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MPL 34th National U-12 R7-8: Ethan Vaz and Shubhi Gupta emerge as the dominant sole leaders

by Shahid Ahmed - 13/04/2022

Ethan Vaz (Goa) is aiming for a triple hat-trick as he won both of his seventh and eighth convincingly in MPL 32nd National Under-12 Open National Chess Championship 2022. The Goan boy disposed both Maharashtra kids Vivaan Vijay Saraogi and Aansh Nandan Nerurkar without any difficulty. He is now a full point ahead of the field. Goutham Krishna H (KER) is the only one at 7.0/8. In the Girls event, top seed Shubhi Gupta (UP) won both of her games. She crushed the seventh round leader WCM Shriyana S Mallya (KAR) and got a winning position in just 15 moves. The rest was just a cakewalk for her. Round 9 starts today at 10:00 a.m. IST today. Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Ethan on a triple hat-trick

Five girls are in pursuit at 6.5/8 each. They are -WCM Shriyana S Mallya (KAR), Sherali Pattnaik (UTT), Prishita Gupta (DEL), Charvi A (KAR) and Shreya G Hipparagi (MAH).

Top seed Shubhi Gupta has her eyes on the top prize | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Open Round 7: Vivaan - Ethan: 0-1

Vivaan Vijay Saraogi (MAH, 1519) was an exchange up. However, Ethan Vaz (Goa, 1772) had enough compensation for it.

Position after 29...Rxe1

30.Rxe1 would have prevented Black from getting Qh3. 30...Qg4 would have been met by 31.Qg2 and White is fine. 30.Qxe1 allowed Black to invade Qh3 31.Qf2 worsened things further, Bb7 -+. Now Black is completely winning.

Ethan Vaz gained a full point lead by defeating Vivaan Vijay Saraogi | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Arjun Adireddy - Goutham: 1-0

Arjun Adireddy (TEL, 1889) had a decisive advantage against Goutham Krishna H (KER, 1609).

Position after 28...Rb7

White's well coordinated pieces combined with the placement of d6-pawn and the knight at e5 gives him a significant advantage. 29.f5 is completely winning for White in all plausible variations. White missed it and played 29.Bxf6 instead.

Position after 33...f6

White still could have gained gone for a win, 34.Nd3 was the correct choice. 34.Nxg6 went away from the action Kf7 35.f5? exf5 36.Re7+ Rxe7 37.Nxe7 Rxc4+ 38.Rxc4 Nxc4. White's advantage dissipated and Black equalized easily. White made a few more mistakes in the knight endgame and lost the game.

Goutham Krishna H ended top seed Arjun Adireddy's unbeaten run | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Round 8: Ethan - Aalnsh: 1-0

Aansh Nandan Nerurkar (MAH, 1564) made a lot of attempts to stir up trouble for Ethan Vaz (Goa, 1772). However, he was never in any real danger.

Position after 14...Bh3

14...Bh3 is a scare tactic. It is not easy to rattle Ethan. He gobbled it up 15.gxh3 Nf3+ 16.Kh1 Nd2+ 17.f3 Qxe3 18.Re1 Qg5 19.h4 Qa5 20.Qc2 e6 21.Rad1 Nxf3? Black needed to play 21...Nxc4 22.Qxc4 Rxa8 to have fighting chance. 22.Rf1 Nd4 23.Qe4 Rxa8?? just disintegrated Black's position.

Position after 23...Rxa8

Find out the winning continuation for White which Ethan executed in the game after 23...Rxa8.

A sharp encounter between Ethan and Aansh | Video: ChessBase India

Aansh brought a lot of fervour against Ethan | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Goutham - Prathamesh: 1-0

Goutham Krishna H (KER, 1609) won an interesting pawn endgame against Prathamesh Sherla (MAH, 1510).

Position after 48.Ke2

Black played 48...b3 and went on to lose the game. Find out what Black should have done to ensure a half point.

Prathamesh could have saved the game in the pawn ending | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Round 7 Girls: Prishita - Shriyana: 0-1

White overestimated the power of pawns she will get and decided to sacrifice her bishop for two pawns.

Position after 16...Be7

The game continued 17.Rcd1 f6 18.Bh3 Nh6 19.Bxe6+ Kh8 20.Bc7 Qxc7 21.Bxd5 Bb4 22.Bxb7 Qxb7. The two pawns for the piece was not enough.

