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December 2021 YouTube funds will give wings to 12-year-old Daakshin's dream of becoming an IM this year

by Sagar Shah - 06/03/2022

Daakshin Arun is one of India's upcoming youngsters. The 12-year-old has a FIDE rating of 2173 and is ranked the highest in the country for kids born in 2009. Daakshin's father, Arun, had been working as a professor in an engineering college. In 2017 he gave up his job so that he could travel with Daakshin to tournaments all across India and the world. The boy has been progressing rapidly, but this has put a lot of financial pressure on the family. The boy and his family have an aim of becoming an IM in the year 2022 and in order to facilitate this dream, the ChessBase India YouTube memberships for the month of December 2021 of Rs.72,076 will be given to Daakshin.

Rs.72,076 December 2021 YouTube Membership Fund goes to 12-year-old Daakshin Arun

ChessBase India runs a YouTube channel which is frequented by millions of people each month. We have a membership program where the perk for the people is that the money they spend in buying the memberships is entirely used to help one talented chess player in need of these funds. Towards the end of the article you will find all the links of the previous months where the YouTube membership funds have been utilized.

Membership TierAmount per month
Pillar of Indian Chess799
Promoter of Indian chess599
Supporter of Indian chess299
Booster of Indian chess199
Backer of Indian chess89

In the month of December 2021 we have had 230 members. We have 59 pillars, 1 promoters, 20 supporters, 28 boosters and 122 backers of Indian chess. These are the details of all of them:

Jay KhuntPillar of Indian Chess799
Just A Famous GuyPillar of Indian Chess799
Anondo Das GuptaPillar of Indian Chess799
Kalpak RautPillar of Indian Chess799
Mrityunjay JalanPillar of Indian Chess799
Tejas ChitnisPillar of Indian Chess799
Joy DuttaPillar of Indian Chess799
Vivaswan DamlePillar of Indian Chess799
Sambit GhoshPillar of Indian Chess799
Mr VGPillar of Indian Chess799
chiranjibi sahooPillar of Indian Chess799
Naveen BharathwajPillar of Indian Chess799
Vignesh SubramanianPillar of Indian Chess799
Abhishek DeshpandePillar of Indian Chess799
Ashwin S. HebbarPillar of Indian Chess799
Madhuchethan RaoPillar of Indian Chess799
Vishwajeet DagarPillar of Indian Chess799
SwapnilPillar of Indian Chess799
Mihir SawantPillar of Indian Chess799
Shreyas TawrePillar of Indian Chess799
Vamsi ChadaPillar of Indian Chess799
Ravi ChanPillar of Indian Chess799
Pranav KulkarniPillar of Indian Chess799
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damnitPillar of Indian Chess799
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The Total amount comes to Rs.49,105 after 30% deduction of YouTube charges. All of this amount will go to fund the chess journey of Daakshin Arun. Apart from the above amount, we also have two donations made by generous individuals Rahil Sheth (Rs.14,971) and Kishore Hazarika (Rs.8000). The total amount comes to Rs. 72,076.

Becoming an IM in 2022 is 12-year-old Daakshin's aim

Daakshin is born in 2009 and is one of India's brightest young talents. His current Elo is 2173

In November 2021, we wrote a detailed article on Daakshin Arun on the ChessBase India talking about how the youngster had managed to pump up his rating by 415 Elo points in just 2 months. We spoke to his father Arun about the financial difficulties that they were facing. He tells us, "I had been working as a Professor in an Engineering college and I had to give up my career in 2017 to take Daakshin regularly for tournaments. As a matter of fact, we have been travelling to all major tournaments in India almost every month which made it very difficult to continue my profession. From 2017 onwards we have been managing with single income and savings as I quit my job to accompany Daakshin for tournaments. Now our savings have been utilized taking him for all major tournaments in India, Asian championship in Sri Lanka, World Championship in China and the European trip to Hungary and Spain. Besides, a lot of money had been spent on coaching, hardware and software required for chess preparation. We desperately require funds to take him for further tournaments in India and Europe so that he can move towards his IM title."

