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MPL 34th National Under-12 Chess Championships 2022 preview

by Madhuri N - 05/04/2022

Mandya is town situated between Bangalore and Mysore highway, It is 98 km away from Bangalore and 40 km from Mysore. Now it will be center of attraction in Indian chess as some of the brightest under-12 talents of our country will fight it out with each other from 9th to 14th April 2022. Recently, Mandya Chess Academy organized a rapid rating open tournament this past December. It was won by GM-elect IM Rathanvel V S. They are doing this event very tastefully and bringing in some innovations that will make it memorable for the participants! Check out the preview article of the tournament written by Mandya Chess Academy cofounder, Madhuri N. Photo: Madhuri N/Mandya Chess Academy

National Under-7 organizers Mandya Chess Academy organizing National Under-12 Chess Championships!

Mandya Chess Academy organized National Under-7 back in 2018. Three and a half years later, we are organizing another National age group tournament - MPL 32nd National Under-12 Open and Girls Chess Championships. Check out more details of the tournament on ChessBase India Calendar.

The tournament hall at Hotel Amaravathi during R Hanumantha Memorial Cup All India Rapid and Blitz Rating Open in December 2021 | Photo: Madhuri N/Mandya Chess Academy

Venue - Hotel Amaravathi at Mandya, Karnataka

The tournament is being organized by Mandya Chess Academy in association with Karnataka State Chess Association

AICF’s Official National Championships Sponsor - MPL Sports Foundation

Beautiful trophies are Sponsored by Birla Shakti Cement

Trophies for the top three winners in both Open and Girls' sections | Photo: Madhuri N/Mandya Chess Academy

One of the organizing team member M V Raghavendra standing next to the winner's trophy for scale | Photo: Madhuri N/Mandya Chess Academy

Trophies for 4th to 20th place finishers | Photo: Madhuri N/Mandya Chess Academy

Above is for all players - No player will go home in empty hand! | Photo: Madhuri N/Mandya Chess Academy

Another co-sponsor of the event is Hobspace

The organizers have made a lot of efforts to make this a special event. There will be a memento for each and every participant of the event. At the same time there is a separate well-furnished arrangement made for parents to wait for their young kids as they play the game.

This time also fine innovation is scoresheets with names printed on it before the game | Photo: Madhuri N/Mandya Chess Academy

Arbiter wearing the arbiter's t-shirt so that kids can easily distinguish and call them | Photo: Madhuri N/Mandya Chess Academy

"Let us clarify in the beginning, we too have similar concerns like parents. As parents, we too were worried about the children and their parents. That’s why we have chosen Mandya. It will certainly be a most memorable tournament for everyone. So, welcome!"

Players list Open

1Adireddy Arjun256477091889TEL
2AIMVaz Ethan259407831772GOA
3Mrinmoy Rajkhowa25603426IND1705ASM
4Gaikwad Manas25912410IND1698MAH
5Tanmay Rajbongshi33325090IND1684ASM
6Jain Kushagra66607663IND1675MAH
7Aarav Gupta333727641649J&K
8Aakash G256443941611TN
9Goutham Krishna H259835041609KER
10Pazhany Kaushal Kohli33396078IND1566J&K
11Aansh Nandan Nerurkar259224911564MAH
12Sathvik Adiga25745700IND1563KAR
13Sharnarthi Viresh25978055IND1549MAH
14Sadbhav Rautela45073619IND1543Utt
15Madhvendra Pratap Sharma25985663IND1527MP
16Reyan Md.25999087IND1522BIH
17Vivaan Vijay Saraogi25787101IND1519MAH
18Raihaan Zahid33300526IND1517KAR
19Sherla Prathamesh25966987IND1510MAH
20Ajay Santhosh Parvathareddy259986761507UP

Complete list

Players list Girls

1AFMShubhi Gupta25195425IND1610UP
2Arshiya Das25652150IND1569Tri
3Shreya G Hipparagi25743953IND1552Mah
4Singh Myra25188623IND1440Del
5Kalyani Sirin33323500IND1434Ker
6Prishita Gupta25978985IND1417Del
7Saparya Ghosh25771280IND1390WB
8Yasaswi Krishna Bommi33368783IND1357AP
9Sherali Pattnaik25789449IND1343Utt
10Sanivarapu Hasini33315515IND1340AP
11Aditri Shome25164198IND1288Guj
12WCMShriyana S Mallya25690710IND1277Kar
13Lakshana Subramanian25728008IND1272TN
14Charvi A25165518IND1267Kar
15Devaki Nandana25789821IND1266AP
16Dheeptha B25180924IND1236Pud
17Aadhya Jain25974068IND1234Del
18ACMNivedita V C25181173IND1230TN
19Krupha S Ukkali25193856IND1223Kar
20Kathakali Dey25149300IND1219WB

Complete list

Places to visit in Mandya:

Sri Rangapattana - 27 km

Mysore tourist places - 40 km

Mysore palace

About the Author

Madhuri N (right) and Manjunath Jain (center) are the cofounders of Mandya Chess Academy

Madhuri N is the cofounder of Mandya Chess Academy. She is a National Instructor too. Mandya Chess Academy has organized over 20 tournaments at various levels in all three formats of the game. 

In a small town called Mandya lies this beautiful Mandya Chess Academy! | Video: ChessBase India

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