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Vaishali storms into the Semi-Finals

by Shahid Ahmed - 26/06/2020

India no.3 WGM Vaishali R seemed to be in a hurry to get into the Semi-Finals of FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship as she won six consecutive games after losing the first game to take an unassailable lead of 6-1 which meant the result of the remaining four games wouldn't impact her opportunity at the Semi-Finals. Today 26th June at 6 pm onwards, Vaishali will face former Women's World Champion GM Anna Ushenina in what will be an interesting battle of the generations as she will be facing her toughest challenge in the event. Since she has beaten the likes of Gunina, Kashlinskaya on her way to the Semi-Finals, she has all the momentum and form on her side.

Vaishali dominated Munkhzul

Despite starting the first Quarter-Final game with a loss, Vaishali managed to win the next six games consecutively rendering the last four game just a formality as the outcome of those remaining games wouldn't have changed her fate. Vaishali defeated WIM Turmunk Munkhzul of Mongolia by 7.5-3.5 to secure her place at the Semi-Finals of FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship. She will face former Women's World Champion Anna Ushenina at the Semi-Finals on Friday 26th June at 6 p.m. IST.

Vaishali is in terrific form

Quarter-Final results | Graphic: FIDE

The only game Vaishali lost in the Quarter-finals was the first 5+1 game

In the second game, Vaishali capitalized on her advantage by playing on both flank of the board after her opponent gave up two pawns for not enough compensation.

Vaishali won the first game in 3+1 in a 19-move miniature

Vaishali - Munkhzul, Quarter-Finals Game 4

Position after 17...Qc8

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Vaishali launched a devastating attack to her opponent's king in the first Bullet (1+1) game.

Munkhzul - Vaishali, Quarter Finals Game 9

Position after 17.h4

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Semi-Finals Schedule

Semi-Finals will take place today from 6 p.m. IST onwards | Photo:

Replay the Live Stream

Live Commentary by GM Robert Hess and WFM Anna Cramling | Video: FIDE