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MPL 34th National U-12 R5-6: Ethan Vaz scores a double hat-trick, gains sole lead

by Shahid Ahmed - 12/04/2022

Sadbhav Rautela (UTT) got himself closest to upstage Ethan Vaz (Goa) in the fifth round of MPL 32nd National Under-12 Open Chess Championship 2022. However, the Uttarakhand boy was unable to make the most out of opportunity and allowed his opponent to turn things around. Md. Reyan (BIH) could not handle the big match pressure against Ethan and blundered terribly which ended the game immediately. Thus, the kid from Goa is currently the sole leader in the Open event 6.0/6. After a draw in Round 5, Delhites Prishita Gupta and Aadhya Jain won their respective games in the following round. WCM Shriyana S Mallya (KAR) won both of her games to join them in a three-way lead 5.5/6. Round 7 starts today at 10:00 a.m. IST today. Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Prishita, Shriyana and Aadhya Jain stay at the top

Top seed of the Open section, Arjun Adireddy (TEL) beat Haridev S (TN) to stay in the hunt along with Vivaan Vijay Saraogi (MAH) at 5.5/6 each.

Ethan Vaz is poised to win the tournament| Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Open Round 5: Sadbhav - Ethan: 0-1

Sadbhav Rautela (UTT, 1543) perhaps had the best chance against Ethan Vaz (Goa, 1772).

Position after 24...Ne8

24...Ne8 allows White to launch a devastating attack 25.exf5 gxf5 26.Qh4 Ng7 27.g4. White gets decisive in all variations. However, he opted for 25.Na4 and his advantage slowly dwindled. Eventually White blundered a piece and Ethan scored a win comfortably.

Sadbhav Rautela had plenty of opportunities against Ethan Vaz | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Round 6: Ethan - Reyan: 1-0

Md. Reyan (BIH, 1522) made a huge mistake in a relatively balanced position against Ethan Vaz (Goa, 1772).

Position after 23...Qxa2

23...Qxa2 just ends the game for Black immediately after 24.Rfc1. 23...h6 would have kept slight edge for Black.

Reyan was unable to handle the big match pressure | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Round 5 Girls: Aadhya - Kalyani: 0-1

Aadhya Jain (DEL, 1234) got a fantastic opportunity to win against Kalyani Sirin (KER, 1434).

Position after 29...Kf5

30.Ng3+ is the first move that comes to mind when glancing at the position. 30...Kg6 now White does not even need to capture the bishop immediately 31.Ke3! Kh6 32.Nxh5 and the resultant pawn ending is completely winning for White. Aadhya missed her opportunity three consecutive times before the game meandered into a draw.

Aadhya Jain (DEL) was completely winning in the endgame | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

Round 6: Kalyani - Shriyana: 0-1

Kalyani Sirin (KER, 1434) was ahead by a pawn against WCM Shriyana S Mallya (KAR, 1277) in a rook and knight endgame.

Position after 60...Rc2

Black is threatening Nb3 here to gain an exchange. White has two options Kf1 and Kf3. 61.Kf3 is a mistake because of Ne6 and there is no way for White to save the plethora of tactical threats.

Kalyani Smirin (KER) fell into WCM Shriyana S Mallya's (KAR) traps | Photo: Saishyam Srikanth

For more Round 5 and Round 6 photos, please click at the respective links.

Interview with one of the top arbiters of India - IA Vijayaraghavan V | Video: ChessBase India
MPL 34th National Under-12 venue tour | Video: ChessBase India

A total of 237 players in the Open and 134 players in the Girls tournament are taking part. It is organized by Mandya Chess Academy, Mandya District Chess Associationn and New Tumkur District Chess Association. Both tournaments are taking place at Hotel Amaravathi, Mandya, Karnatak from 9th to 14th April 2022. The eleven-round Swiss league tournament has a time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment from move no.1

Replay Open Round 5-6 games

Replay Girls Round 5-6 games

Open Round 6 results

12AIMVaz Ethan1772GOA51 - 05Reyan Md.1522BIH16
222Haridev S1492TN50 - 1Adireddy Arjun1889TEL1
38Aakash G1611TN0 - 1Vivaan Vijay Saraogi1519MAH17
427Darshan S1463TN½ - ½Goutham Krishna H1609KER9
54Gaikwad Manas1698MAH4½ - ½Sherla Prathamesh1510MAH19
66Jain Kushagra1675MAH4½ - ½4Sidharth Sreekumar1418KER31
733AFMVivaan Sachdev1400KAR40 - 14Aansh Nandan Nerurkar1564MAH11
812Sathvik Adiga1563KAR4½ - ½4AIMMuthukumar Mukesh1345TN41
928Vignesh Kannan P1446TN41 - 04Sadbhav Rautela1543UTT14
1092Nijesh R1148TN4½ - ½4Madhvendra Pratap Sharma1527MP15


Round 7 pairings

117Vivaan Vijay Saraogi1519MAH6AIMVaz Ethan1772GOA2
21Adireddy Arjun1889TEL5Goutham Krishna H1609KER9
311Aansh Nandan Nerurkar1564MAH55Darshan S1463TN27
416Reyan Md.1522BIH55Haridev S1492TN22
523Adharsh K1487TN55Raihaan Zahid1517KAR18
619Sherla Prathamesh1510MAH55Vignesh Kannan P1446TN28
725Ayushman Mohanty1480ODI5Aakash G1611TN8
842Sriram Adarsh Uppala1345TELGaikwad Manas1698MAH4
941AIMMuthukumar Mukesh1345TNTanmay Rajbongshi1684ASM5
1048Challa Saharsha1316TELJain Kushagra1675MAH6


Girls Round 6 results

15Kalyani Sirin1434KER0 - 1WCMShriyana S Mallya1277KAR11
233Vidula Anbuselvan1159TN0 - 1Prishita Gupta1417DEL6
323AFMAadya Gupta1202DEL0 - 1Aadhya Jain1234DEL16
418Krupha S Ukkali1223KAR40 - 14AFMShubhi Gupta1610UP1
53Shreya G Hipparagi1552MAH41 - 04ACMTheephigaa K P1218TN20
67Saparya Ghosh1390WB40 - 14Gorli Nyna1213AP21
79Sherali Pattnaik1343UTT41 - 04AFMShanjula Senthil1168KAR30
819Kathakali Dey1219WB4½ - ½4Charvi A1267KAR12
939Rudra Rajeev1141KAR40 - 14Dheeptha B1236PUD15
1028ACMShanmathi Sree S1174TN1 - 0Yasaswi Krishna Bommi1357AP8


Round 7 pairings

16Prishita Gupta1417DELWCMShriyana S Mallya1277KAR11
216Aadhya Jain1234DEL5Shreya G Hipparagi1552MAH3
31AFMShubhi Gupta1610UP55Dheeptha B1236PUD15
421Gorli Nyna1213AP55Sherali Pattnaik1343UTT9
519Kathakali Dey1219WBKalyani Sirin1434KER5
612Charvi A1267KARAFMAadya Gupta1202DEL23
713Devaki Nandana1266APACMShanmathi Sree S1174TN28
833Vidula Anbuselvan1159TNACMNivedita V C1230TN17
97Saparya Ghosh1390WB4Jahnvi Ashok1132KER43
1040Anaishaa Pinkesh Nahar1137MAH44Arshiya Das1569TRI2


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