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Lakshana Subramanian and Amogh Bisht are National under-7 Champions 2018!

by Rathinam Anantharam - 04/08/2018

This year the National under-7 Chess Championship took place at Tumkur, Karnataka from 16-07-2018 to 24-07-2018. Amogh Bisht and Lakshana Subramanian became the champions in the open and girls section respectively. A total number of 362 players (214 boys and 148 girls) and about 600 parents from different states of India took part in the event with vigour and enthusiasm. If you think about it, many of the young talents in the world of chess become IMs and GMs by the age of 12 to 15. In that sense although the top seeds were just rated around 1200, we can already feel that the future grandmasters were taking part in this event! Chief Arbiter of the tournament IA Rathinam Anantharam sends us a detailed report of the event.

The 32nd edition of the National under-7 Chess Championship was organised by the Mandya Chess Academy at the Bandimane Kalyana Mantapa, Tumkur in Karnataka state. Tumkur, a small corporation is popularly known as city of education and also land of Cocunut trees. 70 km from Bangalore and at around 3000 feet elevation, Tumkur had a salubrious and pleasant weather in July, much to the delight of the participants. 117 years old living legend, Dr. Sri Shivakumara Swamiji, head of the Siddaganga Mutt is the centre of attraction in Tumkur. The mutt offers free education, boarding and lodging to thousands of poor children who gather daily evening to chant slokas. The forest adjoining Tumkur is also a host to variety of wild animals.

111 years old Siddhaganga Swami, the living legend! | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

More than 1000 students gather for the daily prayer in the evening! | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

This year a whopping number of 362 players took part in the National under-7 from different states of the country and out of the total players 148 were girls. In the Open section Jaivardhan Raj of Maharashtra was the top seed with a rating of 1239 and in the Girls section Karnataka's very own Sara K R with a rating of 1155 was the top seed.

A beautiful and spacious venue for the young and curious minds! | Photo: Raghavendra MV

It is always a treat to watch kids playing chess as most of their games last till the very last word "Checkmate" and this mega event was no different. In the open section there were two kids leading the tournament by the end of the 6th round, top seed Jaivardhan Raj of Maharashtra and Abhraneel Buragohain of Assam. So the 7th round encounter between the two leaders was an interesting one where Jai emerged as the winner and became the sole leader. After winning 7 straight games Jai couldn't maintain his lead and lost his next two games, the 8th round against the Karnataka's hero Amogh Bisht, who subsequently became the champion of the open section with a score of 9.5/11 points. By snatching the lead in the 8th round Amogh never looked back and was assured of the title with a round to spare as his closest rival Ishaan Singh who was behind by one point had already been beaten by Amogh in an earlier round. Four players, Jaivardhan Raj, Ayushman, Vivaan and Rosh Jain all with a score of 9.0/11 points tied for the places from second to fifth and were placed in that order.

The crucial 8th round and turning point of the open section - Amogh vs Jaivardhan! | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

Final round encounter between Jaivardhan Raj and Ishaan Singh Khanuja of MP,  a must win situation for the 2nd position | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

Sri. SP Muddahanumegowda, Member of Parliament, Tumkur hands over the trophy to Amogh! Trophy taller than the recipient? | Photo: Raghavendra MV

Jaivardhan Raj with the runners-up trophy | Photo: Raghavendra MV

In the girls section too there were two kids leading the tournament by the end of the 6th round, 3rd seed Kolagatla Alana Meenakshi of Andhra Pradesh and Anjana A of Tamil Nadu. Kolagatla won her 7th straight game and became the sole leader! It was all going great for Kolagatla who by now had won 8 straight games but things turned around in the 9th round! The unstoppable sole leader was outplayed by current national and world u-7 schools champion Lakshana Subramanian of Tamil Nadu who went on to become the champion of the girls section of this year under-7 with 10.0/11 points and better tie-break score against Kolagatla who played a wonderful tournament but had to settled for the 2nd place. Two players, Aishani Pathak of Uttar Pradesh and Anjana A of Tamil Nadu were tied for the 3rd position with a score of 9.0/11 points but with better tie-break score Aishani and Anjana were placed 3rd and 4th respectively.

The crucial 9th round where the 8 round winning spree of Kolgatala (left) was brought to a halt by Lakshana Subramanian (right)! | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

Little Lakshana proves that her two previous bigger titles were no fluke and receives her mighty champions trophy from Sri D v Sundar, Vice President, FIDE | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

Wow! That's how big the trophies are! | Photo: Raghavendra MV

 The boy in the picture was found sleeping in most of the rounds! Inspired by Magnus Carlsen? | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

Yes, we were not joking!