Round 8: Shriyana - Shubhi: 0-1

WCM Shriyana S Mallya (KAR, 1277) went for a wrong chain exchange early in the game against the top seed of the Girls event, Shubhi Gupta (UP, 1610).

Position after 11.Bxc5

11.exf5 Qc6 would have maintained equilibrium. 11.Bxc5 Nh4 12.g3 d6 13.f4 Bh3 14.Rf2 Ng4 15.Bxg4 Bxg4 and White's position completely fell apart in a hurry.

Shriyana could not get out of the gate against Shubhi | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

For more Round 7 and Round 8 photos, please click at the respective links.


A total of 237 players in the Open and 134 players in the Girls tournament are taking part. It is organized by Mandya Chess Academy, Mandya District Chess Associationn and New Tumkur District Chess Association. Both tournaments are taking place at Hotel Amaravathi, Mandya, Karnatak from 9th to 14th April 2022. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1

Replay Open Round 7-8 games

Replay Girls Round 7-8 games

Open Round 8 results

12AIMVaz Ethan1772GOA71 - 06Aansh Nandan Nerurkar1564MAH11
29Goutham Krishna H1609KER61 - 06Sherla Prathamesh1510MAH19
318Raihaan Zahid1517KAR60 - 1Sathvik Adiga1563KAR12
41Adireddy Arjun1889TEL½ - ½Nimay Agrawal1470HAR26
58Aakash G1611TN1 - 0Sidharth Sreekumar1418KER31
622Haridev S1492TN1 - 0Sharnarthi Viresh1549MAH13
724Raghav V1486TN½ - ½Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1527MP15
834Advaitt Srikant Koduri1391UP½ - ½Reyan Md.1522BIH16
917Vivaan Vijay Saraogi1519MAH1 - 0Challa Saharsha1316TEL48
1014Sadbhav Rautela1543UTT51 - 0Sriram Adarsh Uppala1345TEL42


Round 9 pairings

19Goutham Krishna H1609KER78AIMVaz Ethan1772GOA2
222Haridev S1492TNAakash G1611TN8
312Sathvik Adiga1563KARVivaan Vijay Saraogi1519MAH17
423Adharsh K1487TN66Adireddy Arjun1889TEL1
520Ajay Santhosh Parvathareddy1507UP66Mrinmoy Rajkhowa1705ASM3
625Ayushman Mohanty1480ODI66Tanmay Rajbongshi1684ASM5
711Aansh Nandan Nerurkar1564MAH66Raghav V1486TN24
826Nimay Agrawal1470HAR66Sadbhav Rautela1543UTT14
915Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1527MP66Darshan S1463TN27
1016Reyan Md.1522BIH66Vignesh Kannan P1446TN28


Girls Round 8 results

111WCMShriyana S Mallya1277KAR0 - 16AFMShubhi Gupta1610UP1
23Shreya G Hipparagi1552MAH6½ - ½6Sherali Pattnaik1343UTT9
316Aadhya Jain1234DEL0 - 1Prishita Gupta1417DEL6
412Charvi A1267KAR1 - 0Vidula Anbuselvan1159TN33
52Arshiya Das1569TRI5½ - ½5Kathakali Dey1219WB19
65Kalyani Sirin1434KER51 - 05ACMTheephigaa K P1218TN20
725Ritu Parvathy1189KER50 - 15Saparya Ghosh1390WB7
821Gorli Nyna1213AP50 - 15Devaki Nandana1266AP13
915Dheeptha B1236PUD50 - 15ACMShanmathi Sree S1174TN28
1018Krupha S Ukkali1223KAR50 - 15AFMShanjula Senthil1168KAR30


Round 9 pairings

16Prishita Gupta1417DEL7AFMShubhi Gupta1610UP1
211WCMShriyana S Mallya1277KARShreya G Hipparagi1552MAH3
39Sherali Pattnaik1343UTTCharvi A1267KAR12
413Devaki Nandana1266AP66Kalyani Sirin1434KER5
528ACMShanmathi Sree S1174TN66Saparya Ghosh1390WB7
630AFMShanjula Senthil1168KAR6Arshiya Das1569TRI2
74Singh Myra1440DELNihira Koul1183MAH26
814Arockiaraj Cheryl Nancee1244KARYatee Kothari1066RAJ60
933Vidula Anbuselvan1159TNAadhya Jain1234DEL16
10113Priyanka Rajan0KERACMNivedita V C1230TN17


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