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ChessBase India YouTube channel hits 1 billion views!

by Sagar Shah - 01/08/2023

It's a big day in the ChessBase India's journey! On 1st of August 2023 we have managed hit 1 billion views on our YouTube channel. ChessBase India becomes the 2nd ever channel in the chess world after Gotham Chess to achieve this feat. It's been a long journey and many people have contributed to it. In this article we give you some more details about our journey in the form of some statistics and graphs!

1,000,000,000 views for the ChessBase India YouTube channel!

The journey of the ChessBase India YouTube channel has been well documented when we hit a million subscribers. But just in case you would like to hear it in a bit, here's a video that was recorded by Amruta and me.

The journey of reaching a million subscribers from scratch

Today on the 1st of August 2023, ChessBase India became the second chess channel in the world to hit a billion views on YouTube. The first one was Gotham Chess in March 2023. It has been a long winding journey over a period of nearly 7 years that has resulted in this.

The stats of the Channel in short. We have a billion views, a watch time of 52.5 million hours and a subscriber base of 1.23 million

India tops our charts in terms of viewership, but we have a good solid watching from the USA, Indonesia, Germany, Philippines and others! It is truly a global channel.

The biggest group of people who watch our channel are in the age group of 18-24 years! So the viewing population is quite young!

Right now the male to female ratio is 90-10, but we hope that it will get better in the coming days. In fact in the last couple of years, it has improved slightly from somewhere around 8% and has reached 10%

These are the most popular videos in terms of views. Notice that there are two shorts also in the top 10

Shorts are becoming more and more important these days! This has been something we have strived at ChessBase India. To be flexible and to change with how times change!

We are closing in on the total number of videos published to be 10,000. Currently we are at 9700 videos on the channel! 

A big shout out to the entire team here who have played a massive role in making this happen

ChessBase India channel is a team effort. The people who have made this possible are - Amruta Mokal, my better half (in everything we do) and nothing was possible with her contribution, Niklesh Jain for his dedication and love towards chess, Shahid Ahmed for his amazing consistency, Abhyudaya Ram for his high quality work, Aditya Sur Roy for non stop coverage on ground of various tournaments, Himank Ghosh for adding timestamps to several videos, Satanick Mukhuty whose chess problems have been loved by people all across the world, Avathanshu Bha for his creative ideas and Supriya Bhat for always ensuring that the backend remains solid.


A special shoutout to Rupali Mullick who has travelled extensively to events and covered it on behalf of ChessBase India. Jeevan Karandikar for his outro video which has become a standard for all of ChessBase India videos. ChessBase India channel has always made use of the tech - Keith Mascarenhas for Chat Chess Moves and Rakshit Singh for the new feature he has built of engine bars! There are so many more people who have contributed - the list is endless. Recently we have had new creators joining in Raksha Jajoo, Swapnil Pote and others and we are getting better at what we do. A huge shout out to the ChessBase India YouTube members who continue to contribute monetarily and this money goes towards the talents of Indian chess.

This channel was always created to power Chess in India and the world and it will always continue to do so. It was built by the chess community and it will continue to serve the chess community. India is a land of a billion and we are glad to have reached a billion views! :) Thank you dear viewers. We will always work hard towards bringing you high quality Chess content. Onwards and Upwards.

The morning we hit a million, I spent my time at the Boulevard in Baku | Photo: Vidit Gujrathi

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