Legend says that your partner disappears when you play Peek-a-boo with him! Cameraman missing till date | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

The organizers made sure that the International Chess Day on 20th of July was celebrated with full fun | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

All the first three position holders from both the open and girls section in one frame! Is one girl missing or covered by the giant trophy? | Photo: Rathinam Anantharam

Ah there, we can now see all of them! | Photo: Raghavendra MV

A sea of parents waiting to for that perfect moment to capture the photo of their children | Photo: Raghavendra MV

Earlier Sri Bharat Singh Chauhan, Hony. Secretary of AICF inaugurated the tournament and Sri DV Sundar, Vice President of FIDE and AICF, Sri. SP Muddahanumegowda, Member of Parliament, Tumkur, Sri BC Patil, MLA, Hirekurur constituency and many others were the chief guests for the prize distribution function where special mementos were provided to all the childrens in addition to the mentioned prizes.

You become a child when you are around young kids! AICF Secretary Bharat Singh Chauhan with one of the participants from the event | Photo: Jitendra Choudhary

The under-7 championship was a grand success because of the meticulous planning of Manjunath Jain, a renowned chess coach(Mandy Chess Academy) in Karnataka and his wife Madhuri Jain, also a chess player and coach. They spent hours trying to find the perfect venue, accommodation and all other facilities for the players and parents so that they would have an excellent time in Tumkur. It's because of such organizers that chess in India is booming.

The mastermind behind the success of the event - Founders of Mandya Chess Academy, Manjunath Jain and his wife Madhuri with their daughter. The trophy collection is a clear indication that Tanishka excels at chess! | Photo: Sagar Shah

We need more such organizers who think of players before everything else | Photo: Raghavendra MV
Mandya Chess Academy has an entire building dedicated to it. Check out this beautiful academy in the video above. | Video: Sagar Shah

Final standings of under-7 open:

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Rp
110Amogh Bisht1100KAR9,50,075,079,067,5091337
21Jaivardhan Raj1239MAH9,00,077,583,564,0091277
342Ayushman Mohanty0ORI9,00,076,580,063,5091293
4211Vivaan Vijay Saraogi0MAH9,00,073,078,060,0091277
511Rosh Jain1072DEL9,00,070,576,560,0091268
676Ishaan Singh Khanuja0MP8,50,074,079,558,0081273
770Gokul G0PUD8,50,073,577,056,0081251
815Aaron Bhuimali1041WB8,50,066,571,055,5081224
981Jval Saurin Patel0GUJ8,50,066,070,052,0081231
1012Abhraneel Buragohain1066ASM8,00,080,585,558,0081212
113Aman George Thomas1172KAR8,00,075,582,057,7571175
12155Sathvik Adiga0KAR8,00,075,079,553,5081237
1368Ethan Vaz0GOA8,00,071,575,553,2571197
14156Sathyachith E M0KER8,00,070,575,047,0081195
1521Aaryaveer Agarwal0MAH8,00,069,075,053,5071175
16193Thakur Arjun0MAH8,00,069,073,549,7571211
1761Dharsan Ratnakar P0TN8,00,068,072,549,5071175
18196Trivedi Jatan K0GUJ8,00,067,573,553,5081192
19160Shah Purvaan0MAH8,00,062,566,545,0081178
20200Varun R Kodancha0KAR8,00,062,066,044,5071188

Complete standings

Final standings of under-7 girls:

Rk.SNoNamesexRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Rp
169Lakshana Subramanianw0TN10,01,076,582,073,00101390
23Kolagatla Alana Meenakshiw1079AP10,00,075,580,070,50101397
314Aishani Pathakw0UP9,01,075,580,562,5091283
422Anjana Aw0TN9,00,082,087,068,0091283
51Sara K Rw1155KAR8,00,077,081,054,2571182
630Bhavya Joshiw0MP8,00,075,580,551,0081182
797Prishita Guptaw0DEL8,00,072,076,049,0081175
872Luxshana B Kw0TN8,00,071,076,553,5081186
913Aggarwal Tashnaw0UP8,00,070,575,550,5081175
1046Gulshan Sharanya Potluriw0AP8,00,067,572,548,5081189
11114Sandeepa Priyadarshini Sahoow0ORI8,00,067,571,551,0081175
1275Mahadi Hw0TN8,00,063,567,545,0071189
1333Daksha Rudraw0WB8,00,063,066,045,2571189
1495Pratyasha Jenaw0ORI7,50,071,073,545,0071133
1527Arhashirsha Biswasw0WB7,50,068,573,045,7571133
1617Anaishaa Pinkesh Naharw0MAH7,50,067,072,547,5071140
1758Kashvi Chitlangiaw0WB7,50,062,066,042,0061147
1853Hridika Dasw0ASM7,50,062,065,536,7571133
19122Sequeira Jennicaw0GOA7,00,074,578,543,5071102
20148Yatee Kothariw0RAJ7,00,072,075,042,506110

Complete standings

About the Author

Rathinam Anantharam is an A-grade international arbiter. He is the Councillor in FIDE Arbiters’ Commission, Chairman of Arbiters’ Commission, All India Chess federation, Member, Qualification Commission, FIDE, Member, Pairings & Programs Commission, FIDE. He has served as chief arbiter for two World Junior, one World Schools Championships, besides several Asian championships and GM tournaments. He is also a FIDE lecturer. 

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