photo:

One of the major upsets of round 1 is Elisabeth Paehtz of Germany got eliminated by Mobina Alinasab of Iran | Photo:

The dangerous Zhansaya stare | Photo:

It's always nice to see your compatriot having your back | Photo:

Video Gallery:

Live analysis in Hindi by ChessBase India's Hindi Chief Editor Niklesh Jain
Round 1.2 live stream | Video:

Results of Round 1.2

 Hardegen Kathryn(AUS)0-2 Ju Wenjun(CHN)
 Koneru Humpy(IND)2-0 Toubal Hayat(ALG)
 February Jesse Nikki(RSA)0-2 Lagno Kateryna(RUS)
 Muzychuk Anna(UKR)2-0 Hamid Rani(BAN)
 Vazquez Maccarini, Danitza(PUR)0-2 Kosteniuk Alexandra(RUS)
 Goryachkina Aleksandra(RUS)1½-½ Ouellet, Maili-Jade(CAN)
 Wafa Shahenda(EGY)0-2 Muzychuk Mariya(UKR)
 Tan Zhongyi(CHN)1½-½ Sun Fanghui(CHN)
 Aliaga Fernandez, Ingrid Y(PER)½-1½ Gunina Valentina(RUS)
 Paehtz Elisabeth(GER)½-1½ Alinasab Mobina(IRI)
 Miranda Llanes, Yerisbel(CUB)0-2 Dzagnidze Nana(GEO)
 Harika Dronavalli(IND)1-1 Khukhashvili Sopiko(GEO)
 Foisor Sabina-Francesca(USA)1-1 Stefanova Antoaneta(BUL)
 Pogonina Natalija(RUS)1½-½ Kulkarni Bhakti(IND)
 Padmini Rout(IND)1-1 Abdumalik Zhansaya(KAZ)
 Batsiashvili Nino(GEO)2-0 Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan(SCO)
 Zhai Mo(CHN)2-0 Girya Olga(RUS)
 Zhao Xue(CHN)2-0 Lujan, Carolina(ARG)
 Zhu Jineer(CHN)2-0 Javakhishvili Lela(GEO)
 Saduakassova Dinara(KAZ)1-1 Matnadze Ana(ESP)
 Vo Thi Kim Phung(VIE)½-1½ Khotenashvili Bela(GEO)
 Lei Tingjie(CHN)1-1 Gara Anita(HUN)
 Shvayger Yuliya(ISR)½-1½ Socko Monika(POL)
 Ushenina Anna(UKR)1½-½ Mkrtchian Lilit(ARM)
 Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim(UZB)1½-½ Kashlinskaya Alina(RUS)
 Atalik Ekaterina(TUR)1-1 Cori T., Deysi(PER)
 Nakhbayeva Guliskhan(KAZ)1-1 Galliamova Alisa(RUS)
 Ni Shiqun(CHN)1-1 Zhukova Natalia(UKR)
 Vega Gutierrez Sabrina(ESP)1-1 Bodnaruk Anastasia(RUS)
 Hoang Thanh Trang(HUN)1-1 Danielian Elina(ARM)
 Nechaeva (Guseva) Marina(RUS)½-1½ Zawadzka Jolanta(POL)
 Krush Irina(USA)1-1 Gaponenko Inna(UKR)

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