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World Rapid and Blitz 2021 will take place in Warsaw, Poland

by Shahid Ahmed - 11/12/2021

World Rapid and Blitz Championships which was announced to not take place at Kazakhstan a couple of days ago, FIDE found a new venue for the event - Warsaw, Poland. It will take place on the same dates 25th - 31st December 2021. Magnus Carlsen who is now the five-time world champion and also the reigning Rapid and Blitz world champion too, has plans on participating in the event as he mentioned during the post-match press conference yesterday. Since it is taking place in Poland, Duda vs Magnus rematch is highly likely to take place at some point. One of the most exciting event of the year is just a little over two weeks away. Photo: FIDE

FIDE is happy to announce that Poland will host the World Rapid and Blitz Championships and Women World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2021 in Warsaw on the originally planned dates (December 25 - December 31, 2021). The relevant guarantees, both financial and visa-related, are provided to FIDE by the Government of the Republic of Poland. All the related information will be published shortly on the official website


"FIDE is sincerely grateful to Poland, a country with great chess traditions, for proposing to host the Championships despite the short notice. I am sure that it will be a wonderful event," Arkady Dvorkovich, President of FIDE, said.


"The game of chess is an important part of the history of Poland. I am very glad to know that our country will host the best grandmasters for the World Blitz and Rapid Chess Championships," noted Mateusz Morawiecki, Prime Minister of Poland.



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