Daakshin (right) and his brother Sukirthan with their trophies and Father Arun and Mother Kavitha

This entire amount of Rs.72,076 will be used towards the upcoming GM Open tournaments that will take place in India in the month of March. Apart from that Arun has the detailed plan chalked out. "Daakshin is planning to play a couple of GM tournaments in India, Nationals, besides two trips to Europe in the second half of the year depending upon fund availability." We hope that this support will help Daakshin play in more events and become a stronger chess player.

GM R.B. Ramesh mentions, "Before the pandemic related lockdown, many promising youngsters where growing in their strength very fast but all of a sudden they could not play in tournaments and lost 2 precious years in their young career. Same with Daakshin. He has very good analytical ability and practices long hours. Very ambitious and interested to learn all aspects of the game. He has recently increased his rating a lot and is a good prospect to become one of the youngest GMs in our country."

Daakshin receiving a memorable prize at the hands of the one and only Viswanathan Anand\
IM Sagar Shah analyzes one of Daakshin's excellent games with the boy himself

Some of Daakshin's major achievements:

Asian youth Chess Championship -Sri Lanka in 2019 –U10 Open
❖ Silver medal in Rapid format
❖ Two team Gold’s in Classic and Rapid formats.

West Asian youth and Junior Chess Championship - Delhi 2019 – U10 Open
❖ Silver Medal in Classical
❖ Bronze Medal in Rapid

National Under 11 Open Chess Championship 2019, Delhi.
❖ 5 th Place International Tournaments 2021

❖ First Saturday Nadassy, held in Budapest , HUNGARY where he finished 2 nd overall and gained 204 ELO.
❖ 26th Magistral Ciutat de Barcelona Open, held In Barcelona, SPAIN – scored 5/9 and improved his rating by 155 ELO.
❖ San Cristobal De Laguna Open held in Tenerife, SPAIN – Won 2nd Place in U 12 Category. 2020
❖ Runner up in U-10 category in IIFL Mumbai International Juniors Chess Tournament 2019
❖ World Cadets Chess Championship – China – 24th Rank
❖ Common Wealth Chess Championship – Delhi – 14th Rank
❖ Vellamal International FIDE Rated Championship - 2 nd in rapid, 3rd in Blitz ( U-11)
❖ 19th Adyar Times FIDE Rated Open tournament - 1 st U-11
❖ A.S Subbaraman Memorial Trophy FIDE Rated Blitz Championship - 2 nd U-11
❖ Thalavaipuram International FIDE Rated Tournament - 8 th in Open
❖ 1 st Goa international Open Grandmaster Chess Tournament - Category B - 3 rd in U - 11 2018
❖ 18th Adyar Times FIDE Rated Open tournament - 2 nd in below 1400
❖ 1 st Goa international Open Grandmaster Chess Tournament – Category C - 1 st - U9
❖ Ramco institute of technology international FIDE rated Open chess tournament – 30th Open 2017
❖ CDCA FIDE Rapid Rating Chess tournament - 2 nd U-8
❖ 10th Modern International FIDE Rated tournament - 1 st U-8
❖ Raghavendra Open FIDE Rated tournament - 3 rd U-8
❖ 6 th M.S.V Memorial Open FIDE Rated tournament - 3 rd U-8
❖ 1 st SPIC FIDE Rated tournament – 4 th below 1400
❖ Dhakshinamoorthy Memorial Open Rapid FIDE Rated Chess Tournament - 4 th U-8 National and State Tournaments 2019
❖ National Under 11 Open Chess Championship 2019 – 5 th Rank
❖ TN State Under 11 Open Chess Championship 2019 – 4 th Rank
❖ TN State Under 13 Open Chess Championship 2019 - 2 nd - U - 11
❖ TN State Under 15 Open Chess Championship 2019 - 1 st - U - 11 2018
❖ 32nd National Under 9 Open Chess Championship – 11th Rank
❖ 22nd TN state Open Rapid Championship - 1 st - U – 11
❖ 31st TN State Under 9 Open Chess Championship – 3 rd Rank District Tournaments
❖ Chennai District Chess Champion- U-11 -2019
❖ Chennai district Chess Champion- U-9 -2018
❖ The Hindu in School Chess Champion- U-9- 2018


A big thanks to all our members for contributing regularly and helping to power chess in India. The dreams of these youngsters receive wings because of the money you spend and we are very grateful for your support. It's by these small gestures by each one of you that India is slowly and steadily becoming a super power in the world of chess!

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